A Very Petunia Anniversary

Are you having a great year so far? January is a special month for me because it's the month I started blogging and this year I'm celebrating my 3 year blog anniversary.

Yes, Frosted Petunias is 3 years old!

Three years. I still can't believe I've been able to stick with it this long. I have a tendency to lose interest in things after a few short months but my little blog seems to have taken on a life of it's own.

I originally wanted to blog about cupcakes and cupcake crafts and art but I soon discovered an entire new world of mixed media art, swaps, giveaways, art challenges and blog parties. I never imagined I would be blogging more than a few months but here I am three years later. Obviously I still love talking about cupcakes :)


My Luna also grew up along side my blog. I adopted her a month before I started blogging when she was still a kitten. We have been on this adventure together along with our favorite visitor LaLou. Luna and I still miss her dearly.

I have learned so much and met many wonderful bloggers. I've shared my creative journey and even some of my personal ups and downs and I have been amazed by the amount of support given to me through both the triumphs and tears. Bloggers are awesome people.

My first everything pretty much happened during that first year in blogland -- the weekly Pink Saturday blog hop, a year long paper dress challenge, atc swaps, art challenges, blog parties and eventually hosting my Practical Magic and Witches Tea parties. I also found the courage to try painting and creating mixed media collage. There was so much to blog about my first year!

Years two and three were much slower. I took several months off and at times wondered if I was done with blogging all together. But I always found myself coming back and that has been the biggest surprise.

As I start my fourth year in blogland I look forward to discovering more inspiring treasures, learning more about myself and meeting even more of this growing community of bloggers willing to share their art, pictures and stories with the world. Thank you for keeping me inspired.

I created a little slide show to celebrate my anniversary. It has some of my favorite memories and images from year one. If you've been with me since those early days I hope you'll enjoy looking back with me again.

Click on the image to watch the show.
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