about 3.0

I love chocolate and cupcakes, I adore flowers
and I talk to kitties I meet on my walk.
Sparkly things make me smile.
So do velvet ribbon and and hot cocoa with whipped cream.
My house is a mad mix of everything:
art in progress, science projects, secondhand finds.
On most days it's a repository for cat fur and glitter.
I have too many books. I don't have enough spoons.
I believe Halloween should last 3 months,
JK Rowling is a genius and sucralose is absolutely disgusting.
I love what's in my house: my tiny art studio, my brilliant teenage son,
my collection of happy mismatched furniture,
one rather voluptuos butterscotch tabby
and the odd assortment of neighborhood cats who believe
my backyard is their own private kitty park.

I'm constantly learning new things and becoming an artist is definitely one of those things. My favorite mediums are mixed media and assemblage. I occasionally sell a few pieces but what I love most is sharing my art with family and friends and donating artwork to support animal shelters and rescues.

Frosted Petunias is a peek into my little world of whimsy, dreams and artful witchery, always with a dash of glitter and extra frosting. Blogging allows me to share it with you so thank you for visiting and for sharing a little bit of your world with me too.

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius
and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous
than absolutely boring."
--Marilyn Monroe

someday i will......
take a year long road trip in a vintage Airstream
dine on beignets at the Cafe du Monde at midnight
live in the French Quarter in a 200 yr old Spanish colonial
park a gypsy wagon on the coast of Big Sur and giveaway cupcakes
visit the Harry Potter studio at Leavesden with my son
have a Halloween tea party in my own tree house
rescue all the homeless cats and dogs I can find
visit Hobbiton in New Zealand with my son
live by the beach in southern California
make something insanely beautiful
open a little vintage book shop
sip Disaronno under a full moon in Venice
and fall madly in love all over again

"I will love the light
for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness
because it shows me the stars."
--Og Mandino