shoe bliss

Wow, what an amazing collection of altered shoes my ladies created for the witch shoe challenge! I loved every single one. You absolutely put me to shame which is a good thing. I'm so inspired by your creativity that I'm going to challenge myself to kick it up a notch.
I have slowly been making my way back into creating after putting my muse on hold for a while. I filled up my autumn calendar with several events to give myself a push so I hope it's starting to work. It helps to know there are things I need to get done whether I'm feeling creative or not.

Now that it's officially Fall I look forward to familiar rituals to foster that autumnal atmosphere regardless of the very summer like weather we still have this time of the year.
Do you have a favorite mug? It's finally time to bring my favorite fall mug out of the cupboard. This is part of a set of four I've had for oh 16 years or so. Hot chocolate always tastes better in a witchy mug. Can you see my Luna sitting back there by my work table? She's had an upset tummy the last few days but she's better now after I changed her kibbles.
Thank you so much again to all the awesome shoe makers. I know we're a small group right now but there is definitely no shortage of talent and creativity in our little shoe coven. So I thought perhaps I might try to make this a seasonal gathering. Anyone up for doing an altered winter shoe in December?
Have a great week. Don't forget to come back on Saturday for my Moonlight Party Under the Big Top post for Bliss Angels.


Jane K said...

oh I was hoping you'd do a winter shoe challenge :) Please put me down to play please.

Anonymous said...

Oooh yay! Winter Shoe Party here I come. When it comes to blog parties it's just like that baseball movie with the ghosts: If you host it, they will come.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Yes, please......I already have a plan in mind....I was hoping you were going to continue the shoe thoughts. I was so inspired by the one gorgeous sea witch shoe.....mermaid shoes in the spring????? Just hoping. Oma Linda

RPLancaster said...

Now that I have one shoe challenge under my belt and a better understanding of the concept, yes, please put me down for the Winter Shoe Challenge.

Ivy said...

The witch shoe challenge was a blast, thanks so much for hosting. I would LOVE to do a winter shoe challenge. I agree, this really was a great project for restarting that muse. Big Hugs!

Ms Misantropia said...

Crap, I shouldn't have thrown out all those old shoes! But I think I'm in, depending on the date. I had so much fun with this one :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I don't have a seasonal mug ;-( but I do have a mug dressed is colorful polka dots, does that count? And one that is brown and orange which I use all year long.

I'm extra excited about the upcoming party, just wait until you see and read!

And I would LOVE a winter altered shoe. I can see my house full of witchy shoe planters lol

Hindustanka said...

well, I promise to do a shoe in December for sure!!! Let's make it :)
have a nice Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Bring on the winter shoes. You know I'm there.

Love your mug, by the way. Now I have to get one too. ;)


Victoria said...

Yay..Hi lovely to visit your magical world again! Your blog looks fantastic..beautiful..I love it.( well it looks new to me!)..wonderful! Those witchy shoes are incredible! Wishing you a Happy Autumn and many blessings of the season my friend and kindred!♥