Happy Spring

It's beginning to feel like spring here in northern California. This week we're suppose to get our first day of nearly 80 degree weather. It's still cold in the morning but the sun and heat are definitely on their way and with the time change this weekend and extra daylight at the end of the day it truly means change is on it's way.
I've taken a break from blogging to take care of old troubles and to embrace new opportunities so between the two my art lies patiently waiting for me to come back again. I always do eventually.
For now I'm focused on the other thing that I love which is helping fur babies. Many of you know I'm a big supporter of animal rescue and adoption and I try to help spread the word through my Facebook page Peace Paws Petunias.
I decided to finally do volunteer work at my local shelter since I'm there nearly every week just to visit the doggies and kitties. I'm going through their training and fostering program right now but it takes a while to get through all their required classes before you can actually start.
However the opportunity to work with a local pit bull rescue came up two weeks ago and last week I officially started as a co-coordinator with a program that trains shelter pit bulls to help them get adopted. I'm sooo excited! I have really developed a love for these dogs.
Photo credit: Sacramento Front St Shelter/Anne Chadwick
Shelters are filled with pit bulls like pretty Penny here, who was probably used for breeding by a backyard breeder then dumped at the shelter, or worse, turned loose on the streets. They are always the last to get adopted because of the stereotype and negative press they receive in the media. Sadly they are also the first ones to be euthanized at high kill shelters.
I have never met a more loving, goofy, eager to please breed than the pit bull. It's the people who abuse and use them for criminal activities by exploiting this dog's strength and desire to please people that give them a bad reputation. Yes they are powerful and like all dogs need proper training and discipline and lots of love but they are also loyal and gentle and there is nothing like a pittie smile.
I'd love to adopt my own some day but sadly it's not the right time for me to bring a dog into our life. At least for now I get to work and play with them as much as I like and hopefully help a few of them find wonderful homes.
By the way, Penny, who was patiently waiting at the shelter since the beginning of January, finally got adopted last week. Yay!!
To learn more about pit bulls and the fight against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) watch Beyond The Myth: A Film About Breed Discrimination.
I hope spring
brings you
sunny skies,
beautiful flowers,
a pinch of magic
and new reasons
to smile.