Broomsticks on the Bayou

There's a full moon rising over the bayou tonight

Come gather under her spell
Witches, gypsies and restless spirits
Grab your broomsticks and favorite brew

and meet me in New Orleans for a night or two

Tales of witchcraft and voodoo

fill the air

They say the Queen herself roams these streets

Portrait by Frank Schneider, based on a painting by George Catlin

You might encounter her right in the Vieux Carre

You never know what you'll find among the magnolias and Spanish moss

Friend or Foe

Sinner or Saint

What lies beyond the garden gate?

Leave your broom here, dear witches, if you dare

Don't be afraid

An offering might please the lady of the house

But tread lightly

 For here lie ghosts from a bygone day

Was it voodoo or witchcraft that brought about her end?

Was she haunted by her deeds?

Or betrayed by a friend?

Many say she passed peacefully at a ripe old age

Still others claim to see her ghostly figure strolling through the city
What about you?
Digital art by Schonee
Have you seen Marie?

It's time to take our leave, there is much more to do and see

Join me first for a sweet treat
then leave a comment with your link before you go

Hope you enjoyed your visit here.
Before you go check out one of my favorite Nola singers

If you're a fan of this season's American Horror Story which is set in New Orleans, here's a great video they posted that looks at why Nola is such a unique and amazing place.

Do you know that there is a fragrance inspired by Marie Laveau?

Bourbon French Parfums, a noted perfumery in New Orleans' French Quarter since 1843, created a small collection called Southern Favorites. One fragrance is Voodoo Love, a heady jasmine scent inspired by the queen of voodoo herself.
Read more HERE
Thank you for joining me for a bit of Halloween fun
in the spirit of my favorite city.
Here's a recipe for the Sazerac pictured above
Image source here
You'll find more delicious wickedness from Marfi at Incipient Wings who thought I might love to do a Halloween blog party with a New Orleans theme. Of course she was right!

I'll see you soon out on the bayou.

 Laissez les bon temps rouler

Happy Halloween Cher


Ivy said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful party post this is, so perfectly NewOrleans! Thanks so much for hosting..I"m going to pop by Marfi's in just a sec...and here is my post: Thank you!

Magaly Guerrero said...

That Voodoo doll is lovely. I love the eyes and way it's set. And the shrine? Sweet! Love it. Here is my entry, "Summer's Hollow on the Bayou":

Anonymous said...

Just lovely dear Anna. I always love your art and eye for everything.
Here is my entry

AutumnWind said...

Beautiful! I love it! Here is a link to my post:

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and story Anna, makes me feel like I am actually there!!! Very Cool! Here is my party link:

Laura S Reading said...

Thank you to you both for being such wonderful hostesses.
I am experiencing troubles posting this week, but I wanted to party, so I am sharing some music, including the tale of Marie Laveau.

Ms Lilypads said...

Come and share my memories of New Orleans -- and though Washington, D.C.'s weather reminds me of New Orleans, there will never be another city quite like Belle Orleans.

Find me at the Gratitude Journal of Ms. Lilypads.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Great spooky pictures Anna! Love your garden gate and how you staged it for the party. I was lucky and recently got one too from my dear neighbor and I decorated it in front of my mantle and seeing that I had even placed a witches broomstick in front and did some more Halloween staging, I thought my last post from 17th October would make the perfect party post and I even have a give away going on too. Hope you'll agree! Thanks for hosting a fun party!

Celia said...

How spooktacular!!! I am having trouble posting pictures on my computer right now so I don't know when I will be able to get my post up.....but I will be sure to go check everyone else's out!!

Holly said...

Love the spook with beauty combined. I've never really been there ...yet! Must make a trip to visit Laveau. Here's my post

Bird said...

Oh wow. Far too wonderfully magical and beautiful. Love your miniatures and how beautifully you've made everything and paid such attention to all the small details. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun post.

Bright blessings,

Ms Misantropia said...

Oooo, such wonderful pictures! My man was looking at your post with me, and said he would have wanted to use them for another project :)

Our party project is here:

Happy weekend and thanks for hosting!

Marfi-topia said...

This is so elegant Anna:)
Love the colors you used!
That voodoo doll is adorable ...
& The gate is perfect btw.
Thank you for putting up with me
And my silliness !
Love ya!!!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, Anna....I love your party, images, and narrative! I fell in love with a Cajun in college, we married, and lived for awhile in his hometown of New Orleans. I've been so excited about this party! Stop over at mine for some of Mr. Art @ Home's favorite authentic New Orleans dishes and a wonderful Halloween recipe. Plus yesterday I posted my 1,000th post and I'm hosting a giveaway.

Thanks so much for hosting! I can't wait to visit everyone's party.

Ricki Jill

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Anna, you put just the right amount of flavor into your gumbo of wonderfulness for us. I am right along side you in my love of all things NOLA. Hope you will come and visit my blog and see what Ms. GK and I whipped up for Broomsticks on the Bayou.....
You and Marfi just made our Halloween celebration even more fun. Thanks so much, Oma Linda
Gotta fly..................

Karla B said...

I am bit late but here is my contribution:

Theresa N. said...

I have a long history of visiting New Orleans and hope you can visit one day. It's a unique place.
Theresa N

Linda said...

Very nice Anna, a job well done! All the wicked goings on...I love it all.

Carmen said...

Anna, thank you for all the wonderfully haunting New Orleans imagery and for hosting this party. I've never been to New Orleans but you make it look like fun. Must try that drink... absinthe... oooooo... :-)

beverly e said...

You were so lucky to find that gate! It's perfect, as are all of the images. You can almost smell the moss and magnolias! So fun, thanks for sharing...

Dianie said...

Hi Anna.
Thanks for the wonderful party!
Your images are always so magical.

This has been fun :)


Unknown said...

Fabulous post, like all your posts! And I love this years theme.

Here is my post, so glad I got to play along.

Patty Antle said...

Love your post and Halloween fun! Enjoyed the music video too! I want to make a voodoo doll. :) Love yours

Patty Antle said...

Oh, and we lived in Ruston, Louisiana for a year and a half and made it to New Orleans. LOVED IT!

Lola Enchanted said...

WoW. that post was amazing, you must've put a ton of work into it. It's INCREDIBLE!!!

have a nice night....

Debbie said...

Lovin that Cajun spookiness! Sorry I did not have time this year to play, perhaps next year. In the mean time...have a wicked Halloween

Anonymous said...

Though I'm late: thank you very much for all the wonderful, most inspiring and moody pictures! It's always a pleasure to read your posts and watch the projects and images, especially during halloween. I hope you will start an event like this next year again!
hugs serafeena