Haunted Humpday #3

Back again for another Haunted Humpday!
Today's post gets a little bit of help from Miss Isis Delilah Roux.
I found a couple of fun Halloween goodies this weekend.
How do you like this fabulous mini witchy hat?
Isis doesn't mind being dressed up at all though she first thought perhaps the hat might be some sort of bacon flavored waffle cone.
For less fancy Halloween parties (or morning walks along the river) Isis also has this adorable new bandana with little dancing skeletons. Simple yet hauntingly charming, yes?
What doggie wardrobe would be complete without a chic Halloween collar with printed bones and orange and black jeweled flower? I think it's her favorite.
Why is Isis so excited about her new witchy wardrobe?
We are going to be participating in this year's National Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 26 by joining a costume parade hosted by Chako, the pit bull rescue I volunteer with. There are events happening all across the country. You can find out more by visiting their website HERE
All she'll need is a bewitching black tutu then she's ready to join her furry friends to show our city how amazing these misunderstood dogs really are. Which means I better get started on that tutu soon.
Hope you're having a wonderful week and thank you to the dazzlingly magical Marfi for hosting this great challenge.
Be sure to stop by Incipient Wings to see more.


Marfi-topia said...

I love her!
She looks absolutely incredible in her witchy finery!
The parade sounds like so much fun!
I hope you take plenty of pictures so everyone can see how wonderfully sweet these pushovers I mean pitbulls are!!!
Thank you for sharing this!!!
Smooches to Isis and a big hug to you:)

Ivy said...

Delilah is so beautiful in her new Witchy outfit. What a good girl she is and a lovely little Witch. Happy Haunted Humpday!

Laura S Reading said...

What a beautiful model. She must be a good witch!

Anonymous said...

Well, Isis looks gorgeous! With her fair complexion I never would have guessed, but actually orange suits her! Obviously she likes all the creepy outfits *gg* Hope you both have a lot of fun at the parade *thumbsup*
hugs, serafeena

Holly said...

Isis is such an awesome dog. I wish my chi-poo would let me dress him up. Enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

Miss Isis is looking quite enchanting in her new wardrobe! I think it is amazingly heartwarming and beautiful what you are doing for these sweet pits. Happy Humpday, my sweet. Mina

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Just had to pop in and and write you a note...Miss Isis is the cutest! Thank you and Miss I. for bringing a smile to my face today!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Miss Isis Delilah Roux looks as magically stunning as usual. How lucky you are to have such a gorgeous model. And how lucky she is to have you to love her...

I love idea of the parade. I will check the site. I can't participate (my baby is not with me), but it will be sweet (maybe bittersweet) to see pics of other happy fur babies.