carnival lights

That's all I can say about this weekend's Le Mysterieux Carnival party. Everyone of you absolutely blew me away with your creativity and the amount of work you put into your carnival posts.
There were booths, rides, stories, treats, mouth watering photos and even videos. I have never seen so many amazing silver tickets. I love how everyone was able to tie the carnival and Halloween theme together. I would say they were made for each other.
Things are starting to settle down around here. Lucinda is back in her old spot on my tea cart and Madame Veruca decided to take up the space right next to her. They must have lots to talk about.
After looking over my carnival post 99 times I realized there were photos and stories I left out. I think 18 hours of non stop editing  started to boggle my brain a little. So I added the missing ones here and there and you're welcome to take a look again to see if you can spot them.
I even realized I completely forgot to include my Spider Veins Candy Floss in the witch's booth so here it is with the ladies.
We are getting ready to draw winners and announce prizes this weekend and I'll have all of that posted here. It was great to see party goers participating in all our booths. I think only one of you tried the Death Clock. I have to admit I'm too chicken to do it!
I'm finishing up a couple of fun little projects then I'll be getting ready for the Bewitching Home blog party on Saturday. It will give me a chance to finally witchyfy my house (well more than it normally is). I noticed no one in our neighborhood has put up decorations yet and I think that has a lot to do with the hot weather we've been having. But today I need birthday decorations because it's also my 'little' guy's birthday. He is 16!
I just finished making all my visits so I hope I didn't miss any of you. If I did please let me know!
Thank you for all your incredible work. Marfi and I had so much fun putting this together and I had a blast seeing what you came up with. Some of you have already asked about next year!
The carnival lights will always be on so anyone can visit our page whenever they like. But the magical portal through the Haunted Woods will close for now while we enjoy the rest of the Halloween season. Keep your eyes and ears open for the sound of the carnival train.
You never know when it might come around again.


Unknown said...

I'm still not done with all my visits but I have had so much fun! So glad you hosted and looking forward to seeing what you create for this weekend.


Georgina said...

I just have had entirely too much going to all the great parties. Wow, I'm so impressed with all the participants...what talent!! Thanks for a great time, Anna, and I'm not done yet!! LOL Have a great week.


Hazel (Didos) said...

I loved the Carnival, it was brilliant, Thanks so much to you and Marfi again for hosting it. Hope your Wee one has a happy birthday. My Baby will be 16 too next birthday!!Where does the time go, Hxx

Ricki Treleaven said...

I had such a great time visiting everyone's booths! :D I think I made it to all of them unless there were some late entries. Thanks so much for hosting. It was such a fun party!

Happy Sweet Sixteen to your little guy!


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

This was such a fun event. The cuckoos and I had a wonderful time doing our picture shoot. We already have plans for a next time.....should that occasion arise from the dust of the carnival caravans rolling down the long winding road out of town. Thanks so much for the fun opportunity. Oma Linda

earthen-magic said...

...absolute awesomeness! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(: ...xXx... ...Samantha... ...mighty october hugs to thee!...

Lynn Stevens said...

Anna, you did a Fantastic job setting this all up. Can't believe all the time you put into it.
I really enjoyed seeing everyones booths.
I promise next year mine will be more creative. LOL
hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna, I had so much fun and so hope you ladies bring it around again next year. Wishing your son a very happy birthday! Hugs sweetie.