Winter Musings

Just popping in to wish everyone a happy winter.
Hope you enjoyed this week's full winter moon.
Are you excited about the holidays?
I don't have too much hustle and bustle to deal with since my gift list is pretty small and I really try to stay away from all the shopping craziness.
It's been unseasonably colder here lately so lots of extra cups of tea and hot cocoa have been in order.
I've mostly been busy with my volunteer work at the animal shelter. It's harder to get dogs adopted this time of the year, especially for the pit bulls I work with. Sadly we're seeing dogs returned to the shelter after being adopted. It's heartbreaking and there are so many that need to be saved.
I wish they could all have a warm and comfy sofa to curl up on and a family to spoil them and call their own, just like my Isis.
Make sure to give your pets an extra hug this winter and if you can spare another hug give one to a homeless pet at your local shelter. They really do love it when someone comes to see them.
Stay warm, share a little joy and enjoy the quiet magic of this season.
I watched this on TV a few days ago and just found it on YouTube. I love this version, especially the sets and costumes. It's been a while since I saw it live but I always love watching it every year.


Broomsticks on the Bayou

There's a full moon rising over the bayou tonight

Come gather under her spell
Witches, gypsies and restless spirits
Grab your broomsticks and favorite brew

and meet me in New Orleans for a night or two

Tales of witchcraft and voodoo

fill the air

They say the Queen herself roams these streets

Portrait by Frank Schneider, based on a painting by George Catlin

You might encounter her right in the Vieux Carre

You never know what you'll find among the magnolias and Spanish moss

Friend or Foe

Sinner or Saint

What lies beyond the garden gate?

Leave your broom here, dear witches, if you dare

Don't be afraid

An offering might please the lady of the house

But tread lightly

 For here lie ghosts from a bygone day

Was it voodoo or witchcraft that brought about her end?

Was she haunted by her deeds?

Or betrayed by a friend?

Many say she passed peacefully at a ripe old age

Still others claim to see her ghostly figure strolling through the city
What about you?
Digital art by Schonee
Have you seen Marie?

It's time to take our leave, there is much more to do and see

Join me first for a sweet treat
then leave a comment with your link before you go

Hope you enjoyed your visit here.
Before you go check out one of my favorite Nola singers

If you're a fan of this season's American Horror Story which is set in New Orleans, here's a great video they posted that looks at why Nola is such a unique and amazing place.

Do you know that there is a fragrance inspired by Marie Laveau?

Bourbon French Parfums, a noted perfumery in New Orleans' French Quarter since 1843, created a small collection called Southern Favorites. One fragrance is Voodoo Love, a heady jasmine scent inspired by the queen of voodoo herself.
Read more HERE
Thank you for joining me for a bit of Halloween fun
in the spirit of my favorite city.
Here's a recipe for the Sazerac pictured above
Image source here
You'll find more delicious wickedness from Marfi at Incipient Wings who thought I might love to do a Halloween blog party with a New Orleans theme. Of course she was right!

I'll see you soon out on the bayou.

 Laissez les bon temps rouler

Happy Halloween Cher

Haunted Humpday

It's Haunted Humpday #8!
I missed last week and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss this week so I'm posting on time for a change. It's also almost time for the Broomsticks on the Bayou party so busy busy busy.
Every October I complain about how no one else in my neighborhood seems to get into the spirit of Halloween. I mean here we are halfway through October and I can count how many houses around me might even have a pumpkin by the front door. Right now I'm the only one with any decorations up and well, it just makes me sad.
I have a few things on my mantle at least. I decided to do black birds and white pumpkins this year.
I was so excited to find this gate in the gardening section at Home Depot. I thought it would be perfect for the New Orleans party and afterwards it's going out by the front door to scare off trick or treaters. He he he!
I don't really drink much but mixing drinks fascinates me. I guess maybe because it's a lot like potion making. When I first got into my New Orleans kick I used to make one of their famous drinks called a Sazerac, a cocktail that goes back to the 1800's and is as much a part of New Orleans lore as a Mardi Gras parade.
However, one New Orleans drink I've never tried but seems more appropriate for the season is the Zombie. Want to give it a try?

