is that a blender i hear?

One week to the Practical Magic Blog Party!!! Oh my goodness I can't believe how HUGE the list is. This morning I counted nearly 220 people. It's just amazing. Well I'm definitely excited and I can't wait to see what incredibly creative things everyone has come up with. I've had a sneak peek at some of them and I'm truly blown away. You can still sign up if you can get a post together. It can be as small or as big as you like. There's still a little bit of time so won't you join us?

The leaves are falling. Pumpkins are sprouting at the market.
Candies are filling the shelves and ever so faintly I hear a sound
in the distance.....

Yes, the sound of blenders and ice cubes swirling in amber glasses.
Womens voices cackling softly in the night.
Fragrant roses (or lilacs) fill the thick midnight air.

It's almost time....(hee-hee-hee)


Victoria said...

Yay..I am so excited...and look forwrad to this sparkling event!Thanks for creating and hosting it..!

Linda said...

I am ready. Can't wait for the fun to begin. Everything had been edited and counted. Just working on the script.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Oh, it is going to be fun! My welcome gifts are at the ready. And I have an idea of what I shall post. I simply cannot wait to visit all the other kindred spirits taking part! :) Theresa

Justina said...

I finally started my preps yesterday !!! :-D I cannot believe how many people we have attending !! it hasnt even happened yet and already I see the success !! ONE WEEK !!

Anonymous said...

Time is flying past quicker than a witch on a vacuum! I still have everything to do!