collage obsession "siblings"

My entry for this week's Collage Obsession
The theme is "SIBLINGS"

Here is the original image.

My little brother and I are very close.
Growing up in a military family we moved many times
so we were each other's best friend.

 My digtal collage and the quote from an anonymous
author reminds me of all the hours we
played together in our own magical world and
how we are still best friends now.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Some elements are from Center Stage by Laura Bavin.
Purchased from Digital Scrapbook Place.

UPDATE: I just did a bit of my rounds for Collage Obsession and want to say I've seen some really beautiful art from everyone. What amazes me is that in less than 15 minutes I've visited Germany, New, Zealand, South Africa, England and Canada. Don't you just love Bloggy Land!

pink saturday 2nd birthday

It's time to put on our pink party hats and head over to Beverly's for the big
Pink Saturday 2nd Birthday bash!

How about some tea and cake before we go?

Visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more party pinks!

remembering on memorial day

Remembering my dad this Memorial Day.
He served 22 years in the United States Navy.
We miss you.

And remembering all those who served everywhere.
Thank you.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend everyone!

four months four days and counting

This morning I noticed the little counter at the very, very bottom of my page was at 4 months and 4 days. My wee little bloggy is 4 months and 4 days old today. Nothing extraordinary. Certainly not the 1 year marker worthy of cupcakes, sparkles and delectable giveaways.

But for me this is a mini milestone. Without my noticing and as I happily posted away to post number 80 and slowly filled my little Follower window with 51 smiling faces I made it past the crucial 3 months and 3 days marker.

What's the big deal you might ask?

In the past, 3 months (and approximately 3 days) is usually the amount of time it took for me to become utterly bored with my latest new thing. A project, new decorating theme, new haircut. Sadly I have been that fickle more times than I care to admit. I even tried blogging twice before but never went anywhere with it.

So what's different this time?

Before I even signed up for my Blogger account I really thought of why I wanted to blog. What was the whole point I asked myself. How would I stay committed and keep myself interested? What did I hope to gain?

And that reason was I wanted to go on a creative journey. Find my inner artist and nurture my soul. It sounds cliched I know.

The difference is that this time I'm blogging as me. Not a me I fancied myself to be. But just me. Mom, fledgling artist, chocoholic, warts and all. And that has made all the difference. I can honestly say I love blogging and the community of amazing people I've met in bloggy land. I've learned what type of a blogger I am which is surprisingly different than what I started out to be. And I'm learning so much more in every way. It is truly exciting I must admit.

So today I'm celebrating 4 months and 4 days of being a Frosted Petunia. I thank all my bloggy friends for the inspiration and for coming along on this journey with me. I can't wait to reach post #100 and hopefully before I know it I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with all of you!

And now dear friends I ask you this question: Why do you blog?

I'd love to hear your story.

P.S. Oh and I finished my collage journal too. Yay! I just need to find the little eyelet thingies for the holes so I can tie the pages together. I'm using little pipe cleaners right now and Luna keeps trying to pull them out! Silly kitty!

collage obsession 'door'

My second collage for Collage Obsession. This week's word is 'DOOR'. I decided to use a door image I've had in my files and also my favorite Anna Pavlova ballerina pic. This is all digital and was just alot of fun to make.

'Door' was a perfect theme for me this week as I'm in the midst of opening a new creative door myself. This collage is about the magic behind that door once you find the key and being able to finally dance and take flight when you find your wings. But with a little whimsical twist of course.

Some elements are from the Rich Collection by Linda Bavin.

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a lovely award

One of the loveliest ladies I have met in bloggy land is

She never fails to inspire me with her wit, graciousness and tenacity.

I'm very honored to recieve this award from her. Thank you so much LV!

a new set of wings

The first project in Kelley Rae Robert's book Taking Flight is a collage journal. There are 2 parts. The first one is creating the little tags and then the journal itself. I've been working on it the last few days and found it to be a very rewarding experience. Here is my cover page along with the tags.

The tags are made from layered scraps of fabric fused to an interfacing then decorated with paint. I had to change some of the steps in the instructions because I didn't have all the supplies she recommended. I was initially frustrated working on the tags because I ran into a few glitches right away.

My gel medium (Gesso) didn't work well as an adhesive and it also caused the interfacing to peel away from the background fabric. I also didn't have the proper hard pencil to sketch the letters. After a deep breathe I became determined to make it work. I used a super strength glue stick for the fabric scraps and once I painted over the letters I really started to like it.

Instead of using hardcover book covers for the pages I used heavy corrugated cardboard that I happened to have handy. Because I was focused on learning the techniques I followed Kelley's example for the cover almost exactly as far as the design. I tweaked it a little but again I wanted to learn the technique.

Once I finished the face I was surprised at how the page turned out. I really liked it! I loved making it and I felt thrilled to be learning something new.

The individual pages were just as exciting to make. They're so simple when you do them step by step but seeing it come together was incredibly satisfying. Here are a few of the pages I finished (3 plus the cover). I already started adding a few of my favorite words and quotes. I'm making 3 more plus the back then I'll take another pic when I've put it all together.

This project gave my confidence a nice boost. I think part of what allowed me to tap into my 'real' creative self was not worrying about making something to sell or whether it served a practical purpose. I made it because I wanted to learn.

Having another artists' work as a visual reference was like having her hold my hand until I was ready to use my own wings. It made it easy to focus on the process and as I worked I started to find my own style. Having to work with what I had available also created a challenge but in the end I'm glad I did it without having to invest in a lot of new materials. I think I might revisit some of my old doodles and see what I can do with them now.

I think I'm liking this new set of wings so far. Maybe I'll paint them pink.

Pink Saturday. A bit of this and that.

We're having the most  peculiar weather here in the Central Valley. A few days ago it was warm enough for shorts and sandals and today the rain's come back again. Rain this late in May has a completely different smell than the rain we get in January. It's warmer, earthier and tinged with the fragrance of flowers. A perfect day to put on a pair of pink floral Wellies and finding a spring puddle to splash around in.

I have a tall ice cream sundae glass for holding loose change that collects at the bottom of my purse. I try to keep mostly dimes and nickels and an occasional quarter or two. Every now and then I take a handful out, put them in my pocket and head over to my favorite Thrift Store to see what fun thing I can add to my craft stash.

I think there's something deliciously innocent about shopping with a few dimes in your pocket. It's like being a kid again. Which little treasure is worthy of your hard earned allowance?

Today I'm looking for something to add to my Mad Tea Party props. Most of what I'm using will be from my collection of odds and ends but I can't resist picking up a handful of silly things when I have extra change from my Sundae Silliness Fund.

Would you like to know what treasure I found today?
Come back on June 26 for the Mad Tea Party and see!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Make sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
for more wonderful pinks!

one eyed blogging

You think it's a cactus but it's not. It's my left eyeball. At least that's what it feels like since I've fallen victim to the great Allergy Plague that seems to have infected anyone and everyone I know. I don't usually get bad seasonal allergies. A stuffy nose and occasional headaches and that's it. I blame the Iceland volcano. No offense to anyone if you happen to be from Iceland.

This spring has been really bad. People I know who usually don't get allergies are suddenly making frequent visits to the antihistamine aisle at the local CVS. Box of tissue, Power Bar and 99 cent package of linguine clutched in one hand. The other hand desperately searching for that magic cure.

Mr Petunia is an allergy expert. Not through medical training but because he's been plagued with allergies ever since he can remember. On the rare occasion that I fall ill to any allergy related malady he can't wait to give me a quick diagnosis. I think he actually starts to drool. He then proceeds to go through his cornucopia of remedies until he emerges victorious with the perfect one for me.

I am a lightweight when it comes to pharmaceuticals. I suspect this is why Mr P likes to experiment with me just to see what kind of reaction I produce. Ones that are non-drowsy knock me out. Claritin actually makes my skin dry. After trying a few brands we decide that Zyrtec works best with the least amount of side affects.

