dreaming of white and a monday treat

Happy Monday everyone, or what's left of it (it's almost 2pm here in my Tomato Land). I finally had a chance to sit down and read my new copy of the September Romantic Homes. It's such a wonderful treat.

This issue is filled with rooms done in an elegant white palette.

I love color and touches of rich dark wood. But whenever I see an all white room like this, filled with vintage treasures and just a pop of color here and there, I start entertaining thoughts of redoing a room in white.

I love all the details here. The carved chair, princess dresser, the vintage chandelier lamp and my favorite, the tall narrow plantation shutters in the back.

I also love the faded shabbiness of this old hutch. I'd love to have this in my creative space to fill with paint and ribbons of all shades. It's lovely to dream. Then I realize that an all white room/house could never work for me. Maybe it's the thought of having to do extra cleaning that scares me!

I love to move our stuff around and redecorate for the different seasons. I finally decided that I don't have a specific style but a mish mash of different ones. I mainly like to decorate around stuff I love that mean alot to me. We have lots of well loved hand me downs, stuff I pick up at antique and thrift shops and fun themed stuff depending on what I'm currently inspired by. When the 2nd Harry Potter movie came out my son and I absolutely fell in love with the Weasley's house, the Burrow. So my kitchen and dinning room had a very cozy higgledy-piggledy English cottage look, complete with faux painted brick walls and a scattering of owls.

Right now I already have a few touches of Fall out, even a few Halloween crows because I just can't wait anymore. Do you have a particular decorating style? I think I would call mine 'early casual bohemian vintage artsy whimsical cat'! Oh and guess what? I just happen to have 2 of this issue of Romantic Homes and if you tell me what you call your decorating style in a comment I'll do a random number thingy in a few days and send one out to you!
Wait....I almost forgot. I was inspired by another blogger who would add something she was grateful for at the end of each post. I love the idea. So today I'm grateful for:

A lazy summer afternoon eating over ripe plums with my son.


The Guardian said...

Mmmm I too love looking at those Better Homes & Garden style books & Mags...they give me inspiration and I try desperately to show I Love to decorate...
I am drawn to the Old White Farm House styles such as....the clean, simplistic lines...open airy feelings, wood floors with throw rugs, mainly whites, browns, blacks with a few punches of color. I love throws, books, candles, ceramic tiles...one of the sites I lean towards is http://www.countryliving.com/homes/how-to-get-the-look/farmhouse-style-0809
But I am like a melting pot and have different themes as well in one room is Asian...the other my blue & white country room, upstairs...my fiance's Basketball team he loves is themed...THE HOGS..LOL my front parlor is decadent old farmhouse feel right down to the 100+ piano that is up against the wall with the old trunk beside it holding dear important albums and two throws nestled up on it with a pillow. I love picture frames to show off my loved ones and family..I will have to post something of the pics on my blog...THANKS so much for the inspiration..I am a true decorative Tabby from Down home. Brightest Blessings )o(

Petunia said...

Guardian, your home sounds beautiful and inviting! I'd love to see pics someday, especially your piano!

Dena Miller said...

Oh, I would say that I have a very eclectic style. A friend of my Hubby and I was at our home for a party and he said " Wow, I love the style you guys have...it it very bohemian, old world and gypsy like...very cool." So with that being said, I shall say that my style is and truly always has been what I call BOHEMIAN CHIC with a vintage vibe!

Leanne said...

Oh, goodness! I'm loving the WHITE - but part of me thinks "PASTA SAUCE!" I mean, I have a phobia over WHITE fabrics (I rarely wear WHITE, because even if I eat a marshmallow, I'll manage to spill some of it on my shirt and be left w/a stain!!) But these photos do look so lovely, don't they?? Hmmmmm . . . only in my dreams! ;)

Sinderella's Studio said...

I love looking at all white - but - until I can afford a cleaning lady - not for me! I am a scattered eclectic decorator - love candles of all shapes and sizes - color - and lots of it! I have a livingroom wall that I call tie died! And a pool table in the middle of my living room so I guess casual smiling eclectic is me!
I bet your house is awesome!

Isabel said...

Love that magazine! I have been entertaining the idea of a white room too, but cant bear to paint some of my old furniture white, Im slowy doing small stuff first:O)You have crows out I have Witches full of Whimsy everywhere!!:O) Have an awesome day:O)

scrapwordsmom said...

Anna, your blog just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Makes me so happy to be here:)

Your style sounds divine. I love that cottage look. So warm and cozy. Our home if very modern but as I've fallen in love with collage and all things vintage I am trying to turn our home into that, too.

Wish me luck;)

That magazine would be wonderful!

Regina Moore said...

I just subscribed to this magazine...can't wait to get my hands on this issue! It looks lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Bobbi Ann said...

Hi, I'm a Victorian lady. I love the lace, the tapestries and the vintage looks. It's just a shame that my home is not decorating like that. My living room, craft room and hallway are mainly floral, different wall hangings, quilts, Amish and Americana. My bedroom is done is shades of purple, my favorite color. The kitchen and dining room are roosters all the way. Then the bathroom is lighthouses. So there you have it, I guess my style is a lil of this and a lil of that, lol
Please if you would be so kind to enter my name in your drawing I would appreciate it. Thanks so much! Hope your day is a beautiful one!

Cindi aka Ericksoc said...

I, too, am afraid of a white house (though it would be lovely). I have 2 kids, 2 cats, and a BIG black dog, so it's not in the cards for me right now. My home is an eclectic, comfortable mix and my color palette is yellows, browns, and greens and I have a cranberry and white kitchen. I envision my home as a comfortable coffeehouse, warm, cozy and inviting. The colors remind of me a crisp fall day and hot apple cider. I toyed with the idea of changing the colors in my house to a sand and turquoise, but that's just not me. Must have been a summer fantasy, but fall's colors suit me better. Thanks for letting me share!

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i love so much victorian decoration! i tried to decorate my house like this! you'll see the results at your magic party!!!
for now i'd love to win the magazine because here in greece is so difficult to find!!!

Kim B said...

I have never read that and I am just changing decor to romantic shabby chic....That would be great to read and get decor ideas from. I love the way you did your blog stationary and header and the wheels is fantastic.
Have a great day.

Plumrose Lane said...

The thing I always wonder about is the homes in these magazines are to dye for, so of course the furniture looks grand! ;D Who would love a good drool over such a fab magazine though... count me in. Thanks!