a haunting halloween party

Oh if only October could last all year long! Twelve months of cunchy crispy Autumn air. Endless piles of toffee and scarlet colored leaves. Jack-o-lanterns aglow on spooky porches every night. And pointy black hats perched on every head from January to December.

In my wildest and silliest cinnamon sprinkled dreams this is surely true!

The Mistress Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist sent an invitation of the most bewitching kind throughout the merry land of Blog. "Come to my Halloween Party" said she. How could I refuse? Dearest Edgar himself flew over with the prized invite. This has been quite a busy month for him as you may know! Shall we start with a visit to my favorite shop? I'm low on a few of my supplies.

Here in the old west where I live there are places where spirits still walk the cobblestone streets. The railroad started here. Built by the old train barons during the great Gold Rush. The cost was high and many lives were lost. A river winds along the oldest parts of our city and the tales that spill over the river banks would chill your soul.

Sometimes if you listen at night the eerie sound of a lone steam engine echoes in the distance. Strange as the mighty railroad stopped working long ago...

Tucked away behind this once grand railroad station is a curious little shop. Only a few of us know of it's existence....and even fewer are invited in. It's just past this archway through the back alley door....

If we're lucky it might still be open for a few minutes more.

Open to the trade only....lucky I remembered to renew my SCW
(Society of Crafty Witches) membership!

They make the best witchy brooms here and I suppose I don't really need another one.

But then a witch can never have too many broomsticks! I quite fancy that heather one on the left.

A new shipment of spells and potions just arrived today. I'll definitely take the witches crystal ball and maybe have a look at that curious green bottle...

This could be very handy. Some of my spells have a tendency to go wacky now and then. Like the time I tried to magic myself a brand new three legged cauldron and all my pots and pans sprouted legs instead. It took me 6 hours to catch all of them after I had to lock them up in the bathroom until the spell wore off.

The guardian of the gate keeps a watchful eye on things. Tortured souls are known to visit here this time of year. You know about the old stories don't you?

They say Marguerite, a gypsy witch use to own this shop. Her mother Lucretia Fontaine was a voodoo queen from New Orleans. Marguerite and her sister Sabine escaped to this river city along with their mother after Lucretia was accused of cursing a Spanish general from the Vieux Carre. They fled from New Orleans under cover of darkness on one of the last remaining stagecoaches leaving for California.

Marguerite inherited her mother's gift. Soon even the proper ladies of the old west would seek her out. Especially when their husbands were rumoured to be keeping a mistress or two. She opened this shop on her twenty-second birthday and lived to the ripe old age of 102.

Sabine fell hopelessly in love with the son of a prominent train baron. It was an unrequited love and when the young man recklessly scoffed at her tender heart she threw herself onto the path of a roaring steam engine one early morning before All Hallows Eve. Many have sworn to have heard a bone chilling scream under the lamp post where the train tracks once stood.

Now the shadows are gathering. Shall we collect our goodies and return to the cottage? Hurry before the lights go out. We don't want to anger any restless spirits.

Adieu fair Lucretia, dear Marguerite and sweet Sabine...

Welcome to my witchy cottage. I'd love to have a minute to sit down and pour you a cup of my favorite Elderberry and Plum Sugar Tea but I really must get ready for the Halloween party!

I'll need to gather a few ingredients first. I have some things stored in my old apothecary jars that might interest you. Would you like to see?

A bit of Arsenic and Hemlock.
For those pesky err...bugs in the garden {he-he-he}.

And a jar of Blackest Henbane. Just a pinch would do nicely. Don't you agree? Perhaps I can interest you in my latest read while you wait.

It's a curios old book that just showed up on my table one day. But then curious things have a habit of finding me anyway....and I quite like it that way.

I'll need to bring a cauldron too. In case our hostess needs a hand with a special party brew. Oh I hope there's hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. Her pies are legendary as you may have heard. And all  her wondrous pumpkins grow like magic (I believe they really do).

This hand was a gift from a woman I had never met before. She came to me one day as I was leaving an antique store. "This belongs to you" she told me. I said I never made a purchase. "This belongs to you" she said again. "It's a gift". You ask if I posses powers of divination? Won't you have a seat and allow me to tell your fortune?

The witches crystal shows me a night illuminated by gypsy firelight. There are witches gathering and waiting under the stars. The Halloween Party is about to begin. I'll grab my carpet bag if you carry the large cauldron. You'll join me won't you? Splendid! And now off to the party we go...

Thank you for coming along on my shopping trip and for visiting my witchy cottage. Luna and I enjoyed your company. Please help yourself to a little spooky treat I created just for you. These witchy labels are for your own wicked apothecary bottles. Each label is high resolution (300dpi) 4x3 inches. They are ready to print or you can re-size them and add your own poison as you like. Please only use these for personal (non-commercial) purposes. Just save the images to your own computer and enjoy!

Click on each set for a larger version.

Now let's go and visit the other witches at A Fanciful Twist for a spellbinding Halloween party! It should be quite a gathering I know.

