do i see what you see?

Each time I go on Blogger I just become more and more frustrated. Posting has been a challenge, particularly if I have lots of pictures to post.....the WBC post took a LOT of patience. I haven't seen my followers gadget in ages and just the other day I realized not all the Blogger fonts show up the same way on different browsers.

I've been using IE7 for ages. I can't upgrade to 8 because it crashes my poor old computer. Blogger did a systems upgrade recently and I think IE7 doesn't support a lot of it which is why my followers gadget suddenly went missing.

So I downloaded Google Chrome and voila....I see my followers when I use Chrome! But the font I use for my blog looks really weird and pixelated. This totally baffles me. Doesn't Google own Blogger? Why would their browser not support web fonts they offer on their blogger site?

Maybe it's just me and this old laptop of mine. Any of you have similar woes? Can you tell me if the font I use looks normal or is it weird and blurry (that's what it looks like to me in Chrome). And are you able to load multiple images in Blogger? I used to up until last week. Now I can load one picture and I have to exit out of the editor each time I need to load the next one. Yes. The WBC post nearly made me want to give up blogging all least until I can upgrade either my system or my computer.

Anyway, I was also going to add more about the Artful Bag Challenge ATC swap and also stuff about the HP movie but I'll save it for the next post. So really quickly...

I already have a few sign ups for next month's ATC swap theme and if you're interested in swapping please email me soon.

Also the Harry Potter movie was amazing of course and we have already seen it twice! I'll tell you more next time.

Those are older pictures of Luna up there, when she was still a kitten. I just love them and it's exactly how I feel about this Blogger thing, lol. Be back soon.


GerryART said...

I've posted once using this new Blogger 'update' not certain what to think of it.
Can't find a couple of usual features, are they there and I can't find them????? who knows.
I use Google Chrome and have for a long time.
oh well, I've got to work up a post for today.
It's hot here but I don't go out for long periods so am not 'suffering' Thank Goodness.
hugs ♥

Marfi-topia said...

hi anna, your font is normal..i use firefox and it's been alright...even with loading pictures, but if i use aol...ugh!I can't even leave comments.
Luna looks adorable btw!
have a great day and don't you give up!!!!!

Dianie said...

Hi Anna,
Your page looks wonderful to me. The fonts look perfect from where I'm sitting too.

I use firefox as well, and everything has been fine here too..
I have been lucky, because I wouldn't know how to fix anything if I had problems.

I hope you can get it all fixed without anymore problems.

Have a great day!

Oh, p.s
that is the cutest Kitty :)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

What a headache you've been having! @_@ Have you tried using Firefox instead of IE? I know that most of my issues when using IE went *POOF* when I switched over to using Firefox. Hope all this gets worked out soon! There few worse things than wanting to blog, but not being able to!


Art From The heart said...

Love the cat pics,what a cutie.
As to google/blogger don't know anyone that hasn't had problems. Hopefully they will get the hang of what they're doing soon,before others move on !

BLiSsAngELs said...

Anna i know how you feel .. I tried posting last night and an error message kept appearing and then it would'nt let me post it and I can't edit...I just keep reminding myself it's free.. but I'm getting tired of all the problems.

Janet Ghio said...

I use Firefox and your font looks fine.

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Anna querida Que Tudo resolva rapido ... sentimos Falta das Postagens SUAS lindas! grande abraço
e gatinho fofo... Muito fofo

Lorraine said...

Hi Anna...your font looks fine to me, but I share your frustrations, I have not been able to upload anything, whether it be blogger posts or photos to flickr. Plus it takes so long to do *anything*! But I think it's a personal issue with my computer...still, I know how you feel.

Leanne said...

Anna, are you using the new editor or the old one? I'm finding uploading images on the new one easier to do, but harder to move around in the actual blog post itself. Oh, and I use Firefox too, but then I'm on a Mac, sooo.... your mileage may vary. Or as I just typed twice, your "muleage" may vary... guess my fingers were being stubborn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, the font looks normal to me, so that's ok.
I love the pictures of your cat she's so very sweet !!
Have a magical day.

Susan said...

Just a quick tip. Try logging out, then log back in and uncheck the box that says keep me logged in. That seems to be working for a lot of people.

Celia said...

Everything looks good to me. I use Firefox too and haven't had any problems. The only thing I can't figure out is why I can't get my signature to move down without clicking on it and cut and pasting it.

Unknown said...

Hi Anna,

I have had similar issues. The Followers thing seemed to hit a bunch of people right after they did the upgrades. Everyone once in a while I lose it, but it seems when I do it is because Blogger is having issues. I usually use Chrome or Firefox. I detest IE. Your font looks fine. I have a font that Google offers also and it looks weird on my end, but so far I have not had any complaints about it. We saw the Harry Potter movie last Saturday and it was awesome!!

Hugs, Lisa

Linda said...

Hi Anna, So sorry to here about your computer troubles. That is the most frustrating thing, I hate when that happends. I hope it is cleared up soon. Luna looks so sweet. She is so much fun to see when she is sleeping.

I will be participating in the next bag challange. I can't wait. I am enjoying this so much. Your doing a great job.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Oh Blogger...what in the world is happening??? So many glitches as of late - I feel for you. :) Happy to hear you enjoyed the HP film - we can't wait to see it. :)