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Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post about my Blogger woes. I really appreciate all your suggestions and glad to hear I'm not the only one having posting issues. I think I'll keep using Chrome for now even if my text looks weird to me. At least I know it looks OK to you guys so that works for me.

Next month we are doing the second round of our ATC swap for the Artful Bag Challenge. A few people have already signed up so if you're interested in doing the swap please send me an email and let me know. I'll post the pairings on August 5.

It looks like Harry Potter DH2 is breaking all sorts of box office records. We have seen it twice and it is truly amazing. My son and I did the 2 day movie marathon last week which ended with the midnight opening of the new film. We even got fun freebies for doing the marathon (special Harry 3D glasses, hat, poster). It was so great to see all the movies on the big screen again and seeing them all back to back really made me appreciate the journey those young actors went on.

I have to say that seeing it on opening night wasn't exactly the experience I had expected. We saw it in 3D and it was amazing of course, but I think seeing it on opening night and in 3D was just a little too distracting for me. We had a great time in the theater and there was a fun party atmosphere the whole time, but I had a hard time fully immersing myself in the story. I really thought I would be in tears most of the time but I was surprised to find I never used any of the tissues I stuffed in my purse.

Even my son said he was surprised he didn't feel as sad as he thought he would be. So we spent the drive home discussing why we felt this way and came to the conclusion that although we had a great time at the marathon, all the excitement proved to be a little too distracting. I mean there was even someone in the audience who was sobbing so hard that people started giggling!

So we decided we had to go and see it again right away, which we did. This time not in 3D and during a less crowded show. Finally I was able to get into it and fully appreciate each scene and of course by the end I had gone through all my tissues. I also hope Alan Rickman gets recognized for his performance because he was absolutely brilliant.

What's next? My son wants to see the movie in D-Box. That's when you get to sit in a motion chair that moves along with the scenes in the film. A few theaters are showing DH2 with the D-Box experience (also in 3D). Now I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat, but I'm also curious to see what it's like. So I'll probably end up taking a bunch of ginger pills....which is suppose to work for motion sickness....and bring along a little brown bag just in case, lol.

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

p.s. We went to our Borders store yesterday and it made me so sad to see everything going away. I can't believe they're closing. I have wonderful memories of going to the Harry Potter midnight book releases and parties there with my little guy. It was really too much to see it all being cleared out :(


Linda said...

Hi Anna, This is a wonderful post. I haven't yet seen the movie but we will in a few days. There was no marathon here, I am sure that yours was amazing. There was however another Harry Potter week-end on the family channel, which we enjoyed and had fun.

Celia said...

The movie was amazing!! It is so sad to me that it's over. There was a marathon here but I couldn't find anyone to go with sad. I will have to have my own marathon!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

So glad to hear about your Harry Potter adventures! Believe it or not, we haven't seen it yet - but we'll be going this coming weekend and we can't wait!!!! Thank you, too, for the little shout-out to Borders. I hosted four Harry Potter parties - and I'll cherish my memories of each and every one. :) xoxo

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Anna
Because the tickets sold out so rapidly for the midnight showing of HP in our city, my children and I went to three different theaters...but none of us saw it in 3-D as those were sold out too. I went with my sister, my two sons were in another theater, and my niece was in the same theater where we were but sitting higher up with her friends.
One girl in the audience kept moaning or gasping, and making the rest of us laugh too.
Knowing it was the last HP film...I knew I had to be there for the midnight showing. I am going to go see it again with my sister, and maybe see it in 3-D...but it may be a bit much...I like the reality of all of the rest of the HP movies.
You were so lucky to see the marathon viewing of the previous movies leading into the midnight showing of the last movie. How cool is that!!!
Yes, I was in Border's twice this week and that is where I buy all of my Stampington publications, so I am going to have to NEED to do some subscribing to Art Doll Quarterly, Somerset Studio, and make sure I know when the next Somerset Workshop comes out. We bought all of the Harry Potter books when they came out at Borders too, including a couple at the time of the midnight releases. I did buy a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part I poster this week for 50% off at Borders...I couldn't resist it!
Thanks for the memories...
Teresa in Central CA