mixed media art

2012 mixed media paintings

"Broom Ride" - 12x12

"P.T. and Bailey" - 8x10

"Birthday Party" - 11x14

"Always" - 12x12

"Hold On"12x12 canvas

"Pink Stockings/Follow Your Bliss" -12x12 canvas

"Wondermoon" - 12x12 canvas

"Blissful" - 8x10 canvas

'Waiting For My HeART to Bloom' - 12x12 canvas

2011 mixed media paintings

'Here' - 10x10 on canvas

"Into the Woods" - 16x20 on canvas

"Up All Night" - 10x10 on canvas

"Gypsy Rose Pudding Fairy" - 10x10 canvas

"I Hope They Have Pudding" - 8x8 canvas

Reverie - 10x10 on canvas

"Fearless" - 10x10 on canvas

"Daring" - 8x8 on canvas

2010 mixed media paintings

Bliss Fairy - 8x10

Petunia's Dream Catcher - 8x10

Moon Dancer - 8x10

Pancake Circus - 8x10

Under The Same Moon - 11x14

The Oasis - 12x12

Flutterby - 11x14