tea party under a halloween moon

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So what does one do after the unbelievably huge Practical Magic Blog Party? As you know I love all things Autumn and Halloween. I couldn't let my first Halloween in Blogland go by with only 1 blog party!

You see Lucinda (my crafty studio witch) and I have a secret wish. One we've been holding onto for a long, long, looong time. And this year we think our wish might actually come true. We have always wanted to have a witches tea party under a Halloween moon. With vintage lace and tarnished teapots set aglow by candlelight. Wicked sweets and other tattered bits.

And so that is what I decided to do...
Join me on the night of the October full moon.
It's on a Saturday this year.

Follow me along a moonlit path.
Into the deepest heart of the autumn woods.

Where burnished moonflowers
and twinkling lanterns light our way.

Underneath a full Halloween moon we'll set our table and have a wicked tea party. You're welcome to bring anything you like. Bewitched teacups, singing pumpkins, candy corn stripped cats, cackling ravens and of course wandering witches. There might even be a ghost or two.

Have your tea party for one or for ninety one!

You can have a real tea with real people. Or one with your favorite magical friends. Come and show off your Halloween art, crafts, decorations, collections, stories, costumes and edible delights.

For a few ideas you can go here, and here.

Here is a button for you to add to your bloggy. You can save it from here or grab the code from my sidebar. On the day of the party please leave a comment on my party post and include the link to your actual post. This will ensure that everyone can find your party even after I take the names from the sidebar down.
If you would like to join me, Lucinda, Fiona, Luna and all my other witchy kin simply leave a comment and let me know.

 Let's make the most of our favorite season before it goes away!


Kaerie Faerie said...

fabulous a tea party in the Fall, with leaves blowing around Love the Autumn it is so magical

Amber said...

How awesome! I'm in! I'm glad I've got time to plan lol... This way I'll know what to do. By that time my blog name will have changed but I'll update that when the time comes around. For now, I'm Willow Silverhorse, author of A College Witch's Experiences. You can find me at http://collegewitchexperiences.blogspot.com
I hope you drop by sometime!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hi Anna;
I would Like to be Part of your Tea Party! Can't Wait! Thank you ahead of time for the Fun!

Dandelion Dreams said...


A tea party, under a full moon, in October?!? Being a lover of Halloween and an October Libra, this would be like the best birthday ever!! lol... I'd love to join up. Thank you for the invite.

Marfi-topia said...

I can't wait Anna!!!!It sounds like so much fun!

Danni said...

This sounds delightful. I'll be more than happy to join all of you lovelies for some full moon tea.

Anonymous said...

I want to have tea. By then I hope to have a new blog running. http://dmuseit.wordpress.com

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good time! Count me in!! I guess I won't be polishing the silver any time soon! LOL!

Also wanted to say how drop-dead GORGEOUS your blog is! It's absolutely wonderful!

Off to visit more witches on my Practical Magic journey!

Blessed Be,

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh Anna, count me in ~ I'll be there with bells on!!
And... once again you've woven your astounding magic with the graphics ~ gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm forever in awe of your work.

jasmoonbutterfly said...

looking forward to it :0)
See you then oxox

Shayleah said...

I loved peing part of the Practical Magic Blog Party and would love to join in the witches' tea party as well! My blog is http://thecraftycauldron.blogspot.com/ Blessings! :D

Scrap Vamp said...

Hi, I loved participating in the Practical Magic Blog Party and I would love to join you for your Halloween Tea Party, too!


Sara said...

I so enjoyed the Practical Magic Blog Party today. So there is no chance of me missing the Tea Party Under the Halloween Moon. You can count me in! xx

Jorgelina said...

Fabulous a tea party !
Thank you for the invite.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would luv to join your tea party. Please include me.

thank you,


Leah said...

I had so much fun with the Practical Magic Party, I'm definitely not missing out on this!


Jen said...

What a wonderful idea and I am certain to join in this Witches Tea Party!


bertie said...

I am sooooo totally in for this tea party! I think I will invite all the ladies on my street who love to come to my house for Halloween to check out all the decorations! Just when you thought Halloween couldn't get any better!!! www.wildberrygatherings.blogspot.com

Pamela Rudisill said...

Such a fabulous idea! I'm definitely in! Thank you.

