wacky april weather

The sun decided to come out for a little bit this morning but we have had very wacky weather this week.

It's been raining off and on all week, sometimes really hard which is not normal April weather here. We should be seeing more temps in the mid 70's but it's been much colder.

Courtesy SF Gate

Yesterday was pretty wild with lightning strikes here and an hour away in San Francisco.

Then there was this bizarre afternoon hail while I was out driving. It was so loud my eardrums hurt and unfortunately most drivers in California aren't used to any extreme weather so they panic. Luckily I remembered how to use the extra stuff my jeep has for this kind of weather (I knew they would come in handy one day). It only lasted a few minutes but of course it made our news.

Two days ago we had a tornado about 40 miles away. Nothing at all like the one in Texas and the damage was minor but just having a tornado here is pretty freaky.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


Queenie Believe said...

Wow that is wild weather for N.California. Things here in the Valley of the Sun Arizona are kind of average weather wise. Up in the northcounty they are supposed to get snow tonight! Yikes, burrrrr. So glad I live in the land of sun.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Art From The heart said...

Michigan is coooooooooooool ! We have had heavy frost for over a week every morning,It looked like snow!It has also done major damage to the fruit orchards.
Today was 60 but a breeze from the north made it feel less.
We did sit outside but with sweatshirts on ,hoping it warms up.

Lisa said...

It has been a very dry spring in PA, makes me nervous for the summer and my gardens. Yik!

Jessica said...

Our weather has been super weird too! It was sunny and hot two days ago and then all of a sudden, a storm popped in and it's been rainy and cloudy since. I am not complaining--I love rainy weather and would much rather have it be rainy than sunny, but still...it's been wacky! Wacky California weather!


Bird said...

Holy smokes... my sister lives near San Fran but didn't mention anything to me. Of course, she grew up here in the midwest where I still live so it's something we're both very used to. It has been weird weather this year... that's for sure. Well, when we go out for a visit to see my sister this year I may just be driving in to more of the same that we have here. Interesting... Hope the weather smooths out for you all.

Bright blessings,

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a real jumble of weather.
We have had warm weather in March in The Netherlands and now it is back to normal temperatures for this time of year.
I'm bringing my summer bedding in and out of the house each day, to prevent them from being destroyed by night frost.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Angela said...

It's been cold and rainy which is typical for England this time of the year, lol. A bit frustrating though....we will have two or three days of lovely weather and then the day we plan to go out and do something...rain, rain, and more rain.

Lisa said...

Weather here in Texas has been beautiful, except for the occasional devastating tornado. We are finally getting some rain after several years of drought. Things are green again and there are flowers everywhere!

Toriz said...

Our weather's all over the place, but not as bad as yours. We've had sun, rain, hail, nasty winds (there's always a bit of wind near the ocean, but sometimes it can get nasty). No tornados though, thankfully!

Ricki Treleaven said...

It has been gorgeous this week here in Central Alabama, but we are expecting severe storms at the beginning of the week (Monday, I think).

Freaky weather for San Francisco!


Anonymous said...

In Oklahoma we've been experiencing similar weather patterns. It's been a bit chilly here with heavy rain, tornadoes and quarter sized hail a few days ago. Finally, though, the clouds faded and the sun is shining!

Celia said...

The weather has been crazy here in Virginia too.....cold one day....hot the next....it's been raining really hard all day today.

Something Special said...

I live in Southern Nevada, and we have had our share of weird weather too for April. On the weekend of the 14th, it was so cold at the county fair here, that everyone was wearing big sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. And a weekend later it reached 100 degrees here. Tomorrow the highs will be only in the low 70's, then it will climb back up to 90. Very early for triple digits, I am happy for the cool down!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Just stopping by to say 'hello' to a fantastically creative nurturing soul. Hope all is well with you.
And California is again having wacky weather for the next ten days of 90 degrees!
Did you sell all of your art work in your Etsy shop? I loved all of it!
Teresa in Central CA