So It Begins

See the little countdown clock I just added to the right?
Over there ------->>>>
It's 60 days today exactly, until Halloween.
That's only 1440 hours to get in as much Halloween as possible before it goes away again for another year. Marfi's Haunted Humpday definitely started to get me into the spirit and that's not all she did. She also got me thinking about how I developed one of my big obsessions.

Stay with me here and I'll explain.
One of my fondest memories from my first visit to Disneyland was seeing the Haunted Mansion and New Orleans Square. I might have been around 12 so I was old enough to really have those memories stick.
Of course I was just your average California kid and I had no idea there was a real 'New Orleans Square' that existed somewhere out there. We really didn't travel much outside of California and my parents had no interest in southern culture. I just remember walking around the square, taking in the pretty buildings and shops, thinking, forget Sleeping Beauty's castle, this is where I'd rather be. I even remember what I was wearing that day.
I remember asking my parents for a couple of dollars to buy a souvenir from one of those pretty shops. I don't remember what things I looked at exactly but I ended up buying a pretty little bottle of rose water perfume. I was so excited to be able to conjure up the memory of this place anytime, just by opening my own bottle of magic.
To this day the scent of rose water reminds me of that first trip.
Anytime I could visit Disneyland or Disneyworld the Haunted Mansion was the first place I would always go. I would pretty much stay in New Orleans Square all day if I could.
Fast forward many, many, many years later and I discover there's a real 'New Orleans Square'. An entire city in fact with real architecture, an amazing history, a diverse culture that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else and food and art that would require one to exist on a minimum amount of sleep to be able to take it all in. Oh and the parades. How can you not love people that need no excuse to have a parade....with those pretty parasols and that infectious music.
Above all else I was inspired by this city's resilience. Through Katrina's devastation and other disasters that followed after. New Orleans seemed to draw a certain type of spirit. Artists, gypsies, saints and sinners. I know somewhere in my soul I keep hearing that same call.
One day.
I've been hooked on Nola far longer than I realized and it's all just starting to make sense to me now. I always thought it was the aftermath of hurricane Katrina that peaked my interest but I think it really goes back to that first Disney trip to the Haunted Mansion and New Orleans Square. It sounds silly I know and I have yet to make my first visit there. I do know the real thing is nothing like the Disney version and that's what I can't wait to see.
So what does all this have to do with Halloween you ask?
I've been trying to do a New Orleans themed Halloween for years and I've managed to add a little of that flavor to my regular spooky décor. But this year Marfi inspired me to really embrace the haunted bayou voodoo theme and we've been brainstorming about how to bring that experience to our own non bayou corners of the country. We'll keep you posted and in the meantime you might want to start looking for your old book of voodoo spells or that gris gris bag you tucked away in the bottom drawer of your grandmother's old wardrobe.
The spirit of Marie Laveau calls.
Better be ready.


Carmen said...

Oooooh! I love your haunted bayou theme idea... can't wait to see what you come up with. :-)

Ms Lilypads said...

Prior to Katrina, I would go to New Orleans to visit relatives with my mom. Back in those days, you could walk through the French Quarter, and you would see veves of goddesses forged in the wrought iron balconies. Though I was struck by the beauty of the designs, I had no idea of what I was looking at. Years later, when I came across those veves in books, I could have kicked myself for not realizing what I had been looking at.

Ms Misantropia said...

I also have a thing for New Orleans; the architecture, the music, the humidity, the voodoo, the beads, the melting pot of cultures.

I've only been once - 20 years ago - but I was lucky to stumble right into a 5 day blues festival! I long to go back.

Does this mean you are cooking up something bloggedy partyish for Halloween?

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Oh Cher...I will be sittin' here waitin' to see what you come up with for a Nawlins inspired Hallowoonie. Laissez le bon temps rouler, Oma Linda

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so wonderfully bewitching !! I can hardly wait !!
Have a magical day.

Jane K said...

ooh it all sounds exciting, your parties are always a highlight of the season.

Linda said...

Sounds amazingly spooky...

Ivy said...

Oooooo...this is so exciting, I adore this theme and can't wait!!

Laura S Reading said...

What an enchanting idea.
I can relate to how a scent can bring you back to another time and place.

I have to laugh because right now I have a boxed set (found at a thrift store) of voodoo doll and book. I was considering featuring it for Marfi's Haunted Humpday!

The Purple Flutterby said...

Ooooh what a wonderful idea, cant wait. I have actually been to New Orleans, it was before the flood, it was a wonderful place I didnt want to go back home. I had the best reading done there. What the woman didnt get right about me wasnt worth knowing, and the voodoo museum was amazing. Hugs Sara

Anonymous said...

My daughter LOVES New Orleans and told me when she thinks of places to possibly move to, that is always on the list. You and Marfi are so creative in your brainstorming and I cannot wait to see the results. Happy Halloween season, my lovely friend. Mina