moonlight party under the big top

There's a big bright moon rising just above the hillside. It's time for the Moonlight Party Under the Big Top at Bliss Angels!
Just follow the moonlit path.
What could be more enchanting than seeing a big top under a full moon?
Here is Claire waiting patiently for the show to start while enjoying a sweet treat. This digi collage was so much fun to make. I have almost forgotten how much I enjoy creating them so this was a great way to get back into doing digital art again.
It's been a while since I've been to the circus but they have always fascinated me. The sight of a circus tent suddenly appearing out of nowhere appeals to me perhaps even more than the show itself. I love tents of all kinds.
Image source: INDULGY
I have fond memories of going to the circus with my family when I was young. The sights and sounds were thrilling and the spectacle of Ringling Brothers' 3 ring circus was quite an experience. However I would never again see a circus that still includes wild animals in their show. That's just me so I prefer shows like Cirque du Soleil that only includes human performers.

I also love the impermanent nature of a traveling show. The way it makes you feel like you only have a short time to enjoy the magic before it's gone. Maybe that is the appeal of wanting to run away with the circus.
Last month I saw a bright blue circus tent off the freeway during a long drive home. I had to stop and see and at least take a few pictures.
Circus Vargas is a California based circus. What makes them stand out is their bright blue big top emblazoned with giant yellow stars. I didn't have time to see a show but I walked around long enough to enjoy the smell of popcorn and catch a glimpse of a few performers making their way into the tent. I like that Circus Vargas no longer uses animals in their acts so I hope I can see them the next time they roll into town.
There is one place however where I don't mind seeing a cat in a circus.
On one of my new paintings where the kitty is also the ring mistress! This is PT and Bailey enjoying a swing on their flying trapeze high above my favorite hillside. What better place to watch the moon rising above a magical big top?
Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you to Wendy and Kim for putting on a great big top party. Be sure to visit the party home page for a list of all the circus performers.
Join me again next week for our Halloween carnival,
Le Mysterieux Carnival.
Have a great weekend.

shoe bliss

Wow, what an amazing collection of altered shoes my ladies created for the witch shoe challenge! I loved every single one. You absolutely put me to shame which is a good thing. I'm so inspired by your creativity that I'm going to challenge myself to kick it up a notch.
I have slowly been making my way back into creating after putting my muse on hold for a while. I filled up my autumn calendar with several events to give myself a push so I hope it's starting to work. It helps to know there are things I need to get done whether I'm feeling creative or not.

Now that it's officially Fall I look forward to familiar rituals to foster that autumnal atmosphere regardless of the very summer like weather we still have this time of the year.
Do you have a favorite mug? It's finally time to bring my favorite fall mug out of the cupboard. This is part of a set of four I've had for oh 16 years or so. Hot chocolate always tastes better in a witchy mug. Can you see my Luna sitting back there by my work table? She's had an upset tummy the last few days but she's better now after I changed her kibbles.
Thank you so much again to all the awesome shoe makers. I know we're a small group right now but there is definitely no shortage of talent and creativity in our little shoe coven. So I thought perhaps I might try to make this a seasonal gathering. Anyone up for doing an altered winter shoe in December?
Have a great week. Don't forget to come back on Saturday for my Moonlight Party Under the Big Top post for Bliss Angels.

autumn altered witch shoe challenge

Happy first day of Fall!

What better way to kick off the season than to show off our altered witches shoes.
I decided to alter an old boot. My original plan was to alter the pair.
I had the right boot buried in my closet forever then finally found the left one in the garage. I think the right boot fell into one of those closet black holes because I just could not find it. So here is the long lost left one. It's a dark brown leather.
I made a pointy toe then added glitter embellishments and trim. I decided not to paint or alter it permanently in case I find the other one and want to use them for the next Ren Faire.
I imagined a Victorian potion maker from the Old West. Perhaps she lost a shoe after a bit of enthusiastic merry making at the Autumn Equinox!
Until I find the other boot I think I'll use this to hold a few brushes!
I can't wait to see every one's altered witch shoes. The linky is below. If you have any problems please let me know.
Thank you so much for playing along!


hello autumn

Can you hear it? That faint whistle in the distance?
Just a soft whisper beyond the rustling leaves.