P.S. The graphics on your blog are stunning!

Pamela Rudisill said...

I just left you a comment and forgot to put my blog address. I'm unable to put it under the "Choose an identity" section because it is a hosted Wordpress blog. Here it is:

Sweet Soliloquies:


Thanks much!

Cellar Door said...

Although I left mention of my "yes" to your tea party invitation in your "practical magic" comment box, I officially accept here, so that I can be placed on The List.

Many thank~yous and merrliy, Cellar Door


JoAnne said...

Anna! What a magical, enchanting, and stunning post!!!!! Thanks so much for the download, and the chance to win your incredible atc's. You know I'm grabbing your button for the tea party (that button is gorgeous by the way) and I'll be there!

Emma B. said...

I would love to be part of your tea party, please add me to the list! Amazing blog and photos, I just discovered your blog today & love it!

Cheapskate4Life - http://cheapskate4life.blogspot.com

Ivy said...

Dear Anna, I would love to join your Full Moon Tea Party! xoxo

Bright Blessings,

Yart said...

I would love to be part of your tea party.... Thank you for the invitation!


Yart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danise said...

A Tea party! Now that is some thing to look forward to.Thank you for the Practical Magic party happening.This has been a blast.I think my favorite has been your backround free share.I think I will use this on a chunky ATC.Thanks sooo much..

Kelli Green aka Cajunstampingqueen said...

I totally love a tea party!!!!!! I love halloween, full moons, fall, october, ummm yeah so I gues what I am saying is I am so totally in!!! Awesome Idea


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and idea!!!!! Brightest Blessings!

EnchantedBella said...

I would love to join your tea party. Sounds delightful.


Unknown said...

Hi Anna,

Please count me in and what a lovely idea. This is my all time favorite time of year.

Blessed Be!
Lisa Kay
(Seshat Moon Willow)
my blog is

Joane said...

Oooh! A Halloween Tea! How enchanting! I'll be there!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait, will get out all my "witchy" items for tea, and be ready to drink a toast to Halloween Magic!

Faerie Sage said...

I would be honoured to join your teaparty! I love tea parties, and I love Halloween & October. Your last blog party was amazing I had such a wonderful time and met so many wonderful talented people. I can only hope to get to know these people better during the teaparty, and meet some new ones. Im always up for witchy tea!

Carrieann said...

How perfect! The girls and we're already planning a Halloween season tea party to introduce our new Treacherous Tea Sets... we think you ladies will approve...


Can't wait!
Brightest blessings.

Stampinmama said...

Another blog party after the Practical Magic Party sounds divine!!!--thank-you so much

Stampinmama said...

I forgot to leave my site address

Unknown said...

Hello Anna! WOW! You have a lot going on!! I'd loved the Practical Magic BlogFest and this sound equally wonderful!! Please, PLEASE add me, I'd love to do Halloween Under the Moon!

My blog: http://vagabondcreations.blogspot.com
Thank you! Zan :)

Unknown said...

I'm English so how can I resist a tea party? The Practical Magic party was so much fun - can't wait for this one too! Count me in :-)

Witch Blog

Living a Balanced life in texas said...

I would love to participate! I am adding this to all my other lovely events for the month. *http://thriftjunk.blogspot.com*

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How could I miss it?

Aisha @The Bewitching Bibliophile said...

I loved loved loved the practical magic party and i love tea, so I am definetly there!!! can't wait thanks for sharing this

Designs by Blanche said...

I happily accept your gracious invitation to your tea party!



Lady Cattra Shadow the Scarlet Cat said...

I happily accept your gracious invitation to your tea party!


apinkdreamer said...

i'd love to participate!!!

Sara said...

what a special time for a special tea party. I am definitely joining in on this.

Karen said...


I will definitely be at your hauntingly wonderful tea party. Thank you for the invite. Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday! Eventhough I have this cutsy looking blog, but underneath I'd rather build myself a haunted mansion and invite everyone I can.


Anonymous said...

Count Me IN!


Theresa MacNaughton said...

I'd love to join in.

Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT for the bewitching event!! I will definately be flying by!!!


MJ said...

I would love to join! Hopefully I will have finished decorating by then :)

Pauline said...

