It's so easy to simply get caught up in our own little world isn't it? Blissfully surrounded by what's familiar and comfortable. To be fortunate and blessed to celebrate a birthday with loved ones.

To have the luxury to spend time to create from our hearts. To be lucky enough to be able to worry about finding inspiration or making wise decisions or even what silly trinket to buy with a gift card.

As I sit here in front of my computer in my comfortable little suburban home, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan, who were hit by a deadly earthquake and devastating tsunami earlier today. In my wildest dreams I can't imagine going through anything like that. The images are mind boggling.

So many of us are beyond fortunate and immeasurably blessed.

Perspective is one of those things that comes around and slaps you across the face whenever you get too caught up in yourself. It gives you focus when you lose sight of the bigger picture. How fortunate am I to be able to worry about what to create next? Or whether to share my art or simply keep it safely tucked away.

I've learned lessons in ways I wouldn't wish on any of you. But the need to go forward on this creative journey comes from a place I have never known before. It gives me joy to play with my paints and papers and stripey napkins. I simply love/need to create.

So I put myself out here again. Unsure of whether the journey to finding my own creative voice is still one I'm willing to take. In light of everything else it's such an insignificant bother compared to what's happening in the world. The road winds ever onward and I have no doubt there are plenty more lessons for me to learn.

And so I count my blessings.

Today I'm grateful for family, friends, life and the amazing gift of perspective.

Have a beautiful day.


Jeanie Callaghan said...

Lovely, heart-felt post. I feel the same way. What can we do, but go on?

Leanne said...

What a beautiful post, dear friend. (And the happiest of belated birthday greetings to you!) I've been so out of touch lately - please accept my heartfelt apologies. I pop in from time to time for that inspirational spirit you always give me, feeling like I'm being a bad blog friend just soaking it in without giving anything in return to you. Please forgive me. This post was so lovely, with that ever gentle Anna reminder to count our blessings. (And I absolutely love these pieces you are creating ... the flowing gowns and dimension is beautiful. I love to see what you create.) Today I count the blessing of knowing you. hugs, as always!!! (Lots of typos - had to delete and save again! Oh, my mind! Where have you gone!?!)

Linda said...

Anna, You are so wise. We all need to count our at a time. You are so right. My heart also goes out to all those people who are involved with the disasters and misfortunes. Thank you for reminding me.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet Anna....What a wise post today. We are truly blessed and should be grateful everyday for what we have been granted. "True joy is untouched by circumstances."



Thespoena McLaughlin said...


Unknown said...

When we quit learning, we are really in trouble. Lovely share, Anna.
Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
Have a lovely PS weekend ~


Theresa MacNaughton said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Thank you, Anna. It is true that we should be grateful for each day and each little thing that we might sometimes take for granted. You truly have a gift and I applaud you for growing in your art. Each piece you've created is so lovely - and I'm thrilled to watch you grow. :) Take care and I'm happy you had a lovely birthday! Theresa

Fran. said...

Anna what a beautiful and so truthful post!! Blessings are such a gift to us everyday!! Thanks for sharing your heart and your art!! Have a beautiful weekend and keep on creating!! Love ya, Fran. XO

Pellie / Penny said...

Wonderful and insightful post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us.


Cameron said...

You are so right! Appreciating all that is good in our lives....and the lessons and labor needed to achieve them is so necessary :)

Anonymous said...

My thought as well, Anna.

Sarah Knight said...


Janine said...

This are going to be wonderful and charming paintings.
Your blog is delightful!

scrapwordsmom said...

Anna, your words are so beautiful. Your blog and your art is so beautiful. Please continue to share and share. You really are making a difference.

Sinderella's Studio said...

Having worked in an emergency room for 8 years - perspective is a good thing. I remember when I was sad or feeling low about something I would go to work - and a young person would little worries went flying away & I tackled whatever I needed to without a second thought. You keep creating - it makes you joy to others and inspiration. We are all sending prayers and what we can to help those in greater need. Yes, we are blessed and grateful!
cheers, dana

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Your paintings are fabulous! I too am feeling such sadness for the people of Japan, it's just devastating! The photos just make me want to cry, I cannot imagine going through something like that!