Winter Musings

Just popping in to wish everyone a happy winter.
Hope you enjoyed this week's full winter moon.
Are you excited about the holidays?
I don't have too much hustle and bustle to deal with since my gift list is pretty small and I really try to stay away from all the shopping craziness.
It's been unseasonably colder here lately so lots of extra cups of tea and hot cocoa have been in order.
I've mostly been busy with my volunteer work at the animal shelter. It's harder to get dogs adopted this time of the year, especially for the pit bulls I work with. Sadly we're seeing dogs returned to the shelter after being adopted. It's heartbreaking and there are so many that need to be saved.
I wish they could all have a warm and comfy sofa to curl up on and a family to spoil them and call their own, just like my Isis.
Make sure to give your pets an extra hug this winter and if you can spare another hug give one to a homeless pet at your local shelter. They really do love it when someone comes to see them.
Stay warm, share a little joy and enjoy the quiet magic of this season.
I watched this on TV a few days ago and just found it on YouTube. I love this version, especially the sets and costumes. It's been a while since I saw it live but I always love watching it every year.