friday silliness

I'm not usually freaked out by Friday the 13th. In fact I didn't even realize what day it is until I glanced at the calendar on my fridge.

Then it all made sense.

It's been a freaky sort of day for me already and it's barely 9am. But I had to laugh when I saw this picture posted here.  I just love the Luna look a like! It kind of sums up how my day has been.

I hope you're Friday turns out to be more silly than freaky.

Have a great weekend!


Lynda said...

Wow, I didn't even realize that today was Friday the 13th until I saw this post of yours. Thanks for the reminder, I will make sure to avoid ladders and black cats! :)

Toriz said...

My Friday the 13th was just like pretty much any other day... They usually are for me!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it's over ; ) Hubby started having a molar infection with a lot of pain, so off to the doctor and dentist, which didn't help and this pretty much spoiled the whole day for us both.
He is getting better today thank goodness ; )
Have a great day.