Hi! I still haven't finished visiting everyone in the Practical Magic hop, but would dearly love to share a cup with you at your tea party in October! My blog is "My Paper Playground" at
hugs and blessings from Australia,

Anonymous said...

I, too would love to attend the tea party. I am not sure how it all works but I am sure Aunt Clara and I will come up with something.


Hugs and sparkles

Sinderella's Studio said...

Okay - I think I have lost my mind but count me in!

Unknown said...

We may be missing the autumn leaves here in Florida, but we can have a tropical Halloween tea! Count me in!

Unknown said...

Count me in! Your button is on my side bar. Scroll down!

Unknown said...

Please count me in for the tea party!
I already have the button up on my blog.
I can't wait.
Thanks for the opportunity to join the party.

Sara said...

I love this idea... count me in.

Anonymous said...

Oops I was so excited about the tea party that I forgot to link back to your blog! I am all set now!!

Wendy said...

I would love to mix and mingle with other witchy sisters under the moonlight. Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful party!

BleuMoon said...

Count me in - I won't have my post up until Sunday though - I have my Halloween Party that night with the full moon - I will have some getting ready posts up for it on the day off though! Thank you



Unknown said...

Sign me up...Yay!!!


Griselda said...

How delightful, you can count on me, because I will also be celebrating my birthday (October 26)
Bright Blessings everyone!

Griselda Tello


Annabelle said...

I adore this month and my daughter Emma celebrates her 18th on the 27th so I think I will create something very special for her, and maybe even something Magical.

Yes, I'd luv to come to your Magical Tea Under a Halloween Moon!

Heather H. said...

Hi Anna, My name is Heather and I am your newest follower. I love your blog, your creativity and your studio!!!! I am so glad I stubbled upon you. I think I might just visit daily!!!! Did you do your blog yourself??? I have to find something magical for my blog background.HELP!!! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful things. I am posting your badge on my blog when I leave.
Tootles- Heather H

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Again Dear One, I won't really join, as I don't have the creativity of all you gals, to make a super post for the Party.

But I'd love to come to your Magical Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon! And to put your Button on my Sidebar.

Gentle hugs...

Annabelle said...

In my excitement I forgot to leave you my url to the blog where I'll be resting my broom and cooking some stew.
Anna, could you please use this url
The Wood Beyond The World...
( http://thewoodbeyondtheworld.blogspot.com/ )

Thanks so much. Hope to see you there,


ana pedro lopes said...

You can count on me!!! :)

See you there!


EmberlynRayne said...

What a fabulous idea!!!
I'd love to participate (on both my blogs LOL)

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

This sounds spooktacular:-) I am adding your button to my sidebar:-)

Andréann said...

We're going to have an after-noon full moon tea here! Since I can only have it with my 2 yr old! haha!

I just hope I get my camera back, by then!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun idea! I'm having a tea party this Sat., too late to change to your theme, altho we've got pumpkins for decor...but NEXT year? Oh, Yes! :-)) I'll put your button on my tea shop's blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds so fun!!!! I'm in!!!


RachelD said...

What a lovely idea!

I've been craving a Lawn Tea all Summer, and I think it will be just as lovely with leaves rustling underfoot as on the silky lawn of September.

Dragonfly lights and a Teacup Tree await, with at least one sprite in green draperies.

We'll serve Moonbeam Tea and Fairy Cake, with runcible spoons, plates of electrum, cups of horn.

A cauldron of mead steamed warm and sweet, to toast the pale and golden moon, and fruit from Goblin Market---the spell uncast on this one night of the year.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Linking up in tomorrow morning's post!

CIELO said...

I will like to participate! Please add me!



Jane K said...

Wonderful, what could be more fun than a Witches Tea Party, can't wait, will have to start planning now.

Melissa Valeriote said...

Such a magical place! Feels like home.

Susan said...

It is Confirmed...I'll be PARTICIPATING!!!



Pieces of Fate

Dirgesinger said...

Count me in please!I love Halloween and blog ies and autumn and all these stuff like crazy:)

ps.: My newborn daughter's name is the same as Yours:):)

Michelle said...

I'd love to participate in your Tea Party. Please sign me up. Thanks, Michelle

PS I love your blog and just signed up to follow!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Tea Party News and the wonderful blog snow that I've attached to my blog. I've posted the event too! Love, love, love your blog, your kitties, your art and style. Thanks for inspiring!

