june paper dress

It's time to add another paper dress to my little wardrobe for the Dress Up 2010 challenge at Alice and Camilla.

For June I made an Alice in Wonderland inspired dress.
I imagined wearing it to the upcoming Mad Tea Party.


I used  blue distressed style cardstock, pieces of a
vintage lace doillie, buttons and a flower graphic I cut from
scrapbook paper. All ready for the tea party!

And here is my dress for March.

I made this party dress in honor of Spring 
and also my birthday which is in  March.

I used a pretty napkin and crumpled and glued it onto
a fuschia damask design paper dress.

I gathered the waistline so the skirt would poof up.
Finished with gold trim and millinery flower.

Into the wardrobe they go to join April and May!

Click on the Dress Up 2010 button on my sidebar for more
beautiful paper dresses at Alice and Camilla.


Melissa said...

Once again, it's a feast for the eyes to visit you! Love the dressed -- especially March! (MY b-day month, two! Er, 23 to be exact :)

Leanne said...

So darling!!! You won't believe this - but yesterday I thought, "hmmm.. I don't think Anna has showed us any dresses in a while..." YEA! Love them all.

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Oh gosh Anna they are beautiful! Really nice work!


~*~Patty S said...

Your dresses are pure magic, so sweet and delightful!

BadPenny said...

They are both really pretty - the first does have an Alice feel to it & the second a little 50s party dress - lovely

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That June tea party dress is adorable. Looks like just the thing to wear to high tea. And when I saw the March dress, I thought of a 50s dress that a housewife would wear when she and her hubby were entertaining on a summer day by the barbeque or pool. I've seen pictures of dresses from that era that I swear look similar. Love these two, that's for sure.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

My daughter, Anna likes your paper dresses.

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margaret said...

Superb Anna! if you're having a tea party wearing a dress like that then can I come please???!! I love it so much, the colour is fab and the tiny doillie details are inspired.
Your second dress has a wonderful texture too it and it's such a pretty colour choice.
You have a very beautiful blog! Margaret

Karen said...

Oh Anna...your dresses are sooo pretty and I see you have a wardrobe...I really must sort mine out XXX

Sherry said...

Beautiful, both of them! I love the Alice one and the doilies - just right for the tea party.

Dandelion Dreams said...

Happy waybelated birthday!

I can easily picture the blue dress on Alice. The use of the doilies was absolutely perfect! That is going to be such an adorable display once you've finished. I admit I'm tempted into copying and making my own little wardrobe, I'm adoring the dresses so much.

The pink is my favorite. Only because I so want to wear it. I absolutely adore it. Aaaaaand I love, love, love how you've added your collage piece to your blog's title! Soooo whimsical and colorful! No one can come to your blog and not smile with all those colors and kitties. Not even the Grinch!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh I love your Alice in Wonderland dress!!! Don't you just love that theme?!!! And your March dress is fabulous! I love the inside of your wardrobe too! Marva

Jeanie Callaghan said...

They are both so pretty and feminine! Well done!

Toni said...

how beautiful these are... don't you just love being a girl...I could totally see myself wearing these dresses...lol... great job

Unknown said...

What a beautiful work !

Victoria said...

Yay!!! Wow..these are super adorable..fabulous and so beautiful!! You are magic! these are sooo awesome..shine on!