I thought I saw a hint of pumpkin glitter kissing LaLou's plum tree this morning.
The carnival is making it's way into the haunted woods.
So get those silver tickets ready.
You can still sign up and join the fun but hurry!
Fall is nearly here and the pumpkins, ghosts and freaks are waiting.

Don't you just love this season?
I'll be back very soon for the Autumn Altered Witch Shoe Challenge!

free broom rides for fur babies

I need a good strong dose of autumn today. It's back up to the 90's the next few days and I'm getting a little droopy. Thank goodness for all the fall happenings around blogland.

So far I'm doing a total of 4 blog parties and an art challenge. Speaking of the art challenge. I gave up trying to find the other shoe to alter for my Autumn Altered Witch Shoe. I thought I put it in a 'safe place' so I wouldn't lose it of course, and what did I do? I lost it. Which gives me a good excuse to take a trip to my favorite thrift store today. I'm sure I'll find something fun there.

I'm finishing up a new 12x12 Halloween painting called "Broom Ride".
Here is a peek.

I came across an event called the Spooktacular Auction through my pet advocacy page Peace Paws Petunias. It's hosted by an organization that supports NW Indiana animal rescues and shelters. I thought I could donate my painting for the online auction happening next month.

I'm just waiting to get a final OK. They are in need of donations so if anyone out there would like to check it out you can visit their Facebook page HERE. I'll post more pics later with info on the auction for anyone interested in bidding on "Broom Ride" and helping out the fur babies :)

Have a great weekend.

blue moon giveaway winner and remembering

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by and entered my Once In A Blue Moon giveaway. There were a total of 36 entries (not including multiple comments). Everyone had really wonderful Halloween stories and ideas to share. And the winner via the Random Number Generator is....
#34 - Anna from Witchcraft and More
How fun to have another Anna be my winner!
Congratulations and thank you again to all of you.
Another quick reminder to invite you to play along at my Autumn Altered Witch Shoe Challenge. We are posting on September 22, the first day of Fall. So find an old shoe and get out your glue gun and glitter. Hope to see you there.
I also want to take a minute to remember and honor 911, the ones lost, the ones left behind and the heroes...two legged and four legged.
photo credit: Fred Stone
Have a beautiful, thankful and blessed day.

final days for blue moon giveaway

I hope you're having a great September weekend. Just a quick post to let everyone know the last day to enter my Once In A Blue Moon giveaway is tomorrow. You can still enter until midnight then I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.
Now I'm off to go hunting for more autumn treasures :)

autumn altered witch shoe challenge

Did anyone save the other shoe after my Midsummer Fairy Shoe Challenge? Here is something to do if you still have it or you can use a different one all together. This one is on the first day of fall, a great way to kick off the season and all the upcoming autumn festivities.
The rules are the same as last time.
- I invite you to alter an actual shoe or slipper. It can be a pump, wedge, flats, canvas, ballet shoe or any shoe you no longer use. You can also pick a pair up at the thrift shop for super cheap if you like. One of your kid's old shoes would work very well and baby shoes or wee little doll shoes would also be perfect.

- You can alter one shoe or a pair and it can be purely decorative or something you or someone might really wear.

- Use any material or medium you like to embellish and alter your shoe/s. Paper, paint, clay, metal, lace, glitter.....whatever inspires you to unleash your inner witch!

- You can create a shoe for a witch, create a shrine or vignette. You can tell a story to go along with your shoe/s or simply share photos.

- There is a button on the right sidebar so you can get the word out to all your witchy kin.

- Be ready to post and share your altered witch shoe on Saturday, Sept 22. I will have a linky up with my post the night before.
*  *  *  *
Again I'm doing this as one of those spur of the moment things so we have about two and a half weeks to get it done. Sometimes the time crunch works for me and I tend to create best at the last minute.
You can view all the altered fairy shoes HERE for inspiration.
Visit the Midsummer Altered Fairy Shoe Challenge page HERE.
The Blue Moon Giveaway is still open. You can enter by leaving a comment on the previous post. Thank you to everyone who shared their great costume and Halloween ideas. I really enjoyed reading all of them.
Here is the button for the shoe challenge.
Or grab the one with the code on the sidebar.
Looking forward to seeing all your fabulous witchy shoes!