Wendy Aspinall said...

Anna I'm late again but if it not too late I would like to come to your tea party....your said my two favorite things in the world TEA and PARTY add in some moonlight and it will be a blast.... hugs wendy

Jaala said...

Oh, I would SO love to participate! Hope it's not too late. What fun!


Unknown said...

Hi Anna,

I just came across your blog and would absolutely love to join the Tea Party. What a fun idea. Please count me in. Love your blog. So much fun.
Janets Creative Pillows

Unknown said...

Oh My!!! I know I'm a bit late but I would love to join your Tea Party. I just adore Tea Parties and one under the Halloween Moon is just one that I can't pass. Please count me in :)



LYNDY WARD said...

Your beautiful blog is so MAGICAL & ENCHANTING!

I would love to join in your wonderful Tea Party.
October 23rd is my Blogoversary too with that magical number of Three...

Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

P.S. Adding your lovely banner today & became a devout follower! Hope you'll follow me too.
Thank You & Cosmic Blessings.

Home and Heart said...

I LOVE your blog design! Did you create it yourself? Wonderful!!

The Charm of Home said...

I will join your party. So happy to be a part of it.
Thanks for hosting.


Victoria said...

Yay...I love this fabulous idea! I am going to be away that wkd..i would love to play and put my post up before! If it is not too late Id love to join!If it is too late..i totally understand!

Blessings and sparkles...I look forward to this blog party!

Heart of a Wizardess


blackberrywintergirl said...

I only just found you and have planned a trip fro all of my lovely daughters, neices, nephews, granddaughters and grandsons, sisters and friends to the haunted housing of my area. My sister will be interested to tea party with me to be sure!

blackberrywintergirl said...

I will be whipping up tea under the moon with you!

Justina said...

Hi Anna,
Sorry for joining so late... I didnt think I was going to have the time, with getting my Halloween Costume done and whatnot,... but I really cannot resist this fabulous party under the moon light !! I would love to join you, Lucinda, Luna, & Fiona ! So count me in

Ursa said...

Hi! What a lovely blog you have! I'd like to join the Tea Party this weekend. Not sure what I'll do yet.

(blog: www.dyerintherough.com)

Lori said...

I would love to join your Tea Party under the moon, if it's not too late. I just discovered your blog (which I LOVE) and thought that I'd like to join in on the fun. Thanks!


Lenora said...

And another late entry swishes on her broom and over the finish line! Yes, we are in after all. The button posted, magical tea on the burner! Thanks so much - we look forward to this fabulous fun - so love the Halloween Festival! Thank you for hosting! Love your blog!

Cellar Door said...

I've just made mention of your magical, new holiday! Please come for a LOOKSEE? Thank~you!

CIELO said...

Hi... my party post is up! Come see!



Cellar Door said...

I've just put the kettle on!


ana pedro lopes said...

Come and visit!!!! Samhuinn Blessings!!!!



Lenora said...

Our Tea Party is up - please do come on over to our Tea Party Halloween Tea Party at http://lenorita-lenoramoore.blogspot.com/2010/10/jack-o-lantern-halloween-tea-party.html!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my post is online !!!


I would love to have visitors !!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hope I'm not too late to jump on the hay wagon! I'd love to join in and link up. Can't wait to see the moonlight magic! Jacqueline

Susan said...

My Tea Party is finally up...first I had pain issues, then Mozilla issues, then my Mom called, LOL so sorry it is late, but it is ready now. please come visit!

Halloween hugs,

Bloomin'Chick Jo said...

I made a post, sorry I'm late! It's more so that everyone will see your beautiful blog & post here as well as visit the others. Here's the link: http://justdigginaround.blogspot.com/2010/10/join-me-for-tea-under-full-moon.html

I'll be making the rounds throughout tomorrow & beyond to see as many posts as I can!

Jane K said...

Sorry to be so late, but my tea party post is finally up here


MJ said...

Have uploaded my post for the tea party :) It took a while to get all the pics right but it's on :)
http://mybusycraftlife.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloweening-witchs-tea-party.html Thanx for this great idea!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I absolutely missed it, but wanted to stop by and wish you a world of fun. You guys sure know how to host a party!

Carol W. said...

I completely missed this but what a fabulous idea!!!!