Happy October!

Hi everyone! It's finally here. October!

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Haunted Tales

Are you feeling the Halloween spirit yet?

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Image source:http://fineartamerica.com/featured/witch-biking-and-flying-2-steve-ohlsen.html

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Gone Shopping For A New Broom

OK, maybe not broom shopping exactly although I can always use a new broom. I'll be spending my favorite season elsewhere this year.

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Haunted Humpday is coming!


It's time to think about Fall and pumpkins, black and orange glitter, spooky stories and haunted recipes. 

Haunted Humpday from Incipient Wings is back!

Only 2 things seem to bring me back to blogland every year.

Halloween and the enchanting Marfi who knows I can't resist any opportunity to get the most out of Fall.

Haunted Humpday starts on August 27th!!

Are you ready?

Gone To The Dogs (and cats too)


I know. Maybe you're saying "what ever happened to that Petunia chick" right? She's around. Just not in blogland so much but with somewhat of an excuse.

Some of you know that my life has literally gone to the dogs. Dog rescue, that is. I've spent the past year volunteering for a pit bull rescue and also at my local city shelter.

I adopted Isis, my own shelter rescue, who's been making me laugh and smile the last 12 months.

And of course I already have this little lady. Luna, my other rescue baby.

They now coexist happily and though Isis might not want to admit it, she and Luna are quite fond of each other now. Luna even introduced Isis to her favorite morning ritual which is "look cute for the mama until she gives you a piece of toast".

My art desk occasionally (OK, rarely) sees any action but I still get that creative bug so I've found other ways to indulge my muse.

Like making parade tutus for our shelter dogs like Shayna here, who I had the honor and pleasure of walking in our city Pride Parade this weekend.

By the way, this amazing, sweet, clever, beautiful girl is still waiting for her forever home. She keeps getting passed up while the itty bitty yappy dogs get snapped up in a heartbeat. Go figure.

Yesterday I tried my hand at canine cake making.

This wee little cake was for Isis to celebrate her one year adoption anniversary!

As you can see, it was a big hit!

Here's the super easy no bake recipe.

Isis Delilah Roo's No-Bake Fancy Cake
- 1 cup kibbles (or however much you want to feed your pup). I smashed them in a bag with a rolling pin    until  it looked like ground beef.
- Mix in plain yogurt and peanut butter so everything sticks together. You also use pumpkin puree or add      other goodies like fruit and veggies.
- To make the layers I filled a small bowl and an empty cat food can with the mix.
- To make the icing, mix plain yogurt, peanut butter and a little honey.
- Take the cake out of the molds and spread icing over the bottom layer.
- Add the second layer and ice the top.
- Decorate with doggie treats and serve or refrigerate for later.
- Watch the fun begin!

I did light the candle and started bringing the cake to her but she definitely didn't care for the flame so out it went. Other than that I think she loved it.

Miss Isis is undeniably a princess. She and Luna are spoiled rotten and that makes me happier than a witch on Halloween. Which is fabulous indeed.

I hope you're having a grand month of June and no matter what you have planned this summer, make it magical, brilliant, creative and full of fun!

Reuse and Recycle

I did a little bit of early spring cleaning last month and actually spruced up my art space. I even found a few canvases from an old project so I decided to recycle them.

I started with this. I basically used what was sitting on my desk. Looking back I wish I hadn't added both flowers, maybe skipped the one on the right. But inspiration struck and I ran with it.

The following night I did this. Those are my babies of course.

On the third night I painted this.

It's a start. Considering I haven't picked up my paint brush in a while I was surprised at how much I got back into it again. It felt nice to let my muse out to play for a bit.

I hope you're having a lovely February.

Chicken Soup and Sprouts

Hello and happy 2014. I hope these first few days of the new year find you healthy and well. My thoughts go out to everyone in the Midwest and east coast battling that beyond crazy cold weather. I have no right to complain about weather here in the west. It's warmer and drier than usual and there's fear of a possible drought later but we're lucky compared to our friends on the other end so please be safe.

But if I may, I'm going to whine just a smidge about this annoying cold/flu I picked up last week. I don't get sick often and when I do I'm usually on the mend after a day and a half or two. Well this one isn't going without a fight so lots of soup and tea and tissues for me.

The weirdest thing is that I've completely lost my taste for sweets.

I know. Me, the chick whose middle name is frosting. Now I crave salt all day long and the thought of anything sweet does nothing for me.

I found this picture and honestly, if I could lick the monitor I would. I'm actually salivating as I type this. It's the most bizarre thing. Now I have craved more salt when I've had a cold before but I never completely lose a craving for sweets. I haven't even wanted my morning hot coco. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Do you choose a word for the year?
My word for 2014 is SPROUT.

A part of me has been hibernating in darkness the last 2 or 3 years. It's not a gloomy darkness although what got me there was certainly gloom worthy.

I tried to embrace forgiveness. Tried to learn to let go. Let go of the past. Learn gratitude. Be grateful for second chances. All the things my brain thought were the logical steps to healing.

But you know what? They just didn't work for me. For whatever reason forgiveness never came from an honest place and I found myself thriving in the dark. Finding my strength. Embracing my frailties and all my flaws.

I learned that what I needed to let go of wasn't the darkness. I just needed to grow a new me. In new soil. Breathing new air. There might be some darkness in that soil but it keeps things real for me so we shall see.

I also have faith in karma and it is the year of the Snake after all.
Good time to shed my old skin

When I started blogging in January 2010 the last winter games were about to start. I can't believe it's been 4 years already. I'm looking forward to watching them in Sochi. Just like my fondness for all things New Orleans, I also have a thing for Russia. I think it started with figure skating and the Russian pair Gordeeva and Grinkov. Plus I'm really more of a snowy forest than a sun and surf kinda girl.
So here's to a brand new year again.

May yours be filled with more blessings,
more joy, more hugs and more art.

A friend who is dear to me recently lost her poppa. I know most of you know her too and probably already know. She can use a hug if you have one or a hundred and one to share.