what to wear?

Just in case you might be wondering what one wears to a carnival in the woods. I found some fabulously whimsical fashions in this photo shoot by Paul Schmidt and worn by Charlotte Free.These were originally featured in Jalouse June/July 2011. Black and white stripes, big polka dots, pumpkin orange and pink cotton candy hair. How perfect is that?

Click "read more" for rest of pics.

Aren't these fun? I just love the oversized hats! I think I might have to see what I can do with a few old hats I have in my closet.


Ms Misantropia said...

I think I remember seeing these pictures somewhere before, and I loved the outfits already then!

Rachel said...

Oooo yes! These are gorgeous outfits.

Hummmm wonder what my boss would say if I turned up to work with pink hair?

Angela Reeves said...

Gorgeous photos!! I'm loving the pink hair....not sure I could pull it off, lol. Great inspiration for all the fun upcoming circus and Halloween fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh could I have all of my wardrobe like this. I love the stripes and the beauty of it. Thank you for sharing.
hugs and sparkles

Linda said...

Great post Anna, I love all the vibrant colors and styles.

Thank you for your comment, Yes, I love the masks too.