dad's day and old shoes

Hurray for dad! I hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend with your loved ones. We are hiding from the heat this weekend, 104 here yesterday but a cooler 96 today.

Would love to be cooling off at a beautiful beach like this one but a lovely lunch and indoor air conditioning works for us too.

My dad has been gone for nearly eight years. Hard to believe and although I didn't enjoy the close father daughter relationship with him many of you might have with your dads I truly appreciate the sacrifices he made for our family and will always love him with all my heart.

A quick reminder too about my upcoming Altered Fairy Shoe Challenge next weekend. You can still join in the fun if you have a pair of old shoes you don't mind turning into a piece of art.

I was cleaning out my garage a few days ago and found this old pair from ages ago. I might have worn them once for a wedding I was in. I thought they would be perfect for the challenge.

In case you're still looking for inspiration here's a link to an artist who created some really cool altered shoe art. I can't wait to see your shoes!


Ricki Treleaven said...

Altered Fairy Shoes sounds like fun! :D

Rachel said...

I'm going to be taking part. Can't wait to see everybodies shoes. :-)