screams, chills and thrills

Oh noooooo!! It can't be. There must be a mistake!

I like Martha (yes THAT Martha). I'm not a rabid fan. I rarely watch her the rest of the year and I don't think I've ever picked up any of her other issues from November to September. But for Halloween Martha is QUEEN. I always get October and her Halloween edition. I record her shows and I wait for her Halloween special to air. The new one airs this Sunday. On the Hallmark Chanel. The one AT&T (my cable) decided to drop this month. The one I won't see unless I do a quick switch to another service. Which means losing all the other recordings I have stored on dvr. Like all the episodes of Eastwick. Remember that short lived ABC series from last year based on the Witches of Eastwick by John Updike? So whilst I ponder what to do about this hair raising dilema let me share other Monday spookiness with you....

Presenting my first ever Frosted Petunias crafty tutorial! I started on this project this weekend and as I was working on it I decided to take pics and try my hand at a little tutorial. This one is superduper easy peasy.

I got the skelley garland at the Dollar Store for...$1! It always cracks me up when I'm there and someone will actually ask the cashier the price on an item.

OK, you will need mini skelleys, pipe cleaners in Halloween colors, black tulle, black sparkly ribbon, silk flowers, twine or skinny ribbon, scissors and needle and thread.

Cut a strip of tulle for the veil. It doesn't have to be perfect. I like it more uneven and ragged. Gather one end and secure with thread.

Cut a lenght of pipe cleaner and shape into a ring to fit the skelley's head.

Attatch the veil to the crown with thread.

Cut a strip of ribbon and twine or skinny ribbon for the corsage. Select a flower and make sure there's enough of a stem so you can attach it to the ribbon.

Tie the twine around the middle of the ribbon and poke the stem through the knot. Finally tie the corsage around your skelley's wrist.

Voila! A gorgeously gruesome skelley bride waiting for her groom. I'm making a few of these which you'll see later at one of my parties.

I also gave my studio a little spooky makeover. I reorganized and cleared out a few things because I wanted to make room for this.... very own enchanted Garden Spells chair from dear sweet Marfi! I can't tell you how magical it is in person. The detail on the tree, the layers of leaves and the sparkle from all the stars and bright red apples. Marfi also made one for her Practical Magic party giveaway so another lucky person will get to treasure her beautiful creation. Thank you Marfi!

Then I was also given this treasure by another of my dear lovely friends, Wendy! She crafted this deliciously witchy concoction with all my favorite Halloween treats. Aren't these vintage witches fabulous? It's perfect in my little space. Thank you Wendy!

And as if these amazing gifts weren't enough. I have also been blessed with luck and a lovely award for my bloggy!

The ever so magical Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations had the most amazing giveaway for her Practical Magic Party. I drooled when I saw her wonderful post. Her generous giveaway included handmade chimes (by her talented husband), an art print she created of Stevie Nicks (love her) and one of her own jewelry designs. And oh my goodness I won!! I'm so excited. Good thing she also included a little bag of lavender to calm me down. Thank you ever so much Theresa!

And finally...Marfi also recently recieved a One Lovely Blog award for her beautiful blog, Incipient Wings, and she was so sweet and kind and generously shared it with me.

Gosh I feel so honored and truly blessed to know such kind and giving souls.
Thank you everyone. I appreciate it all so much.

Now back to working on my party projects.
Make sure to visit Wendy at Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland
for all the Spooky Monday magic!

Happy Spooky Monday


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Love your spooky little skelly bride...thanks for the tutorial!!

Leanne said...

we are just getting Eastwick here on tv now in Nz - Monday nights 10.30pm
It's rather good - not sure why so late on at night. We are only up to episode 4.

Love Leanne

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

No fair, that you won't be able to see MARTHA'S Halloween special this year! -pout-

But thank you so much, for posting its date. :-)

Gentle hugs...

Anonymous said...

I really loved Eastwick (okay I am biase about Paul Gross - sans clothes is a bonus) I really miss it. I love your craft work, the Skelly Brides are really cute. I will definitly give them a try.
Hugs and sparkles

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

Oh my gosh...wowee!! What a super-fabulous post..i adore your tutorial...gorgeous and dazzling..i am are awesome!! Wonderful post! and i LOVE your studio I'd love to sit and have a tea with you there..such beautiful spookiness and enchantment!!
Blessings and Sparkles
have a fabulous day! and thanks for bringing magic into mine!

Marfi-topia said...

Hi Anna, what an great tutorial..thank you for that, I just happen to have some of those skeletons handy!
your studio looks awesome!!!
have a good night:)

Linda said...

Your spooky skelly is great. For me a trip to the dollar store is a definatly a place I have to be. That will be my first stop of many today.

Dandelion Dreams said...

Wowzers! Talk about an awesome post!! Great tutorial! I can't believe that's your first one because it is ghoooooooooulishly awesome and so simple! Wonderful idea, you incredible woman you!

And all your lovely haunted gifts. I bet you are just walking on clouds this month! Or maybe flying through them on your broom? I just adore that chair. Adore it. Adore it. Adore it!

Thank you for sharing!

Designs by Blanche said...

Fun tut! I believe I already have some of those skeltons! I will haver to try it when I drag the rest of my Halloweenie stuff!
Congrats on your award & prize!


Rebecca said...

How fun is your tutorial-I love making things -especially if they're simple and cheap! Thanks so much!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Well, congratulations on your crafty gifts! By the way, two packages are en-route to you. One should arrive any day now. :) And a BIG hearty congratulations on your first crafty tutorial! Martha would be most proud! ;) Theresa