i made this! hallowe'en craft blog party

I'm playing at one last blog party this season. Today is the I Made This! Hallowe'en Craft blog party at The Domestic Pagan. Thank you to Serenity Raven for hosting. I'm also doing this as a Spooky Mondays post for Wendy at Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland!
I thought I would share something old and something new. I already showed you the spooky fence cutouts on my last post. Since I found a few more missing pieces I wanted to post newer pictures here.
I had more birds, bats, cats and the bottom grass borders tucked away.
I made these about 6 or 7 years ago. You might recognize the crows and bats from Martha Stewart's Halloween line. Before she started selling them as ready to use cutouts she had the patterns in one of the October issues of her magazine. So I made lots of bats, crows, owls and cats from foam. Then I thought it would be fun to put them on a fence. I used to always put these up outside around my front door but this year I decided to put them on my wall so I can look at them all the time!
The creepy ghoul above the fence is this guy. He was a last minute project my son and I threw together this weekend after checking the stores for clearance stuff.
We picked up a couple of foam skulls and grey net spooky fabric for $2 each. Then I rounded up some wire hangers and we made our own hanging ghouls.
A few went by the front door to scare the little trick-or-treaters which is what my son loves to do.
This is another project from a few years ago that I use almost every year. I made witchy bell sleeves from black glittery velvet and cotton gauze.
The top has an elastic band so they go right over whatever top I'm wearing when I want to witchify my outfit.
This is how they looked for my Halloween carnival paired up with a chocolate brown bridal skirt I found at the thrift store for $3.
Since tonight is also a full moon I wanted to give you a peek at one more thing I made for the Halloween carnival.
I painted and embellished a little paper mache box. Then I made this tag to go along with a treat that's on it's way to someone enchanting out there.
Thank you for stopping by for this one last Halloween fling. Don't forget to visit Serenity for the rest of the party participants.
Full Moon blessings and Happy Spooky Monday


Linda said...

I love it all Anna, What a great job you've done.
Still trying to decorate the outside of our house. Some of my things were stolen from last year...very disappointed but what can a person do. I will just have to work with what I have.

Have a Happy halloween..

Georgina said...

Oh my, I love everything you did, especially the outfit...what great ideas, Anna...thanks for sharing.

I will be doing the "goulie" thing in Austin this year, taking my five little grand-changelings trick-or-treating...going to be lots of fun and their "Meema" is dressing up too..wish I had time to make those sleeves for my outfit, but next year.


Hindustanka said...

Anna, your crafting is just magical! Very beautiful dress...real witch!
spooky too, especially that skull! Have a great Halloween! I also linked up with the party. Anna

Anonymous said...

Love it all as usual, Anna. I especially love the picture of you which was perfect at the carnival.
Sent you an email, but thank you again for all the goodies.

Celia said...

Love it!! I especially love your skulls with the fabric and wire hanger....can you show us in another post exactly how you made those? I would love to try and make those next year. I didn't decorate outside of my house this year at all.....very sad. Which as it turns out with the storm we had it would have been destroyed. I say every year that I'm going to do this or that....and it just never happens.

Unknown said...

Your idea is so cool and impressive, Anna. But in fact, I love the Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland more :)

Anonymous said...

Anna, haven't heard back from you and wondered if you got my email, but even more so I'm wondering if you received the package I sent both you and Marfi. I hate to linger in wonderville (different from wonderland) because I never know if the package got lost and the person I sent it to thinks I never sent it. It was mailed almost two weeks ago.
Anywho, just drop me a line if it made it to you.

Ms Misantropia said...

As usual, I love all you've made! I was inspired to enter this party when I saw your post, and show some candles I had made - but then I saw that the hostess is having some issues, and the party seems off..?
Either way, I just dropped by to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Bohemian said...

Dear Anna... I was the Proud Recipient of your Generous Gift of this Fabulous Paper Mache Box and Card, THANK YOU! I have attached the card to one of my Altered Art Bottles and the Box was so pretty I hesitated to open it... but I knew my Lovely Gypsy Bracelet that I Won in the Give-Away lay inside! What a Treat it was Today to receive my Special Package holding the Candy, Bracelet and Box with Cards... such Thoughtful Gifts and Packaging... Thank You so much, it is most definitely appreciated and made my day! Blog Land Generosity is unmatched and I shall be doing a Blog Post on my Gifts with links to your site.

Blessings and a Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian