Pink Saturday. A bit of this and that.

We're having the most  peculiar weather here in the Central Valley. A few days ago it was warm enough for shorts and sandals and today the rain's come back again. Rain this late in May has a completely different smell than the rain we get in January. It's warmer, earthier and tinged with the fragrance of flowers. A perfect day to put on a pair of pink floral Wellies and finding a spring puddle to splash around in.

I have a tall ice cream sundae glass for holding loose change that collects at the bottom of my purse. I try to keep mostly dimes and nickels and an occasional quarter or two. Every now and then I take a handful out, put them in my pocket and head over to my favorite Thrift Store to see what fun thing I can add to my craft stash.

I think there's something deliciously innocent about shopping with a few dimes in your pocket. It's like being a kid again. Which little treasure is worthy of your hard earned allowance?

Today I'm looking for something to add to my Mad Tea Party props. Most of what I'm using will be from my collection of odds and ends but I can't resist picking up a handful of silly things when I have extra change from my Sundae Silliness Fund.

Would you like to know what treasure I found today?
Come back on June 26 for the Mad Tea Party and see!

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for more wonderful pinks!


Jacalyn @ said...

Love the boots!

Happy PS,

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Those are some awesome pink boots! Love your sweet kitties too :0 Happy Pink Saturday to you! Warmest, Brenda

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

What a fun post!! Those boots remind of the 60's and would sure make a day in the rain a lot cheerier :-)
I remember as a kid what a thrill it was to find change on the ground! You felt RICH if it was a quarter! My allowance was 25 cents a week - and that's IF I did all my chores . . . sigh.
Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!

Unknown said...

What cute pink boots! They'd be perfect for the kind of weather we've had the last few days. Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Society to say hi!