After the rush

It's that post holiday hush. A sudden shift in energy after December's excitement and activity. For me it's instant.

The day after Christmas I feel a palpable sigh in the air. I am a creature that treasures peace and solitude so I welcome this return to tranquility.
No after Christmas clearance sales. No returning and exchanging presents until after New Year. Just quiet days relishing a house filled with midwinter magic.
The last full moon of the year rises tonight. A midwinter Cold Moon that beckons our bodies to slow down and prepare for the chillier temperatures that lie ahead. Time to snuggle under even more blankets and add an extra dollop of whipped cream to a hot mug of cocoa.
For a collection of mouth watering hot cocoa recipes visit HERE
The urge to put away the clutter and simplify strikes me right around now. I see delicate creamy hues like this and I daydream about the possibilities of changing things up in the new year.
My creative space can use a serious decluttering. Part of the reason I've put my art on hold is I simply can't get past the clutter to feel inspired. It's really time for me to sort out the mess from the carnival and Halloween.
As much as I would love to indulge my inner Martha Stewart I know I'm really more Molly Weasely at heart. Being surrounded by happy clutter is where I always end up no matter how many times I visit IKEA. If someone would only invent self organizing organizers!
How about something like this?
A very clever person from Deviantart came up with this revamped version of The Burrow. I imagine it's what Molly would do after a lovely chat with Martha or maybe watching a few programs on HGTV.
This is the original set from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I loved it so much that the year the movie came out my kitchen and dinning room had a very Burrow inspired look, complete with painted bricks on the wall and mismatched chairs.
I'm once again excited about the beginning of a brand new year. Another chance to start fresh, plant new possibilities and re-imagine ourselves as hopefully wiser, more content versions of who we are.
I have been thinking about my word for 2013. For this year it was FORWARD and in many ways that's the kind of year it's been. Looking back I can say that I didn't do too badly after the mess that was 2011 so I definitely kept myself moving forward in 2012.
A certain word has been popping in my head lately and the more I thought about it the more it seemed like the perfect word. I think I'll share it with you on my next post. Hint: it's a word I've been using a lot already.
Do you have a word for 2013?
Did you choose a word this year and how did you use that word?
Do you make New Year resolutions?
Do you keep them?
Our New Year celebration is pretty low key. Just our little family at home enjoying comforting food and even more comforting sweets. I have a few rituals I like to do each year and my son and I have silly traditions like making wacky pipe cleaner crowns to wear on New Years Eve.
I've been listening to this every day nearly all month long. I have had it since it was realeased in 1998 and it's still one of my favorites, especially on a quiet midwinter night. It's truly magical.
Enjoy tonight's full moon then snuggle up under warm blankets and imagine yourself surrounded with love and good things.
Thank you for sharing this past year with me.
 Image source: Country Living, Pottery Barn, Home Depot, Deviantart, Flickr and a really pretty bridal page I can't remember


Elizabeth Johnson said...

I, too, have an urge to simplify and clear the clutter this time of the year. But I have also accepted that a certain amount of clutter is a part of who I am. Usually simply putting away the Christmas decor is enough to make the house feel more airy. A word for the year sounds inspirational. I'll have to think about one for me.

Linda said...

Hi Anna and Family, My wish for the New Year is for my friends to have a healthy and happy year ahead...2013.

I love your words of wisdom and the photos.

I'm not sure what my word for 2013 will be but, Directon I like that.

Lady of the Woods said...

How beautiful! What is "The Burrow" ? hummm .... word for the year, as soon as you said I felt it....mine is "Angelic"....I've already started, whitening everything here, and even though I've done alot, I want more white...:D...can't wait till everything in this house is white and shimmers. Beautiful pics on this post, enjoy the music, I have another one by them, lovely haunting fairy melodies indeed!

Unknown said...

I agree, settling in with extra blankets. I don't have a word for the new year, will have to give that some thought. I love the looks of that kitchen, joint up my alley.
Happy New Year to you.

The French Hutch said...

Your words are wise and food for thought. I enjoy the peace and quiet acold winter nights (finally). Time to reflect on the past and plan for the new new year. I will be sorting and donating, a new look. Organization is the word I'm using.
Blessings to you and yours for the New Year!

The French Hutch

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Your post so captures my mood as well but you have so beautifully written and illustrated it.
Happy New Year to you and as to my word I need to ponder on that ...

Kelley said...

I've always yearned to be more organized, but seem to get more of the "mess" that comes with creativity and the ecclectic-ness (word?) that seems to have evolved as my "style." Since I've been home for a few days I've done more playing than cleaning.. much more fun! Perhaps I can find balance in the new year... maybe this will be my word this year!

Celia said...

Hi Anna. Yes....I too always want to clear and declutter at this time of's when everything gets a good clean out....but some clutter is also a part of who I am. Getting the Christmas stuff down and put away always helps me feel better!! My word for 2012 was Release....and I did a lot of that!! My word for 2013 is Trust. My words always seem to pick me....and so I am looking forward to seeing what Trust has to teach me!!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Love the photos of the Burrow! I miss those Harry Potter days! I still read the books and watch the movies...they will always be a part of the whimsical part of my life.
(^^) Whoo! Whoo!
Teresa in California
Love the John Lennon song too!

Deborah says...... said...

I love that you have a word for the year (and the month maybe?). I don't have a word for this year. I tend to pick words on an as needed basis, but take them very seriously. The last word that I "needed" or used as a talisman, in 2010 to 2011, was Fortitude. I love also your expression of glimmer (very close to my own feeling about the word shimmer...which makes sense because they are very similar in feel and meaning). Have a beautiful evening.