free broom rides for fur babies

I need a good strong dose of autumn today. It's back up to the 90's the next few days and I'm getting a little droopy. Thank goodness for all the fall happenings around blogland.

So far I'm doing a total of 4 blog parties and an art challenge. Speaking of the art challenge. I gave up trying to find the other shoe to alter for my Autumn Altered Witch Shoe. I thought I put it in a 'safe place' so I wouldn't lose it of course, and what did I do? I lost it. Which gives me a good excuse to take a trip to my favorite thrift store today. I'm sure I'll find something fun there.

I'm finishing up a new 12x12 Halloween painting called "Broom Ride".
Here is a peek.

I came across an event called the Spooktacular Auction through my pet advocacy page Peace Paws Petunias. It's hosted by an organization that supports NW Indiana animal rescues and shelters. I thought I could donate my painting for the online auction happening next month.

I'm just waiting to get a final OK. They are in need of donations so if anyone out there would like to check it out you can visit their Facebook page HERE. I'll post more pics later with info on the auction for anyone interested in bidding on "Broom Ride" and helping out the fur babies :)

Have a great weekend.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Feel free to swap weathers as its freezing here in Scotland already!!! Been so cold the last couple of days, definitely Autumn.
Im off Thrift shopping too to see what shoes I can find over the weekend. (I do have a pair I could use but want to see what else I can find)
Love the painting its wonderful,
Love Hx

Queenie Believe said...

Here in Arizona we pray for weather in the 90's :o) We've been steaming through a very hot very wet monsoon season with 110+ temps and sticky humid yuck. I guess its all what your used too.
All the best of luck with the auction.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Magaly Guerrero said...

I have the feeling that your subconscious really wanted to go to the thrift shop, so it hid the other shoe. It is probably beaming with delight right now ;-)

I'll be back to check out the auction.

Linda said...

Awesome idea Anna. I always give to the Humane Society...They are always in need for donations. Love your painting.

I do hope you find the other shoe, but if you don't you'll do an awesome job on just one.

Hindustanka said...

so many things in one post :)i am glad that there are such people like you who make donations to those who need them. this is really rewarding.
i also like your blog design a lot! all those magical details and colors, you painting is beautiful too! what about shoe...mmm...i myself haven't found suitable one yet.but i am thinking how to decorate it. have a nice weekend, Anna!

Sara said...

We are completely in Fall mode up here in Calgary. I'll see if I can send a little your way.

violetssilverlining said...

No kidding- fall is my favorite time of year- it's great for cheering a person up. :) Hope you feel better. :) I love that painting- it's so lovely. :) Have a wonderful autumn- I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting and a lovely idea to donate!