So before the cactus in my eye decides to develop offspring I better go and take my Zyrtec and get on with my day. Tonight my friend Miss V is having us over for dinner. She makes the best Indian food in all of Tomato Land I think, so I'm really looking forward to it. AND I get a break from pizza night. Yay! Hopefully my eye and I will both be cactus free.

savoring my happy moments

I had planned to do a quick post about a silly happy moment I had in the car yesterday. BUT I've had a few other happy moments since so I wanted to share.


(Pic taken from From Chaos Comes Happiness without permission!)

My dear bloggy friend Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness just celebrated her 200th post (WOW!)and had this wonderful gem to giveaway. Well I won! Really truly won! I had just mentioned this movie in a recent post and I'm so happy to finally get to see it! If you ever need something to brighten your day and put a smile on your face go and visit Leanne and say hello. You'll love it there.


HAPPY MOMENT #2......Positive reinforcement from the Universe!

Remember my post about doubting my creative passion?
I've had nothing but wonderful positive feedback from you guys and even today I got a lovely comment on my paper dresses and wardrobe that really cheered me up. On top of that I seem to keep noticing the same message popping up everywhere:

If you're willing to learn and work hard you will succeed.

It was even on Dancing With the Stars last night when Olympic Champion Evan Lysachek's coach said he wasn't the most talented skater but the hardest working and most willing to learn. That really struck me.

The realization that I might not be a natural born artist but a very creative person that's willing to learn helped to put my doubts into perspective. It pushed me to create a game plan and find direction which I've started to implement with the first project from Kelly Rae Robert's book Taking Flight. When those doubts creep up I tell myself that I'm actually starting to do something about it now.

HAPPY (SILLY) MOMENT #3......Rocking out to Cajun music in my car,
not caring who's watching and even waiving to 1 or 2 of them.

Last summer I developed an obsession for all things New Orleans, Creole and Cajun. I don't know where these obsessions come from sometimes but when they do I let myself be completely consumed by it. I borrowed all the books about New Orleans from the library. Read heartbreaking stories about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Fell in love with the architecture and of course the food. I watched every episode of Emeril and learned how to make Gumbo from scratch (from a roux even!) and even tried to devise a plan to be at Mardi Gras next spring which happens to be on my birthday.

The former Garden District home of author Anne Rice

People who don't know me find this peculiar. I have no genetic ties to New  Orleans. Being of the Asian American/Filipino with a sliver of Spanish variety and married to the son of British expats (lovely Harry Potter accent, devonshire cream and all) there is nothing in my genetic makeup that connects me to NOLA. (Maybe some of the Spanish colonial bit but really no.) Yet I have such a love for this city and culture. I just feel like I need to visit there one day. I also developed a taste for Cajun music. The upbeat, foot tapping, French country songs from the Acadian people who migrated to Louisiana from Canada. Listening to it puts me in a silly happy mood all the time. I like to listen in my car when I'm hunting for a good sale.

So if you happen to be driving around Tomato Land and see a seemingly middle aged dark haired woman with sparkly glasses and dangly Stevie Nicks earrings, rocking out and singing along in French (phonetically that is so I have no clue what I'm singing) wave to me and say hello. Maybe we can go grab a beignet and cafe au lait!

finding inspiration. fighting intimidation. rambling on.

I've been looking at this book by Kelly Rae Roberts for a while and finally picked it up this weekend. I read the intro last night before going to bed. I love the story of a person's creative journey. The struggle to find and finally honor that creative voice. Finding your wings and taking flight. I'm always inspired by stories like Kelly's and by other artists. If you visit Art Saves by Jenny Doh you can read about her plus many more.

I read these stories and then I wonder where my passion is. If I were to tell a story about art saving me would it reveal a real passion for art or nothing more than an escape from a daily routine?

I don't have a cathartic turning point that pushed me to find my passion. I've always been creative but never went beyond seeing it as a hobby. Even doing the occasional craft fair here and there.

Still I've always longed to be an artist in some way.

I dated a musician for a while which opened up a new creative world for me. I learned photography and did the promo shots for his band. We went to art openings, did artsy things and for a while I thought I was living an artist's life. But it was an immature relationship. I was young and realized that it wasn't what I wanted.

I fell in love with my husband and went on to live a comfortable, practical life in suburbia. I worked in retail for a while and always managed to find jobs that allowed me to be creative in some form. Always holding back and keeping one foot in the practical world. Constantly struggling to find my identity.

