waiting for alice

My local neighborhood paper actually ran this full page ad for the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Nothing more than local happenings ever goes in there so it was nice to see our little paper getting support from the big guys. I have to say that I'm really looking forward to seeing it. From what I've seen from the trailers it looks like a visual treat. I like Tim Burton's mad and slightly skewed perspective and no one else, in my opinion, but Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter could pull off playing the Madhatter and the Red Queen. I rarely see movies in the theatre now, opting to see it on dvd in the comfort of my own living room instead. The last one I saw in the theater was actually Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. My son and I saw that 5 times! I think Alice is also one of those films you really have to see in the theater to fully appreciate it. IMAX is showing it in 3D though I don't know if I want to splurge on that just yet. But I'll definitely try to catch a matinee and might even try to do it on opening day this Friday.

thrifty thursday trip

I recently came across a site where the author blogged about her weekly thrift shop excursions. I loved the idea. I already visit my local thrift shop on a regular basis and now I can look forward to sharing my visits here.

Love the color and texture of this pink berry spray but decided to leave it for someone else.

This pretty cameo caught my eye. The clerk told me the price was five fifty. I thought that was a fair price so I asked her to hold it while I kept browsing.

A minute later another clerk came to me and said 'You know that's $550.00!' I almost fell over! I didn't know anything in that shop cost over $50. Needless to say it was just a bit over my budget. At least they were nice enough to let me take a picture.

After an hour or so I brought home a few little treasures. Each one was just under two dollars. I've wanted to read The Wednesday Letters for a while and the last time I was here I actually read the first few chapters.

My favorite find. Finally a tiara of my own. Maybe not to wear to Target (although I just might every now and then). Something about tiaras puts a smile on my face. I love the texture and patina on this one so I naturally couldn't resit using this pic for another new banner. I already found the perfect spot for it in my little craft corner.

bottled words

You never know where you might find words of inspiration. Literally. I found a box of these little charms at Rite Aid. Wasn't sure what I would end up doing with them but an idea hit me in the middle of the night and this is what I came up with.

I've really been enjoying using my camera the last few days. These overcast days make the most beautiful light I think, so I just try to take advantage of it while it's still there.

the sewing box

While visiting my mom this weekend I dug up one of her old sewing boxes out in the garage. I remember how much I used to love going through it, looking for treasures and snippets of this and that. Funny how much you remember when something engages your senses.That box still held all my childhood sights, smells, textures and the anticipation of finding something new.

An old official letter from my dad's days in the US Navy.

At the bottom of the box I found my measurements written down on notebook paper. My mom sewed alot of my clothes when I was young. Later she and I made my wedding dress together.

insomniac art

When I can't sleep, which is most nights, I craft. I started out with the idea of making an ATC but it evolved into more of a mixed media piece incorporating a polymer clay experiment from a few days ago. I love this Christmas stamp and because it came from a card my mom sent me I felt like making something maternal and sweet.

The polymer clay mini frame was inspired by a pewter jewelry piece from artists Deryn Mentock and Lynn Davis. I used metallic acrylic paint and a gold rub to color the baked clay. I eventually want to add a darker pewter rub. I made the pattern by pressing the clay onto the photo frame in the background.

 It's hard to see here but some of the paper pieces have torn edges that I burned first. Then I sealed it in with a glaze.

This shows part of a page from the current issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry with the piece that inspired me to make something with polymer clay.

The top of a paper mache box was the right size to frame it. It was all very spontaneous. What I'm I learning is to just enjoy creating without wondering if I'll like it afterwards or what I'd like to do with it when it's done. Sometimes it's enough to just  be able to appreciate the moment.

tea and cupcake weather

After a few days of spring like temperatures the clouds rolled back in today with a chance of rain tonight. That makes it tea and cupcake weather for me. Although I have a small collection of teapots I usually end up reaching for a mug with a tea bag thrown in. When I do use a teapot I take out a classic brown Betty I've had forever. The following teapots are from the UK company The Teapottery. They're known for this adorable toaster teapot which I'd love to have. They have lots of unique styles in several sizes too.

Here's a cupcake one and a cell phone one that's quite unique.

I've got an anniversary cupcake from my local grocery bakery waiting for me this afternoon. So maybe I will bring out my brown Betty today.

anna banana

I sat down to watch the Olympics last night but since there wasn't any Figure Skating on I found I wasn't paying as much attention. I started doodleling and came up with this simple little drawing. I liked her so much I was inspired to redo my blog. So here it is! A new title (formerly Cupcake Alchemy) and new look. I named her Petunia first, a character I created when my son was still young. Then I thought she looks alot like me and when your name is Anna you're inevitably called Anna Banana. I thought I would just embrace it, what the heck and here she is, Anna Banana the cupcake queen. Ready and waiting for her next creative adventure.

tea cups and inspirations

Today is Mardi Gras. I thought it would be fun to do a vignette inspired by this venerable New Orleans holiday so I started putting a few items together on my table. Somehow it turned into a tea party. I think I secretly wanted one all along, having been inspired by one of my favorite blogs A Fanciful Twist. My old friend Mrs Penny Bunnie even hopped out of the cupboard to have a look.

