feedback needed for artful bag challenge theme

Happy Friday lovelies! Any of you see signs of Spring this week? Certainly not here in Tomatoland, although today looks like a sunnier day. We just had a wicked winter storm come through the last 3 days. Crazy winds, flood alerts, tons of snow up in the mountains and even small tornadoes. Hellooo...this is California right?

I have a few ideas to share with you and wondered if I can get some feedback. I love how Wendy (Blissfull ATC Swap) created a Flickr account to post our ATC cards, so I thought it would be great to do the same thing for the bag challenge. Our April challenge is an ATC swap and I have been thinking about what to do about it. I love that we have ladies participating around the world so I want to make sure that all the challenges are available to everyone.

So these are the ideas I have:

1 - Do the traditional ATC swap and sort out who can/or can not particiapte in an international swap. Note that most international mail coming from the US shouldn't be more than $2 for a small envelope with an ATC card.

2 - Do an ATC "share" rather than a swap. Meaning that we still create our bag themed cards but each person shares by posting it on her own blog and on the Artful Bag Challenge Flickr page (I'll have it up later today). Although this takes the fun out of looking forward to getting a piece of art in the mail, it makes it easier for everyone to play along.

3 - Change the 4th theme all together. Maybe do a "your choice" theme instead. You can use any of the previous bag themes or do your own as long as it's all about the bag of course.

I would really appreciate everyone's input on this. I have enjoyed our last 3 challenges and really want to keep it fun and interesting for everyone. Please share your thoughts in a comment or feel free to email me if you like. Don't forget you can still add your embellished bag for March too!

Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend.


Jeanie Callaghan said...

I vote that we leave it as you originally envisioned it. Everyone who 'signed up' for this challelnge knew that every 4th swap would be an ATC. You also said in the beginning that it was OK if we didn't participate in every challenge. So no one should have a problem. If someone wants to make an ATC and 'share' it but not trade it, then they simply don't sign up for the swap, but they can still post their ATC along with the others.

I assume we will need to email you at the beginning of the month to let you know we are participating in the swap so that people can be paired up.

I'm loving this challenge!

Wendy Aspinall said...

Good morning Anna sorry I 'm behind with my bag I' ll do it today... As for the swap . I love your 1st idea of trading but I also have a idea for you... go with the second sharing their ATC on their blogs and then if they want to offer their ATC for trade they could do that themselves on their blogs .. that way you don't have to know who taking part you don't have to sort partners, ect.... just an idea... hugs wendy

Toni said...

I think you should keep it the way it was originally so I choose #1

peggy gatto said...

I would love to participate int he atc swap.
Will you put my name down!

Fran. said...

Hi Anna! I agree with the way you decided in the first place. I am finishing up my bag this weekend. Been alittle under ther weather!! Hope you're doing good. Have a great weekend. XO Love, Fran.

Linda said...

Hi Anna...I think we should keep it the way it is. I am excited anyway you want to do it, but for me and less confusion...Keep it the way it was originally was stated.
I hope by now that the sun is shinning and it is above 55 degrees. Oh so cold here..28.
Happy Week-end

Wendy said...

Dearest Anna,
I hope all is well. Anyway would be lovely. I like how it is now. #1 , but I would love it anyway..... Please enter me for the April ATC swap. Sooooo Excited.
I am heading to post my March bag now.
Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland

Electra said...

I am all for the way you originally set it up. I've participated in a lot of international ATC swaps and I'll bet Canada has some of the highest postal rates of anywhere in the world,from what I've seen. But I know that, and am willing to pay that for the privilege of getting a little piece of artwork in the mail.