Always that little voice whispering 'there must be something more'.

When my son was born I found a reason to reignite that creative spark. Nothing reminds you of how to use your imagination like playing with a child. By nurturing his imagination I was beginning to feed mine.

Wow I'm really rambling here aren't I? Sorry. Don't really know how I got here!

Fast forward 13 years later. Over the years I kept creating. When the Kiddo and I discovered Harry Potter I realized that this child of mine inherited my passion for wanting to live in a creative magical world. We crafted our own version of Hogwarts (I'm Prof. Petunia of course). I started making props to ad to his collection and actually sold some of them on Etsy and Ebay. I became the Floo Powder lady!

Still I wanted to create something that expressed what I was feeling. And that's where I get stuck. I don't always know what that feeling is. Sometimes I'm simply inspired by someones work and I want to create my own version of it. Then I wonder if I'm just mimicking, if it's really coming from me.

The practical side of me always hears my husband's voice saying 'Can you sell it?' He has a tendency to see my creativity as something that should be utilized to bring in much needed income and I find myself thinking he's right. I should just come up with something formulaic, crank 'em out and sell, sell, sell.

I can't.

I get bored and there's enough of that out there I think which is wonderful too. Sadly I often think my talents are limited and best suited for more practical things. I know...I're only  limited by what you think your own limits are. It's an evil thing I might have developed from being raised by a creative mom who encouraged me to make things and a dad who would tell me I couldn't because you can't make a living at being artsy. People in our family just didn't do that he would say.

I have a cousin who really is an artist. She exhibits her work. Does interior design She married a guy that dances in a major ballet company. She lives a creative life. I think she's hecka cool. The rest of the family thinks she should've been a dentist like her mom.

So here I am with this book from Kelly Rae Roberts. I've told myself that unlike other books I've picked up for inspiration I'm actually going to follow it like a work book. Sort of like Julie and Julia where Julie commits to doing all of Julia's recipes for a year. This is what I want to do with this book. Page by page. Chapter by chapter. Learn new techniques, actually have something to show for and see if I really can become an artist.

This is my own creative challenge.

Whew! I'm wondering whether to hit the publish button or not. I accidentally hit enter and poof  it's published! So here it is. Just my Monday ramblings. My brain and me trying to work out where we fit in the creative scheme of things.

You know I think I still have half a donut left from yesterday! Hmmm...

pink saturday

I'm sharing a couple of fun pics I snapped while out shopping
and also a project I started this week.

Hello Kitty juice display at the grocery store.
It's hard to resist those little pink (and red) bows.

Pink piggy doorstop pillow at the pet store.
It looks a bit like my kitty Luna!

And a shoe box wardrobe I made to keep paper dresses
for Dress Up 2010 challenge. Click on the link to
see more or just scroll down to the last post.

Visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more pinks!

never too late

When anyone tells you
'You can't or You shouldn't'

may paper dress up challenge

Up late, late, late (like 2:30 am late) again but I made my dress for Dress Up 2010 at Alice and Camilla. This is my entry for May. Flowery and sweet. I'm joining up late so I've got some catching up to do and hopefully I'll have April done this week too.

I made my own template and added bits of tissue, gold trim, vintage ribbon and sheet music. I antiqued the edges of the sheet music bits but they're not showing up that well in the pic for some reason.

I also liked the idea of putting the dresses in a little wardrobe like Margaret did. She used a cigar box for hers. I made my dresses a little bigger so I dug around and found an old shoe box. Cut and pasted scrapbook paper. Added the dowel and made a teeny tiny hanger.


I added the chair and looking glass this morning.

I don't know which was more fun. Making the wee dress or the wardrobe!

And there's lots of room for 11 more!

I wish I could shrink like Alice
and play in my little wardrobe for a while!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Update. I finished the April dress too!

April to me means Paris. April In Paris....

This is my little Pariesienne number. Fun and flirty.
I used black french ribbon and the pink and white one can
be pulled to create ruffles. Shall we go for a cafe au lait and croissants?

Two down. Ten to go!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *