day 2 of a witches tea!

Are you enjoying our weekend long tea party? And can you believe I'm actually running late for the second day of my own party! Life just has a funny way of not cooperating with our best laid plans sometimes.

a witches tea party!

Come this way dear witches!

are you ready?

Are you ready for the Witches Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon?

I've dusted my teapots, gathered my favorite teacups and sampled a spooky ghost cookie or two! All my lovely witches are waiting to see you this magical All Hallows weekend. There's a sliver of a waxing Halloween moon in the sky, ready to light our way to our witches tea party. Are you ready?

I will be back tomorrow evening with my first post.

I'm so excited to see everyone's tea party!

halloween tin swap

Last month I participated in the Bliss Angels Halloween Tin Swap. The tin I made for my partner Marti will probably look a little familiar to you.

It is very similar to the matchbox I made for the Vintage Dragonfly swap. The theme is again Sybilla and Delphine's Apothecarium.

a very late spooky monday

Hello everyone! Sorry, I didn't get lost in the woods or got swept up by a gigantic pink balloon. I've been away taking a little break and taking care of things here at Casa Petunia. Thinks have been tough to say the least. I've been dealing with big emotional challenges, relationship challenges that tend to come up when you've been with someone for nearly 20 years. So lots of drama and lots of talking, and in the end we learn a lot and hope to grow and become better people.

spooky mondays is back

I'm so glad my friend Wendy from Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland brought back Spooky Mondays. I had lots of fun doing it last year and today she is kicking off the first one for this year.

I decided to share a little bit of haunted history from my hometown, California's capital city of Sacramento. Lots of ghostly stories from the Gold Rush days abound here and this time of the year there are many places to enjoy a little bit of spooky fun.

giveaway winner

Did anyone else need to drop off their broom at the shop after our big PM party? I thought I recognized a broom or two while I was there. Thank you to everyone that's still making the rounds trying to work your way through the guest list. Yes, I am still doing that myself. I haven't been able to spend as much time on the computer as I normally do so I'm working my way down slowly but surely.

But guess what? It's time to announce the winner of my mixed media collage
Maria Owens spell book!

october artful bag challenge

Happy wonderful magical October!

My most favorite month of all. I just hope it doesn't go by too fast.

For this month's Artful Bag Challenge Alter It theme I decided to go with the obvious.