delightful gifts

There's nothing more exciting during a lazy summer day than getting a package in the mail. It's like having an extra mini birthday after your birthday, or before your birthday depending on when your actual birthday is!

This past week I was so excited to find not 1 but 2 wonderful packages in my mailbox! The first one is from dear Dana from Sinderella's Studio. I joined her Snail Mail Enthusiast challenge last month. I was so happy to be selected as a winner and last week I received not just my lovely prizes but also Dana's very own snail mail creation which she swapped for mine.

I saw how pretty Dana's notecard and envelope were in the pictures
she posted but they are even more amazing in person.
She creates beautiful watercolors and on this piece you can see how
she painted the snail and made it the focal point. I love the layers
she created and the texture of the paper is almost like fabric. Very cool!

I love all the different textures here. What my camera
didn't pick up every well was the subtle touches of glitter
on the shell. This snail is definitely much prettier than the real thing.

This is the coolest prize ever. Dana had postage stamps made of the
picture I took of my entry! Isn't that the coolest thing? And
she also included a great big box of 64 colors of Crayola crayons!
How fun is that? I forgot to include it in the pictures because I
was actually doodling with them the night I got them and left
them in another room. Thank you sooo much again Dana!

The other package came from lovely Wendy from Wendy's Adventures
in Wonderland. I was one of the winners from her Mad Tea Party
giveaway. I forgot all about it so it was such a fun surprise
when it came today (yesterday). I love getting  packages
and letters with doodles and drawings on them.

First the orange polka dot paper alone put a big smile on my face.
Then when I unwrapped this my smile was so wide my cheeks felt
like they might pop! Wendy created this enchanting Alice in Wonderland
altered art piece and it was collaged onto a dusty pink lettter 'A'!!
Yay! I have my very own 'A'!!!

All the little details are just precious! The blue tulle skirt, the
little bottle filled with gold sparkles and the tiniest little
message that says 'journey'. I love the watch, pieces of a
written letter and my favorite, Alice's striped stockings!
How absolutely fabulous that Alice and I share the same first initial!

And...Wendy also included this great bag of graphics and ephemera.
I loooove the vintage photo and the Victorian girls are precious.
I'm going to have fun with all of these. Thank you ever so much Wendy!

If you haven't had the chance to visit Dana or Wendy you
should go say hello. They are both very creative and talented artists
and they're also super sweet and lovely ladies.


Theresa Plas said...

A Spectacular Snail Mail Day!!!

Wendy said...

Hey "A",

You are the sweetest.
Have a Wonderfully Mad and Curiously Enchanted Day......
Luv ya,
W from W

Anonymous said...

What a lot of fun you've been having. I just love that snail. It's the prettiest one I've ever seen. Definitely better than the real thing! :)

Unknown said...

Lovely creations, Anna!
Have a beautiful summer day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Theresa MacNaughton said...

I love happy mail! Congrats on receiving these really lovely gifts. :) Theresa