Blend all ingredients with ice except Bacardi 151 proof rum. Pour into a collins glass. Float Bacardi 151 proof rum on top. Garnish with a fruit slice, sprig of mint and a cherry.
Are you ready for the party now?
It's going to be a mad rush for me but what else is new? I have beignets to cook, voodoo dolls to hang, tarot cards to find. Up until today I still had no idea what my post was going to be but I think I see a few things forming in my brain.
Oh and I need to find my crows!
I had them on my chandelier 2 years ago and I haven't been able to find them since.
And if you're looking for more spooky chandelier ideas like this one
go and visit All Things Halloween
I'm also finishing up Isis' tutu for the pit bull costume parade.
I can't decide whether or not to do fairy wings for her. I'm lucky she's such a good girl and she'll pretty much wear anything I put on her.
I'll see you guys back here this weekend for Broomsticks on the Bayou and don't forget to check out the rest of Haunted Humpday over at

Haunted Humpday

Here we are. It's finally October!
Happy Haunted Humpday #6
I wish I could say I'm savoring cool cloudy days wrapped in a cozy scarf and warm boots. Alas the sun hangs around much longer here in Tomatoland and although the early mornings and late nights are  cooler, it's still not warm enough to bring out my favorite fall pieces. As I type this post I'm sitting here in my kitchen in a tank top and flip flops. But at least the AC can finally stop running.
I've been mentally working on my Broomsticks on the Bayou party post. Gathering ideas and props, looking through my stash of New Orleans what nots. Mambo is a little doll I've had for a few years. I ordered him from an artist in New Orleans and I carry him around in a carpet bag I use as a travel bag for overnight trips. I'm hoping he'll start to really inspire me very soon.
I'm also in love with this bewitching book that Marfi suggested. It's a book of Halloween ideas for grown ups and there's actually a section in it for a New Orleans style party.
It's deliciously clever and creative, artsy without being cutesy.
You can find it HERE if you so desire.
Speaking of books, this is one I've had for a long time. I bought it at an antique shop and for the longest time I didn't touch it. There was something about it that kept me from going through the pages. Maybe it was the thought of other souls getting goose bumps as they held this same book in their hands one eerie October eve.
I finally started reading one or two of the tales but there are still a handful I have yet to explore. If I'm brave I'll try to finish another one this month.
October is my favorite month for lots of reasons. Halloween being one of them of course, but it's also my son's birthday month and this year he turns 17! He was Frodo 10 years ago when this picture was taken. I took him trick-or-treating in a charming town not too far from us. I'm thrilled that he shares my love of Halloween so October is our month. I just wish it wouldn't go by so fast.
How many of you are looking forward to next week's premiere of American Horror Story: Coven?
I'll admit I didn't follow the first 2 seasons because I'm not particularly a horror fan but I do love a good story and great cinematography. Season 3 is about witches, voodoo and New Orleans and believe it or not I didn't know about it before we decided on BotB. I've been watching all the trailers which are wonderfully creepy so I'm excited to see it. I just don't know if I'll make it through the entire season but I can't wait.

Don't forget it's only 17 days away from the party!

Are you ready?
Happy Haunted Humpday
Pop over to Incipient Wings for more awesome spookiness.

Haunted Humpday

I'm back again for Haunted Humpday. Can you believe it's already October next week? Fall has a habit of suddenly sneaking up on us, embracing us in a whirl of crunchy leaves and pumpkin glitter. Then just like that, softly, quietly and oh so sadly, it disappears for another year.
So take a deep crispy apple toasty breath and enjoy the season.

Believe it or not this mini ghost pumpkin is from last Fall. I kept it by the kitchen sink next to a potted plant and it made it through the whole year. Isn't this giant mug spooky fabulous? It came all the way from Arizona :)
I stopped by my local Target store on my way home from the animal shelter earlier. I was so excited to see all their Halloween goodies finally out. It's a yearly ritual for me, checking and waiting for those aisles to fill up with bags of candy and spooky paper and trim.
Got your witchy hat on? Let's do some window shopping!
I love this year's black bird tree and skull theme. I've used vinyl tablecloths before as a backdrop or curtain and I think this one might be great for my Broomsticks on the Bayou party post.
This pillar candle and holder has a great New Orleans voodoo feel to it. Just add strands of beads or hang a poppet or two.
I can't remember if this lights up. I love the cage but I think I can get the same look with stuff I already have. I love the shape though.
Too cute! I'd use it year round.
How about gingerbread skeleton cookies? Perfect for a voodoo party.
So if you haven't had the chance to check out the Halloween collection at your Target go in and see if it's already up before everyone else gets their hands on it and they all disappear.
Now you probably already know that Isis and I will be in a costume parade next month to support Pit Bull Awareness Day. Isis thought she would show off a few more pieces from her fabulous haunted wardrobe. What do you think?
Bat wings (with a yet to be crafted black tutu)?
 Or sweet pittie pumpkin?

Hope you're having a fantastic Haunted Humpday.

Now go visit Marfi at Incipient Wings for more spooky bliss.