Haunted Humpday

Happy Haunted Humpday and Happy September too! Does it feel like Autumn where you are? My son headed back to school yesterday. Senior year! I still can't believe it.
It doesn't quite look like fall here yet unless you go into the shops. One of my favorite things at the end of summer is when the Halloween magazine issues come out. Target  had several out including Martha Stewart's new one. I used to buy as many Halloween issues as I could several years ago but I eventually realized a lot of them tend to recycle the same thing over and over again. So I usually narrow it down to 1 or 2 each year but I still love seeing them on the stands and I'll go through all of them before the season's done.
I have a major sweet tooth and I have pretty much zero will power when it comes to cupcakes and cake. I started out looking for a spooky cake recipe to share but then I kept finding images of all these amazing Halloween cakes.
They're works of art I think. Some of these look like wedding cakes but they would be amazing for any Halloween party.
How cute and clever is this one?
Look at this amazing Corpse Bride themed cake!
I think it would make a great hat too.
Here's another one. Love the purple and black.
How about this Day of the Dead cake? I love the white sugar skulls against the red. I can also see a mini cupcake version of this one.
Love this haunted house. I'm not sure who did this but it has a very Martha Stewart look to it.
I did find a cake recipe that sounds like it might be fun to try.
Hershey's has this Black Magic cake recipe on their site. It's super simple and would be great for cupcakes too. You can check out the recipe HERE
I hope the cakes inspired you a little bit. I know I'm ready for a bite of one so I think I might just have to go to the bakery and treat myself to a slice.
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Marfi-topia said...

what a wonderfully sweet and and inspiring post Anna!
I'm definitely going to check out the recipe for that cake...I love the name!
can't say which cake is my favorite...I do have a penchant for Dia de los muertos though:)
love this!
thank you!!!

Natalie Zaman said...

Love love love! I'm counting the days... ♥

Ivy said...

What beautiful cakes, love them all...and I also love the Fall issues of magazines...and all the Fall clothing in the stores. Makes me do a happy dance! Thanks so much for a beautiful post as always and Happy Haunted Humpday!

Victoria said...

Hello kindred..such a dazzling post..so many gorgeous images...and yum..love that dazzling cake..I am smitten with your beautiful blog as always!
Wishing you a magical autumn head friend!

Jane K said...

What scrumptious looking cakes, love them all but torn for my favourite between the pumpkin one which I love the colours of and the one with black birds on top. Have a soft spot for corvids.
I'd go mad if I was in the states this time of year, I'd love all the Halloween mags in the shops, ours might make a nod to Halloween but they never do the big magazine spreads like the US mags do.

Happy Humpday
Witchy J x

JoAnne said...

Hi Anna & Happy Haunted Humpday to you! Love all the cakes and I also love all the Halloween issues on the racks.

Celia said...

Wow....what amazing cakes!!! It doesn't feel like fall yet....but I can feel it in my bones!!!

Carmen said...

Hi, Anna. I totally love the look of the black "blood" dripping on the red Day of the Dead cake. I agree that this would be a cool cupcake idea, too! Thanks for all the inspiration. :-)

Justina said...

Hi Anna!!
I love the cakes you posted! Especially The Corpse Bride cakes, that's one of my favorite movies! :-)
I hope all is well in Anna Land, and I'm also getting super excited for Halloween!

Angela Reeves said...

Oh wow, these cakes are amazing!!! Definitely inspires a Halloweeny fall feeling, lol. Such fun :-) I've gone and bookmarked that black magic cake recipe. Definitely looks like one to try :-)

Ms Misantropia said...

How I wish we had Halloween editions of our Home Style magazines over here! I would totally buy every last one :)

Enchantments and Giggles said...

I am also a Halloween magazine junkie! My hubby just does not get it, LOL! But they bring me joy year-round! Love the cake pix!

Laura S Reading said...

I was out yesterday looking for Halloween items and was really disappointed. I read online about all the great stuff and my area has NOTHING yet! I am hoping that means when everyone else has run out, this area will be THE place to find cool stuff.
Wow- such interesting cakes. Such talent.
Next week my post is about Halloween food. Please stop over.

Betty said...

WOW, so many beautiful cakes. It's getting in the spirit. HA! HA!

Thyme2Be said...

Wonderful! You know it's not Halloween until YOU say it's Halloween! I always enjoy how you enjoy this time of year.

Ms Lilypads said...

I would definitely dive into cake in the second photo -- and then think about what flavor the cake may be.

Anonymous said...

that looks so great. It is almost a shame to eat it. I love the corpse bride cakes and the one with the pumpkins.
The Halloween magazines sound wonderful. I wish they sold them here, but in The Netherlands Halloween isn't that big, which is funny, because Halloween has its roots in Western Europe ; )
Have a magical day.

Linda said...

These are delicious looking cakes and the work that goes into each one is amazing. Love Halloween is my favorite also. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, those cakes are too adorable!