witchy wardrobe

I like to think of clothing as costume, another form of art and self expression. I'm far from a fashionista, don't follow trends and I don't always think about creating an outfit for everything I do. First priority is always comfort and for me that's a soft stretchy dress or skirt instead of jeans. I love natural, comfortable fabrics, texture, layers and yummy details. Most of all I love contrast. Vintage with modern, feminine with edgy, embellishments with clean lines. The creative soul in me can't help seeing clothing through artful eyes and my inner witch recognizes that there is magic in dressing the part when you're trying to draw something into your life.

Here's a collection of pretties that inspire me right now. These are by Robin Kaplan and Krista Larson.  Another line I love is Neesh by D.A.R. (described as 'whimsical clothing for grownup girls)'. I love the attention to detail on all these designer pieces. I also just discovered a shop on Etsy called RebeccasArtCloset that I just adore. I try to look for stuff that has similar lines then I'll add trim and embellishments to create my own version for a fraction of the price. Thrift shops and secondhand stores are my favorite places to hunt for treasure as well as discount stores like Marshalls and Ross. Having a nearly non existent wardrobe budget forces me to get really creative and for me that is half the fun.

Handmade recycled skirt from RebeccasArtCloset on Etsy

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