Haunted Humpday

I'm back again for Haunted Humpday. Can you believe it's already October next week? Fall has a habit of suddenly sneaking up on us, embracing us in a whirl of crunchy leaves and pumpkin glitter. Then just like that, softly, quietly and oh so sadly, it disappears for another year.
So take a deep crispy apple toasty breath and enjoy the season.

Believe it or not this mini ghost pumpkin is from last Fall. I kept it by the kitchen sink next to a potted plant and it made it through the whole year. Isn't this giant mug spooky fabulous? It came all the way from Arizona :)
I stopped by my local Target store on my way home from the animal shelter earlier. I was so excited to see all their Halloween goodies finally out. It's a yearly ritual for me, checking and waiting for those aisles to fill up with bags of candy and spooky paper and trim.
Got your witchy hat on? Let's do some window shopping!
I love this year's black bird tree and skull theme. I've used vinyl tablecloths before as a backdrop or curtain and I think this one might be great for my Broomsticks on the Bayou party post.
This pillar candle and holder has a great New Orleans voodoo feel to it. Just add strands of beads or hang a poppet or two.
I can't remember if this lights up. I love the cage but I think I can get the same look with stuff I already have. I love the shape though.
Too cute! I'd use it year round.
How about gingerbread skeleton cookies? Perfect for a voodoo party.
So if you haven't had the chance to check out the Halloween collection at your Target go in and see if it's already up before everyone else gets their hands on it and they all disappear.
Now you probably already know that Isis and I will be in a costume parade next month to support Pit Bull Awareness Day. Isis thought she would show off a few more pieces from her fabulous haunted wardrobe. What do you think?
Bat wings (with a yet to be crafted black tutu)?
 Or sweet pittie pumpkin?

Hope you're having a fantastic Haunted Humpday.

Now go visit Marfi at Incipient Wings for more spooky bliss.


Broomsticks on the Bayou

Hello Autumn!
I think it's time for another Halloween party.
Where will our broomsticks take us this year?

The dark forest for Le Mysterieux Carnival?
A Witch's Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon?
Or Maria's Island for a Practical Magic Party?
 You might remember a recent post I did about my huge crush on the city of New Orleans and how I think it all started with a childhood visit to the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. It eventually grew into an obsession and I had to learn as much about that city and it's unique culture as I could.
It turns out Marfi and I share the same fondness for the Haunted Mansion and we thought how truly magical it would be to be in New Orleans for Halloween. Since that trip won't exactly be happening this year we thought of the next best thing.
We're bringing a haunted New Orleans to us.
Only a little further west of the Mississippi.
The city of New Orleans has fascinated and enchanted people from all walks of life. Artists, gypsies, sinners and saints have all heard her call. She beckons us with her haunted past, old cemeteries, ghost stories, colorful spirits, southern charm, even vampires and off course voodoo and Marie Laveau, the queen of voodoo herself. If you share a fondness for this bewitching city we'd love to have you join in some creative Halloween fun.
You can share art, crafts, costumes, décor, jewelry, food, recipes, music, spells, photography, pets, memories or even a real live party. And if you happen to actually live in that city feel free to share as much of anything as you'd like. I promise I'll try not to embarrass myself by drooling too much and I'll try hard not to stalk you!
Have your pics and post ready to go by the evening of the 18th, which also happens to be the Full Harvest Moon. How cool is that? Come back and visit me here at Frosted Petunias and Marfi at Incipient Wings on Saturday the 19th and add your link. Then put on some mournful jazzy music, brew up a batch of beignets and a café au lait and take your broomstick on a moonlit trip round the bayou. We'll have both days to make our rounds and off course you can keep visiting even after the weekend.
Here's a button to share and a link to add to it.
We'll keep it casual so all you need to do is leave a comment and let me know you're coming. Then just create your post, come on over, share and enjoy. If you're not sure what to do or have questions feel free to email me or Marfi.
Hope to see you there!
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Haunted Humpday #3

Back again for another Haunted Humpday!
Today's post gets a little bit of help from Miss Isis Delilah Roux.
I found a couple of fun Halloween goodies this weekend.
How do you like this fabulous mini witchy hat?
Isis doesn't mind being dressed up at all though she first thought perhaps the hat might be some sort of bacon flavored waffle cone.
For less fancy Halloween parties (or morning walks along the river) Isis also has this adorable new bandana with little dancing skeletons. Simple yet hauntingly charming, yes?
What doggie wardrobe would be complete without a chic Halloween collar with printed bones and orange and black jeweled flower? I think it's her favorite.
Why is Isis so excited about her new witchy wardrobe?
We are going to be participating in this year's National Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 26 by joining a costume parade hosted by Chako, the pit bull rescue I volunteer with. There are events happening all across the country. You can find out more by visiting their website HERE
All she'll need is a bewitching black tutu then she's ready to join her furry friends to show our city how amazing these misunderstood dogs really are. Which means I better get started on that tutu soon.
Hope you're having a wonderful week and thank you to the dazzlingly magical Marfi for hosting this great challenge.
Be sure to stop by Incipient Wings to see more.

Haunted Humpday

Happy Haunted Humpday and Happy September too! Does it feel like Autumn where you are? My son headed back to school yesterday. Senior year! I still can't believe it.
It doesn't quite look like fall here yet unless you go into the shops. One of my favorite things at the end of summer is when the Halloween magazine issues come out. Target  had several out including Martha Stewart's new one. I used to buy as many Halloween issues as I could several years ago but I eventually realized a lot of them tend to recycle the same thing over and over again. So I usually narrow it down to 1 or 2 each year but I still love seeing them on the stands and I'll go through all of them before the season's done.
I have a major sweet tooth and I have pretty much zero will power when it comes to cupcakes and cake. I started out looking for a spooky cake recipe to share but then I kept finding images of all these amazing Halloween cakes.
They're works of art I think. Some of these look like wedding cakes but they would be amazing for any Halloween party.
How cute and clever is this one?
Look at this amazing Corpse Bride themed cake!
I think it would make a great hat too.
Here's another one. Love the purple and black.
How about this Day of the Dead cake? I love the white sugar skulls against the red. I can also see a mini cupcake version of this one.
Love this haunted house. I'm not sure who did this but it has a very Martha Stewart look to it.
I did find a cake recipe that sounds like it might be fun to try.
Hershey's has this Black Magic cake recipe on their site. It's super simple and would be great for cupcakes too. You can check out the recipe HERE
I hope the cakes inspired you a little bit. I know I'm ready for a bite of one so I think I might just have to go to the bakery and treat myself to a slice.
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