cereal, a spoon and a pair of ghost hunters

Any of you guys still up out there? I'm really getting into the habit of doing these after midnight Thursday posts. And Thursdays are usually my none project posts so I get to share my silly things with you. So I'm starting with.....cereal!

Yup. My favorite midnight snack is a little bowl of cereal. I've been in love with this Raisin Bran Crunch lately even if I'm not usually a raisin person. I had it while I looked at all these lovely Halloween tags in my Stamper's Sampler magazine. So many great ideas in this one. I also have a little story behind this long ice tea teaspoon I always use to eat my cereal with.

Long ago when my son was very young I got sick from a really bad migraine which I get now and then. I get so sick I throw up and have to stay in bed all day. My son is the sweetest thing and he will fuss over me and bring me soup or cereal once I feel like eating a bit. The first time he brought me soup he had it in a little bowl with this long spoon instead of a soup spoon. He had just opened a can and heated it in the microwave but he was so sweet and he had it on a little tray with a pretty napkin. It made me so happy and I felt so much better. Now whenever I use this spoon I think of the little bowl of soup my Sebastian made for me and it still makes my heart smile.

I was going to do the random number thingy tonight to pick the winner for my magazine giveaway then I remembered this little box I made to pick my Mad Tea Party winner last July. So I think I'll do that again instead which is so much more fun. I loved reading all your comments about your lovely homes and how you like to decorate. It sounds like most of us love the look of an all white room but we all agree that in the real world filled with pasta sauce and paint it just wouldn't work.

So I'll pick the winner tomorrow (or later since it is tomorrow) and do a fun post with it too.

I had to share this because I found this picture in my camera when I was transferring my cereal pic to my computer. Sebastian loves the show Ghost Hunters on SciFi and these are the Jason and Grant bobble head collectibles from the show. He's had Jason for a while but Grant just came in the mail yesterday. I guess he was so excited to finally have both he had to take a picture of them.

And here's my big guy about 2 weeks ago after begging me to take him to a pub where Amy Bruni, one of the girls from Ghost Hunters was signing autographs. He got to meet her and she signed a picture for him. I don't know how many moms take their 13 year olds to a pub to meet a pretty redhead but this was a lot of fun and Amy was very sweet to everyone. We had water and then went home.

Any of you have a favorite late night snack or sentimental spoon story?
Tell me I'm not the only cereal snacking midnight blogger out there.
Ok time to get some sleep before the sun comes up!

Tonight I'm grateful for....

Being a mom.


Sinderella's Studio said...

Okay - love this whole post! When my oldest(Alex) was 14 - I had him, my youngest -Ben (9 at the time) and one of his 9 yr old friends on a trip to Nashville. Hooters had just opened up there - I wanted a pic of the boys with the Hooter girls but was worried about taking the 9 yr old friend in - sooooooo - I went inside and got the girls to come out to take pics with the boys! I had Santa bring a blown up poster of the event when Alex turned 15 later that yr. Saying he had some news that maybe he hadn't been a good boy!!! I thought it was hilarious - Alex at the time did not! He hated that I had Santa show up every year for his b-day (as he got older - of course) Santa came from the time Alex was 2 until this event - the last yr. He would show up randomly the week of Xmas and Alex's b-day. It was awesome. He is now 28 and talks about it with love and laughter!

Leanne said...

You really are the coolest Mom, ever!!! Love the story about the tea spoon and love the look into your life! (I always tend to find myself watching Ghost Hunters when PG is out of town on a business trip - then I scare myself half to death that I'm up all night!!! Ah - the things these show do!!!) Lovely post, as always!

Charmed Existence said...

Great story about the spoon. Sadly, I'm in bed at 9 or 10 every night because I get up at 5am to run/workout.

Amber Leilani said...

what a great post - great stories! my parents would have never taken me to a pub to get an autograph! he's lucky to have a great mom like you.
i do have a spoon story as a matter of fact...i only eat ice cream with my baby spoon. yes i still have it and i absolutely use it. makes me feel like an even bigger kid than eating ice cream does.
hope y'all have a great weekend!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I recently took a tour of a local TB hospital featured on Ghost Hunters. Waverly Sanitorium, in Louisville, KY. At one point in the tour, after dark, they asked for a volunteer to walk down a hallway alone. This was a hallway known for paranormal activity. I went down the hallway and the others said they could see orbs around me. Later when we were looking back through pictures, you could see orbs in several of them. They do overnight tours there as well, I may do that at some time.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

What sweet stories ! My late night cereal is the Red Berries....ummm yummmeee.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

That was such a lovely post, Anna! :) I have no spoon stories to share, unfortunately. And I'm usually in bed by midnight, so no late night blogging or snacks for me. :) Theresa

Maggie said...

This is a wonderful post from beginning to end. I love it all.

And if I want a snack at midnight it's always cereal. Always.