Well one thing led to another. Out came the teacups and the M&Ms. This little bottle of Calming Draught was waiting patiently to be shipped to his new owner until deciding to join our little party.

Lemon cherry sweets, a snow frosted party cake and teapots on parade. I love parades!

Then a shiny new idea popped into my head. I loved making this vignette and playing with the pictures so much that Mrs Bunnie and I agreed to do it again.

february mini freebie

In honor of Mardi Gras (tomorrow) I'm doing a mini freebie. This is the graphic I made for the chocolate strawberry cupcake charm. It's a mini 158 x 185 pixels (300dpi). Perfect for a photo charm or clay transfer. Just save, print and add your own touch. Happy Mardi Gras and Laissez les bon temps roulette!


I splurged on 2 magazines this week which is a huge thing. I stopped buying magazines at the newstand/bookstore  a while ago and instead I'll wait for my library to get it in their donations section where they're 2 for a quarter used or a dollar if it's a current issue. So I'll only buy new if I absolutely LOVE it and if I know it won't turn up at the library later. These 2 are by Stampington & Co. They have the best magazines for anything creative. These are the current issues of Where Women Create and Belle Amoire Jewelrey. Now I just need a cuppa tea and a quite, comfy spot.

happy valentines day

I found this printed fabric in the remnant bin for $1.25 the other day. I love the bright, fun pattern. Yesterday I made a couple of dozen of these little hearts. They're filled with catnip and I'm bringing them to the pet shelter today for the kitties for Valentines day. Don't forget to show some love to a shelter pet or better yet, give one a home today.

chocolate strawberry cupcake queen

And here's the finished charm bracelet. It's actually quite comfortable to wear. The clay is very light once it's baked so it's easy to load up the chain without it feeling cumbersome. I like the look of the double chain and the antique style brass which gives it a vintage feel.

chocolate strawberry charms 2.0

Batch no.2 of my chocolate strawberry charms. I'm getting the hang of shaping the bottoms which I like chubby instead of tappered. I might glaze the bottoms too but with matte instead of gloss.

Graphic I made in Photoshop. Added the 'sugar' sprinkles but they sort of disappeared after I put the sealer on. Will see how it turns out when sealer dries.

Glass hearts and beads I assembled last night plus 1 more picture charm of a chocolate cupcake mix. Just waiting for the sealers on the pictures to dry then I'll make the bracelet later. Just in time for Valentines Day.

comments feature update

what flavor cupcake are you?

You Are a Chocolate Cupcake

You are deep, richly interesting, and at times overpowering. You have a strong personality. You are drawn to people who adore you. You love it when your specialness is recognized. You are like a cupcake because it's hard for people to get enough of you. You have a mysterious charm that makes you incredibly addicting. People are drawn to your drama.

Too funny!Don't know about the overpowering and strong personality part but I do love chocolate!

cupcake queen charm bracelet

A few more charms later I decided to try doing a charm bracelet. I stayed with a chocolate strawberry cupcake theme and used a vintage style brass chain, glass and acrylic beads, rosettes, leaves and a silver crown. After I  finishedI thought it reminded me a little of Mary Englebreit so I'll call this one 'It's Good to be Queen of the Cupcake Garden' for now.

my first ATCs

I just learned about ATC (artist trading cards) recently. I didn't know there was a whole culture out there of people that make and trade these. I have seen some incredibly creative ones out too. What a great way to learn about the people behind the art. These cards were very impromtu. I wanted to see what I could make using only what was on my table at that moment. I had some of my craft gear out, a few catalogs and magazines so I just started layering different materials. I  guess I can call this my first 'collection. Lots of fun.

cupcake charms and beads

Just playing with an idea for the polymer charms. I first thought of making a charm bracelet but I wanted to try something different. I like the texture of the velvet cord and flowers and I also like the little pearl beads. Something about the metal I'm not too sure of yet. I think I'll keep working on this a bit more.

easy letter cupcakes

My local public library has a great little store where you can buy used magazines at 2 for 25 cents. I picked up the 09 February issue of BHG and found this cute cupcake idea. The letters are cookies from Trader Joes. The idea is to glaze the letters with thin icing and then sprinkle with colored sugar. That's it! No messy piping. I like that each letter is big enough to really pop on the cupcake. Valentine brunch or tea party anyone?