And I hope you'll come back again next week for my Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon! There's still time to join in the fun.

Oh October is going by much too fast! The pumpkins are fading almost as we speak. But today is a day for fun and magic. Hold on to your pointy hats......

Thank you to the always enchanting Vanessa for hosting this wonderful event and to my dear friend Marfi who made the beautiful witchy artwork just for me.

Graphics, photos and stories were created by me. Similarities to persons undead or nonliving is purely coincidental. Vintage photo source unknown. Mask created by my awesomely talented son.
More about my apothecary jars here.


Marfi-topia said...

You truly are a witch Anna!!It was a wonderful tale...I felt like I was bewitched the whole time!
Thank you for inviting me to this magical haunting party of yours!
and thank you for the labels.

LYNDY WARD said...

This is sooooo much fun!!!
Love your blog & your creations.
Please fly by for my giveaways too...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

LYNDY WARD said...

Oh, just wanted to add that I became a follower. Everything is so beautiful here. Hope you'll fly by & follow me too...

Cosmic Blessings, Lyndy

My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

Sinderella's Studio said...

WOW...great party!

Anonymous said...

Everything, every picture is just so very lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs and sparkles - WG

Linda said...

I made yours my first stop on my list. Truly amazing. Love everything about your party post. I will come back and look around more. Keep Flying....

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh thank you for the gorgeous post, for Haunting Halloween Party in blog land.

I want to visit that shop and purchase one of those brooms. :-)

Gentle hugs...

Scrap Vamp said...

Anaa, this post is fabulous! I love the shop you took us to and all the wonderful object in the windows! I had an amazing time visiting with you for this blog party! Have a fun day flying about!


Shannon said...

I have only just discovered your magickal blog and am completely enchanted. I will fly by (on my broom, of course) for another visit soon.

Junibears said...

You are totally amazing! Loved your story, the pictures, the shop, everything. Transported me away 'somewhere' while I read it.
Hugs xx

JoAnne said...

Hi Anna,
Beautifully done, as always. Love the tale and the photos are amazing!!!!!!!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Anna, you are AWESOME!!!! Thank you for a most enchanting little party and for giving us those label links! Hurray!!!!!!!!!! :) Hope you'll stop by...

I would be most delighted if you came to visit my enchanted Halloween Faerie Tale & giveaway:


Enjoy the parties!
Theresa :)

Wendelou72 said...

I had the best time! Thank you for your hard work!



Papillon Bleu said...

Bigger version of the labels? No!!! smaller you mean!!!! teehee!
I will have to send you a photo once I've done what I've planned to do with it! Thank you !

Your photos are fabulous as alwaysAnna.

Cameron said...

Sheer Magic, wonderful storytelling, generous offerings....Thank you for being a Witch of Endless Possibilities!

I always love coming over for a visit!! :D

Bloomin'Chick Jo said...

Truly magical and enchanting! Hope you can drop by! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

Danni said...

Everything is so hauntingly beautiful. I've had such a lovely time being utterly enchanted by the witchy wares and scenes.

I'll see you for tea, ever so soon!

Justina said...

Oh Anna!!!! Everything you create is AMAZING !! I loved every ounce of your post and your BEAUTIFUL photos!! I really wish I had more time to do photo edits for my party :-( , but you are so right... October is going by SO fast... too fast for my liking !! I have been working on my costume for a couple weeks now, creating it all from scratch , sewing and detailing the fabric with sharpie marker, it is taking forever !! But I am SO excited to share it with you all once it is complete... I have also been prepping and decorating for this years real life Halloween Party, so that is why I have been so M.I.A. ... I have still managed to keep up with my spooky Monday posts ! LOL ...

But I hope it is not too late to join in on your Halloween Tea Party?? I have a cute little treat in mind for it :-)

Well thank you again for the spooktacular eye candy! I just loved the Magic Broom Closet! I will have to stop by to get my broom in order for Halloween night... do they do repairs :-) *giggle*

Anonymous said...

You never do disappoint, Anna! I kind witch with a magical heart.

Victoria said...

Wow!!! Fantastic-ly beautiful post! I am dazzled by your amazing photos..so magical and atmospheric!I looooove this whole post!! Fabulous creative series!! Wonderful...thanks for the enchantment..everything you create is sparkling!!

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Such a magical post! I am simply in awe of your tale and all your witchy goodness. I just love all your decor! I can't wait for your wonderful tea party!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! I adore your style!!
Your welcome to visit my Halloween party if you haven't been yet:

Designs by Blanche said...

Bewitching post! Thanks for the fun!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

This was just wonderful! Thanks for inviting me! Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Sara said...

Oh Anna... such a wonderful post. So many spooky things here. Love it! Hope you are having a great party day.

And I am so looking forward to your party next week. Getting my teacups all ready.

Take care!

Anthropomorphica said...

What a magnificient journey, I'm hooked!! I really loved this party and thank you for the glorious labels, now what potion to try first? ;)

Cosmic Goddess said...

Wow, I love your magical tale and gorgeous photos. Will be back again soon to linger for a while!

