random thoughts, happy places and the one that got away

Oh nooo, lost 1 follower. Where do lost followers go I wonder? Hmmm. Is there a bus or ship for lost followers? Do they give you peanuts? Is the water free?

Do they get on a stagecoach and head west?

Just being silly.

I've told my husband that if he ever discovered I've run off somewhere there are 3 places I'd probably run away to. I've had an odd obsession with these for a while and when I'm having one of my yucky days these are the happy places I drift away to. Of course I'd take my son ( if he's still young enough that is) and my kitty Luna. I'd live the life of a brilliant artist (most likely a starving one) and give a home to all the homeless kitties I could find. Long shot but I can dream. These are my 3 happy places:

1.San Miguel de Allende
An artsy Spanish colonial city in Mexico filled with American, Canadian and European expats.

2.New Orleans, Louisiana
Mmmm...beignets at the Cafe du Monde.

Land of Jane Austen and Harry Potter.

And because it's my list I'm cheating and adding a 4th one!

4.Big Sur, California
Almost in my own backyard. The classic California bohemian town.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Well I think I signed up for enough challenges the next few months.  I'm hoping they'll give me the creative push I'm looking for. I'm working on the paper dress challenge this week and since we had another rainy day today I worked on my Mad Tea Party setup.

Okay, time to scrounge up dinner for everyone. What about you?
Where's your happy place(s)?

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Leanne said...

Oh, that 1 follower kind of makes me sad. I guess that just makes more Petunia's for the rest of us! I so enjoyed hearing about your happy places. They each sound so lovely. I hate to say it - I don't know where my happy place is (isn't that awful???) But I'm going to do some major soul searching and figure it out! Maybe THAT is exactly what I'm missing!!!! Great post, as always!!