giveaway winner and some other stuff

My poor little brain has been feeling a little addled lately and I completely forgot to sign up for Pink Saturday. I've also been under attack by nasty little gizmo gremlins and a few of my things decided to go out at the same time. One is the battery for my little camera. I was taking pictures for my magazine giveaway and halfway through transferring them it decided to expire. I tried to charge up the battery but it wouldn't so I probably have to get a new one (battery hopefully and not the camera). So here are the pics I was able to take/transfer and I'll tell you who the winner is at the end.

These are the lovely people that left a comment for the giveaway. See I could have done a Pink Saturday post after all!

After the official folding of the papers, into my treasure box they all went.

I let them sit there for a minute or two so they can have a nice little chat.

'Pick me, pick me!'
Silly little pieces of pink paper. They're much noisier than the blue ones I used for the Mad Tea Party drawing. So I'll just go in and sneak up on them and pluck one out....

And that's when my camera went out!!!
(Or I should say it went out while I was transferring the pics.)

But I did pick a name and it was all done fair and square as witnessed by my trusty assistant Miss Luna. And so I'm happy to announce that the winner of the September Romantic Homes magazine is....

Kim from A Gypsy Angel

Congratulations Kim. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your magazine!!

Now I'm off to find a new battery and perhaps I'll stop by Michaels as I feel an urge to be surrounded by new Halloween goodies.

*   *   *   * you guys remember a store called Illuminations? They had wonderful candles and their store always had the loveliest displays. I especially loved their Halloween displays. It was a yearly tradition for me to visit their store when their Halloween stuff came out which put me in the best mood for my favorite holiday. Well I found out this year that they're GONE!!! Adios. Goodbye. No more exquisite ghostly displays. Gone are the witches surrounded by autumn leaves and enchanted candlelight. And the lovely subtle scent of crisp apples, pumpkin spice and midnight magic that would waft though the mall as you walked by.....all gone. This all makes me just a wee bit sad. So off I go and maybe there's something new and lovely and magical out there to discover.

Today I'm grateful for...

Lemon and ginger tea which really works when your tummy feels like
a Slinky toy and your brain is addled with all the things that
brains are bound to be addled by.


Marfi-topia said...

As usual, a beautiful posting from you.Do you have a Home Goods store near you? all their Halloween goodies are ready.Maybe not quite as magical as Illuminations but they have lots of items...:)

Kim B said...

I am so excited. Thanks so very much. I enjoy your blog. I might have to try that tea you mentioned sometimes. Have a wonderful weekend.
Again, Thank you so much.

Linda said...

I have to say I love your Blog. Very whimsical and fun. keep up the good work. I check back often. Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas.

Bobbi Ann said...

Hi, What a great post, so fun and cute! Congrats to Kim! I hope that you have a wonderful day and great weekend!

Rebecca said...

I love the whimsy and fun -we all need more of that in life-Happy PS!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Congratulations to your very lucky winner! I'm sure she will enjoy her new magazine. Too bad about that shop - it sounded amazing. :( I hate when the best shops close. Enjoy your Sunday! Theresa

Maggie said...

How sad about your favorite store! I hate it when that happens!

Charmed Existence said...

Congrats to Kim!

I also miss Illuminations. I loved that store. They had the best chandlier like candle holders that I always dreamed of hanging over a huge jacuzzi tub, candlelight twinkling and reflecting off of masses of bubbles spilling over from the bath