au revoir summer

One week from tomorrow. September 23rd. The official first day of Fall, the Autumn Equinox. And a full moon as well. How utterly magical is that? Oh what I would give to be in New England where some of you are already enjoying the spectacular fall fashion show Mother Nature is putting on.


So this morning I thought it was time to tuck away my bright blue summer bag. I've been totting it around the whole season. I call it my Alice bag because the blue reminded me of Alice and the movie.

I was also very attatched to my favorite blue chandelier earrings all summer but I think I'll keep them out. One always needs a little pop of color I always say.

I love carpet bags. I did a post about it here. I think it was Mary Poppins' bag that got me started. How could you not love a bag filled with endless odds and ends that seem to come from nowhere? And there was Aunt Clara's carpet bag from Bewitched, filled with old door knobs and locks. I can't forget Grandma Aggie's magical bag from Halloweentown. She had several ones throughout the series. I love how one of them would actually eat sandwiches like a little pet monster! And there's Isabel Bigelow's carpet bag from the movie Bewitched. There's a great shot of it at the beginning of the movie when she comes flying into L.A. on her broom (I love her cottage too btw).

Here is my favorite bag from last fall. It's nice and big and roomy (I don't do little bags and don't know how some women do it). However I also don't like bags that weigh 40 lbs before you put all your stuff in it. I'm not a big fan of all the trendy bags out with all the hardware and bling on it. I'd rather have a big vintage bag
or something bright and fun that I can add stuff to. I added a velvet flower and witchy pin to this one.

My favorite fall things. Both of these earrings are super light weight. I've had them a few years and I think they were from Target. What would we do without Target?

I aslo have this smaller carpet bag but it's a little too small so I don't use it as much. I know some women change their bag with every outfit. Do you? Maybe I just carry far too much stuff around to do that because I would never get out of the house if I had to do it every day!

So there you have one of my annual rituals. The changing of the bag for the season ritual. What sort of everyday things do you like to do to welcome the new season? I'd love to know.

Today I'm grateful for....

Friends. My wonderful blog friends and my real world pals.
You guys make my life magic!


Karen said...

Hi Anna,

It's been awhile and I just thought I would stop by and say "hello." I have actually switched blogs because my computer has some hardware issues with all the graphics and frequently freezes. So I have created a new blog and hopefully I will have my computer get up and running soon! Please head on over to: It's still a work in progress. Love your post!


Unknown said...

Anna, you are ready for autumn, for sure! What lovely treasures. I love your background page.

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Victoria said...

Hi Anna...yay..what a fabulous post..full of beauty and charm and so fun-spirited! I LOVE those earings..dazzling! everything is Beautiful!
To welcome the autumnal exquinox..I love creating seasonal altars or dedication spaces.tablescapes that celebrate that is so fun! wish i could post them ha ha..maybe soon!
Have a happy Autumn with many blessings for aaaaall the magic and sparkles you share so generously!

Netty said...

ooh that witchy hanger adore that as well as your other beautiful belongings. x

Theresa MacNaughton said...

I agree - you must keep those lovely blue earrings. A blast of color in the season would be most wonderful! I'm not sure about my seasonal changes. I would say maybe the biggest change is that I become obsessed with pumpkins!!! LOL Pumpkins for cooking, pumpkins for baking, pumpkins for crafting, pumpkins for decorating! Theresa

Junibears said...

I love your post dear and I love the pics of all your bags! But those blue earrings are to absolutely die for!! Sumptious!

Linda said...

You did it again. A wondrous bag of color and fun. Love all the goodies.
Fall is coming to Michigan rather quickly. I will send you photos very soon. Colors are coming quickly.

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful post! The blue earrings are absolutely stunning! And these bags are to fantastic, especially the blue one!
Check out my Blog, when you have a sec...
Gaby xo

Unknown said...

I love all of your bags. I have a friend that changes her bag with her outfit. I don't have time for that. Like you, I would not get out of the house.
I am inspired by your embellishments on your bags, I will try this myself.
Fall is my favorite time of year. Pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, and candles add to the warmth of the season in my home.
Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Anna,
Oh I love your post--I got ready for fall too and decorated the house...I'll put pics on in the next few days...
I hope you have a chance to come to my blog...I've got "Laundry Day" with my dresses...You'll have to scroll down to find them, but I couldn't wait to show u!

Unknown said...

Love your bag conversation, my own purse is reminiscent of all the above bags. Today found a barrette and sunflower seeds in the bottom.


Sinderella's Studio said...

You don't even want to see my purse...regardless of size I manage to overflow! I am thinking of giving up and carrying a file box! I have lots of rictuals in my head - always intend to put them into year... as my youngest son (who is about to turn 23) tells his fiance, "My mom has been saying that my whole life". So, seriously, maybe next year I can pull my dreams off into reality!
Your posts ALWAYS inspire me... for that I am grateful!
cheers, dana