autumn moon

The first day of Fall. The Autumn Equinox and a full moon tonight no less. Even if it doesn't look that much different here yet there's a shift you can feel in the air. In the way the light touches the trees and the color of the sunset in the early evening.

Last night I stepped out for a few minutes to run a quick errand and the nearly full moon was breathtaking against the crimson sky above the river. And of course I didn't have my camera. I actually had to go to the library to check out a copy of Practical Magic because I couldn't find my own book. And it was faster for me to check it out than to go digging through my pile of books. Now how silly is that?

I wanted to share these charming art prints I just discovered this morning. I always like folk art but in Fall I really love it. Something about it's sweet nostalgic style seems just right for this season.

These prints are from KimsCottageArt. She has a shop on Etsy and there are a couple of Autumn and Halloween prints there that I just love.

I think this is my favorite. I might just have to treat myself to
a little First Day of Autumn gift this week.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my PM party post today after a mad day of editing yesterday. I'm just so excited to see what every one has made. And if Autumn and the PM party weren't enough to make me apple crisp giddy this week, the ever so lovely Miss Vanessa also announced her annual Halloween Party at A Fanciful Twist! Bring on the pumpkins and let the magic begin. I'll meet you for midnight margaritas at our  party on Saturday.

put the lime in the coconut...

Happy Fall
Today I'm grateful for hot chocolate. My favorite morning beverage!


Victoria said...

Blessings of Autumn...beautful post!! let the margarita countdown begin!!!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Saturday will indeed be fun. I can't wait to visit all the revelers. :) Thanks for a terrific autumn post - and happy fall to you! Theresa

Polly said...

I love the art prints! They are the perfect beginning to autumn! Your blog is so pretty and so bursting with things that remind me of the Halloween countdown I want to go buy a bag of candy corn and eat the whole thing on the way home!!

Linda said...

Fall is a blessing...What is even better is electricity and internet access. These are so nice.

Angela said...

Awesome prints! As for electricity, I'm thankful it is finally (at least for today) fall-ish outside. This means I got to turn OFF the A/C and open the windows for some fresh air...FINALLY!

Melissa said...

love love LOVE this blog!! I just started my own blog and added you to my blogroll! You are my daily dose of fabulousness!!

I don't know if I have enough time to get a post ready for your party since I am just new to this but i am going to try!!

Unknown said...

I love your folk art. Super spooky and inspiring.