First Signs and Spooky Fun

The best part of August is when shops start to bring out their Autumn and Halloween wares. I started spying little displays at Michaels and Marshalls the last 2 weeks and this weekend I noticed other shops bringing out more Fall goodies.
Our local RiteAid already had their cards on display!
Marshalls had a nice spooky table that included this fun book box.
There's just something about seeing these first glimpses of Halloween that makes these last hot days of summer bearable. It actually hasn't been too bad here for this time of the year but I'm ready for boots and sweaters, flannel and fleece.... hats
image source: Flickr
and pumpkins of course
image source:Flickr
I've been out of the blogging loop again but there's nothing like my favorite season to draw me back in. The best way to start is with Haunted Humpday, a fun spooky challenge created by Marfi at Incipient Wings. Go visit her for all the details and grab this adorable button to join in the fun.
Are you getting excited about Halloween yet?


Ivy said...

Oh I am so glad I'm not the only one who is longing for sweaters, boots and cooler nights! I just cleaned out my closet and brought out all my Fall clothes. Thank you for a beautiful post and looking forward to FAll!

Anonymous said...

Oh me too! I love to see those signs of Halloween. In our new town and county there are lots of Fall Festivals including a Pumpkin Festival which I have never been able to go to, I can't wait!!
Hugs and Sparkles

Marfi-topia said...

Omg! I love that book box!
I'm very excited for Halloween and cooler weather:)
It can't get here soon enough for me!
Glad to see you back on your blog.

Unknown said...

I am waiting for the fall weather and all that fall brings, my favorite time of year.
Have a great week.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

I too went to Homegoods and Marshalls just to see what goodies they had for Halloween. Came home with some fun additions to our decorations. I can hardly wait to start decorating. And have already started making some "spooky ooky" treasures of my own. Oma Linda

Linda said...

I am so very excited about Halloween that I could burst. The stores here are getting things ready. I've seen cards and a few decorations at Hobby Lobby. Good to see you.

Hindustanka said...

Not getting excited yet, as here it is still so hot that Autumn never starts! But when I see all such posts as yours, Anna, I also start dreaming about coming up Autumn holidays...:)

Ms Misantropia said...

Welcome back into the blogging loop Anna, I've missed you! I'm also looking forward to your seasonal posts :)

Laura S Reading said...

It has been unbearably hot here and I am very much looking forward to autumn. Not wanting summer to end, of course, but this weekend brings county fairs to our area. I do enjoy them too.