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Hi and happy Friday everyone. Today I want to share something close to my heart. You probably know that like many of you I am a big animal lover. I'm crazy about kitty cats. The three beautiful girls on my sidebar are my baby and angels. Luna is my 3 year old studio assistant. A super feisty butterscotch fur ball with a taste for buttered toast. Kushka is one of my angels. I lost her to cancer  from a vaccine 3 years ago when she was only 3 1/2. She was the sweetest, most gentle soul. LaLou was technically my neighbor's cat but she spent every single day in my yard and a few nights in my house. She was stunning with the most gorgeous green eyes. For 4 years I thought of her as my own and looked forward to her visits. Last year she became very sick and I said goodbye to her just before Christmas. I miss all my furry angels everyday.

All my cats except for one have been rescues or strays. I know there are far too many homeless pets out there waiting for a home everyday. The sad reality is that there are more cats and dogs euthanized than there are that find homes. I wish I had the funds and resources to make a big difference but like many of you there are challenges I face that keep me from adopting more than one pet at  a time.

I have followed several animal advocacy groups online. The stories often break my heart and it frustrates me that I'm limited as far as what I am able to do. Then it occurred to me that just spreading the word might be the least I can do. I just started a Facebook page that simply follows the work of various shelters and charities around the country. Many of you are probably already familiar with them.
There are cats and dogs that are literally waiting for an 11th hour rescue and stories like those of Lennox and Corona that will make you cringe and scream. If I can get the word out there maybe it might help one more kitty, one more dog. I'm hoping that some of you that follow my blog will take a minute whenever you can to help.

Visit my Peace Paws Petunias page on Facebook. You're welcome to share your own pet stories, pet art, post rescue alerts, share a favorite animal cause or charity. I know it's a small step when you look at the big picture but I believe every little step matters.


Laura said...

i know what you mean about wishing you could do more to help. my family and i are big pet bull lovers (as we call pit bulls) and i follow so many rescues for them on FB that i can't keep up anymore. it breaks my heart not to be able to adopt any more pets right now. i sent a friend request to your new page. maybe being able to spread the word is a way to help right now.

pchickki said...

I am 100% with you !
I have two rescued dogs and a cat that was dropped off on my property.
If I had the money I would open the largest rescue ranch in the world. It breaks my heart to see the neglect and cruelty of all animals.
Bless You heart and yes I want to help !

Magaly Guerrero said...

There are never enough ways to spread furry love ;-)

Linda Carole Bloom said...

A great thing you are doing - never underestimate the power of social media! I volunteer with the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and have had 6 rescued doggies - I have two now. I will like your Facebook page. Love, Linda

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Anna I am on my way over. We have always adopted our dogs and cats and living on a farm many have just showed up here and always have a forever home.

We lost our two darling dogs this past year to old age, they were 14, which we had adopted from the SPCA. We now have two other sweeties, Rufus and Daisy, who we adopted from a small Dog Rescue that I have become very close to.

We support several small shelters monthly and the SPCA and WWF. We have done that for years. Now with this Dog Rescue RESCUE DOGS MATCH I am taking a more active interest. I am hosting a GYPSY TEA & TAROT PARTY at my studio to raise money and awareness for the dogs.

If everyone does a little bit to help animals it adds up to a lot.

I alway urge everyone I know to adopt and it is something I do on my blog and my Etsy Shops.

It is wonderful that you are making people aware through your blog for PEACE PAWS. There is power in the written word and lets hope that more lives are saved through this cause.

blessings & bliss,

Linda said...

Hi...two years ago we adopted a wonderful little doggie. She was so very thin and very sad. We welcomed her with open arms. Her weight was only 2 lbs...within a month and a half her body and mood changed quickly. Today she is a happy 3 1/2 lb. cutie. She reminds us of the character Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life. I would gladly adopt again.

LuLu Kellogg said...

We have sever dogs and just love them all to bits! If I had room I would adopt again!


Lady Lilith said...

This post makes me sad...but that is the appropriate response for what the reality of the situation. It seems society hasn't quite found a way to help our abandoned furry friends that are in their 11th hour.

I have a guy (beagle) that I rescued about 5 years ago now. He means so much to me and he knows it :)! Glad you are doing such a service to these creatures by getting the word out!

Laura S Reading said...

I will join and like your page and then help spread the word. But once I have added you to my Rescues and Shelters list, so I get your updates in my newsfeed, I have to "unlike" the page just because I have exceeded the facebook limits. (My personal grumble.)
So do not think I have abandoned you!

Laura S Reading said...

OH- you are doing it as add a friend!
I have not reached my limit on that.