You're very welcome at my party:

The Charm of Home said...

Wonderful! Love this little tale and all the wonderful photos. Will be dreaming up something for the tea party, so want to join in.

Lauren said...

What an incredible party, your photos are gorgeous!! I so enjoyed the shop, the cottage and the story. And thank you so much for the wonderful labels! :) ~Lauren

Róisín said...

Wow, your blog is fantastic! I'm in love with your banner and graphics. I can't believe I've never been here before! So glad the blog party led me down this witchy path :) You're post is spectacular, by the way. Absolutely magical!

Roisin x

jasmoonbutterfly said...

Merry meet
I couldn't wait to get over, magical post!!
OOOoo I need to join the witch society *cackles*..
Stunning photos!!!
Meet you next under the full moon ...
Blessed be
Trace x

Wendy said...

I had so much fun visiting the shop and peeking into the shadows that still linger there. Thank you so much for bringing us along and I'm preparing a special brew for your party next weekend!

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a FINE party you have going on here. I think I might need some of that devastation prevention potion, as one of my guests just attempted to bite my neck and suck my blood....

Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.

Just a dreamer said...

You and Vanessa have the most magical blogs (Halloween or not). Simply magical.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

I agree, Ocotber should last longer. It is zipping by this year, faster than ever really, and it is sort of spoooookier than spooky!

More important though, are you outrageously scrumptious photos!!

Your vignettes and treasures are incredible!! All the detail! Delicious!

Thank you so much for sharing your magic. Your blog is beyond words beautiful!

♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

Susan said...

great post! thanks for the labels :)


come visit:

Shell said...

Oh, Anna I enjoyed your party full of lore, beauty and witchery.

Melissa Valeriote said...

Gorgeous! I just love stopping by to see what you've got brewing. Happy Halloween!

Wendy said...

Dearest witch Anna,
I have never been so enchanted. I loved this. I am ready to vist The Magic Broom Closet. What an amazing place. Full of enchantment and whimsy of the most spookable kind. You are so full of magic and once again you have shared so much of it with us.
Justin says thanks for the bday wishes.
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from wonderland
....Looking forward to the Tea Party.

Kathy said...

You're quite creative! Loved the Practical Magic party - this is definitely a special time,

Kari Desi said...

I'm catching up on some parties I missed yesterday. I absolutely loved your bewitching tale and incredible images!! Brilliant and well done!!

Karen said...


I am always amazed by your posts and how creative they are. You take the most amazing photos. Thanks so much for sharing! See you at your party!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

what a wonderful party!
I love your creations!

Hope you'll come visit mine and my post(s) for all of October!

Natalie said...

Happy Halloween Blog Party!

What a fun post! I'd love to have a shop like The Magic Broom Closet near to me :) I really enjoyed your story and the pictures with it, and thank you for the bottle labels to print out!

This has been my first ever blog party but I've had such a fun time with it :)


Annabelle said...

Oooh my what beautiful lovelies you have here. I adore the brooms and the Witches Ball is beautiful!
All of your graphics are truly magical. Thank you for the labels. See you this Saturday at your Halloween Party.

Happy Halloween !

Grab your broom and fly on over to
( http://thewoodbeyondtheworld.blogspot.com/ ) for your chance to win three of my original art prints…only comment required.

•*´¨*.•*´¨*~^..^~*Annabelle.•*´¨*.•* *

Elizabeth said...

Anna! Did you take these photos? Can I tell you I am in awe!! Great design work!

When you have the opportunity please come over for a visit!

Della said...

Hello Anna, it's a good thing I'm still making my way through the blog list or I would've missed this. You have some really brilliant photographs here. Actually, I knew there was a reason I was a follower. All the best! (and do visit the Fürsts because I think you'll like what they have in store)

Melissa said...

What a fabulously beautiful spooky party! I had the most wonderful time.

Thanks so much for having me and I would love for you to attend my party and giveaway! http://blog1.ardoria.com/?p=897

Leanne said...

Oh, Anna ... I'm blown away with each visit here. You are so talented and we are so lucky to have you!!!! I went to this lovely little apple orchard this weekend. They had a huge gift shop and the minute I walked in, I thought of you (you would have LOVED how it was decorated for halloween and fall! It looks like they took a page from your blog and followed it!) I thought of you at each turn!

Laume said...

Thank you for the lovely downloads. They'd work nicely with my tea glasses with the different poisons etched into them.!

Romeo said...

Wowser, my whiskers are singed from all the excitement here!!! This was some kind of fun!!! Your pictures tell the story of great talent and details not to be ignored!!! Well unless you don't mind your whiskers being totally burned off....do you think mind will grow back?

Wishing you a wonderfully magical Hallow's Eve!



Anonymous said...

I see a few items that I have in my cupboard too. I think we would have great fun shopping. Hugs and sparkles - WG

Nanc Twop said...

great images and great atmosphere !

Lynda said...

That was quite magical indeed :) I ADORE the story of the 3 girls! Thanks for sharing