Lights on my tree

Much to my surprise I actually put up our tree this weekend! It has lights and a handful of ornaments and the rest of them will sit in boxes near the fireplace and converse with each other until I get around to finding the box of hooks which never seems to be in the same place I thought I put them last year.

I remember when I would finish the entire tree in one day. Lights, ornaments, ribbons and everything else, all done and ready to be admired before bedtime. But the last few years I started to take my time, putting a few up one day and a few more another. Last year nothing went on the tree until practically the day before Christmas. I usually have it done by Yule but my heart wasn't in it so this year I'm trying to make up.
I was so proud of myself for actually getting started that I took a nice long break and indulged in my new copy of Where Women Create. Then I watched a little bit of figure skating because it's not the holidays without it, worked on my holiday gift list and listened to Luna who informed me that she's not fond of the new kitty bed I got for her so back it goes.
I somehow got distracted by this video by Stars for their new song Backlines. I love how it has the feel of assemblage art or a vintage vignette or shadow box and of course I love the stars.
It also makes me think of The Borrowers just a little.
How do you do your decorating? Do you get it all done in one day? Take a few days or stretch it out over several weeks?
My son seems very happy that I didn't wait until the last minute to get started this year. He has always been my helper elf and it means the world to me when I can make him smile.


Hindustanka said...

I am of course, decorating in few steps, because i simply have no time to decorate in one day. I have prepared crochet snowflakes so far and going to do some simple decoration with them:) will make a post about it.
rest- the Christmas tree is still waiting to be established and decorated.
Have a nice day, Anna!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

It's my daughter's turn to decorate the tree here at Casa de Cuckoo. This will be the first time since they moved in that they are using their ornaments. She sorted and remembered then decided and left the ornaments in boxes under the tree. Not an easy move to let go of the painful reason they are here and get on down the road but we will all help tonight after dinner to put the ornaments on the tree and get some happy going.
I put up my little gnome/elf tree yesterday and am well pleased. So I am officially done with my part this year. Oma Linda

Joane said...

I put up our tree too. We got a teeny tree this year - only about 3 feet if that. I usually do red ornaments but, I'm switching things up this year and doing gold and white. Not many ornaments on the tree cause I'm saving room for some that I'll be making - good old pine cones painted white with some gold glitter and paint.