It's Haunted Humpday!

I'm joining Marfi at Incipient Wings for this fun weekly challenge because for some of us it's never too early for Halloween. I keep some of my favorite Halloween pieces out all year long, do you?
Like my witch Lucinda who's been on this blogging adventure with me from the start. She lives in my studio and never misses a blog party.
Of course there's always a witchy broom next to my fireplace. What proper witch would ever be caught without one ready for a quick spell or perhaps a moonlight flight?
I love visiting thrift shops. During one of my visits this summer I found this fun piece which I grabbed right away to add to my collection.
What's behind the shutters you ask?
Someone working on a witch's brew!
I will probably play with this and alter it before Halloween but I thought it was cute and I'm sure I didn't pay more than $2 for it.
Since my day today started at the shelter where I volunteer with a pit bull rescue I thought I would also share this sweet pup. She's black and white which makes her sort of spooky (in the cutest way) right?
Jada is a two year old enchantress looking for her forever home. She's one of the pups I train at the shelter. I get to teach her basic manners to help her get adopted. Isn't she the sweetest witch?
And that is my first Haunted Humpday post! I can't wait until it actually feels like Fall out there and I'll have more goodies to share. Thank you to the ever awesome Marfi for getting us through these last days of summer. Be sure to visit Incipient Wings to play along and don't forget to check out all the great spooky goodness everyone has to share.


Marfi-topia said...

Love this!!
Jada is adorable... Hope she finds her happy home soon.
That was $2? It's so so cute!!!
Ahh! Lucinda, so good to see you again!your lovely face reminds me of cooler days and yummy treats!
Ooh, Your broom is just gorgeous dah-ling!
Thank you for joining in Anna.
Hugs and smooches to you, Jada and the lovely Isis :)

Ivy said...

Love seeing Lucinda again...and I adore the Pit pup, what a cutie!! Happy Haunted Humpday!

Celia said...

Yay!!! Halloween is coming!!! I'm so exited to share this season with all my favorite witchy sisters!!!

Celia said...

ps.....I didn't realize we had witch's with the same name!! I have a Lucinda in my art room too!!

Bird said...

Seriously cute and wonderful haunted things going on here, Jada. I'll be joining in on the fun in a couple of weeks, too. Such good finds and now I'm really getting the itch for fall decorating. Good for you with the pit bull rescue work you do. My cousins have a couple of rescued pit bull/mix and they are sweet babies. Bright blessings, Bird

Anonymous said...

I love Lucinda's crooked broom! And Jada is just the most beautiful canine witch you could ever see. Now you've gotten my Halloween spirit in full swing. Think I will decorate early.

Linda said...

You are awesome Anna for helping our furry friends. Seeing Halloween decorations out makes me excited.

Laura S Reading said...

Anna and Lucinda - Thanks for sharing Marfi's great party with us all. I am looking forward to Wednesdays.
I did a little thrift shopping myself yesterday and was disappointed to learn no Halloween items will be out until after the weekend. Even the dollar store and the craft store were sorely lacking. Good thing I have an all year spooky hoard happening at home.

Cameron said...

What a great find for $2! Wow!

....Sweet Jada! Oh, what a cutie she is. How lovely that she has someone like you to help her find her forever home :)