simply....thank you

As the dust begins to settle on our 2nd Practical Magic blog party I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you.....everyone that participated and created absolutely amazing posts (and all of you did no matter how small or big) and also to many of you that just stopped by to take a look and left me your lovely words.

Some of you seem to have much faster brooms than I do and zipped through the entire list through the weekend. I'm afraid mine isn't exactly the fastest model so I'm still making my way down the list. I'm up to the "Js" now and I will come and visit everyone of you. I go through both the comment section and the sidebar list to make sure I don't miss anyone. So don't put all your margaritas away yet. I'm on my way. I also want to say thank you for the lovely comments on my post here. They all make me smile.

This party has been a labor of love for me and if there is enough interest again I'd love to make it an annual event to kick of Fall. On that note I'd like to add that I was gifted several amazing things during our party last Saturday. The first is that I found, quite accidentally, my original long lost  paperback copy of  what else...Practical Magic!. It's been missing for years and last year I even checked one out from the library just to reference it for the party. Serendipity perhaps?

Two, we have had a yucky heatwave all week long with temps getting up to 100 midweek. I was doing all my party prep during the heat and it took lots of effort for me to imagine a cool Autumn day with the Aunts. But Saturday, the day of our party, I woke up to grey clouds, a bit of a chill and big gusts of wind rattling my chimney. It felt and looked like Fall and I was over the moon. So thank you to all of you that sent it my way :)

And last, I stepped out for just a bit at the end of the night just before sitting down flying away to make my visits. In my grocery store I was greeted with non other than the first pumpkins of the season. Wondrous, round, fat, orange moons rolling this way and that, and of course I just had to get a baby one.

There you have it. My delightful and practically magical Autumn gifts. Between those and all the amazing parties and warm comments I received I was a very happy witch. And that means so much to me as this has been a particularly challenging week for me personally in ways I won't get into, but this place and all of you have been my sanctuary. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have lots to catch up on including a post with pictures of the most fabulous matchbox and goodies I received from my partner Lynn for the Halloween matchbox swap at Vintage Dragonfly. Love it!! I can also finally share the one I made for her. My tin is ready to go out, goodness it's been ready for a while and I don't know why I didn't just mail it, but it's on its way Marti!

So back I go to visit a few more of you.
Thank you so much again and have a beautiful first week of Fall.

Oh...I had several people sign up for next month's Witches Tea Party over the weekend. I tried to add all of them to the list as I got them but with all the margaritas and zooming around I just hope I didn't miss one or two. So if you signed up and you don't see your name up there email me and let me know ♥


Unknown said...

Magically you hopped on that broom stick to whisk away to another day ... how fun. Love your background, Anna.

Have a great week.

Betty said...

I too had a great time at your PM Party. Can't wait for next years.

Wendy Aspinall said...

Dear Anna thank you for all the work you have put it to make this Boo-t ful blog rock ! Hugs and good spells Wendy

{ T G L } said...

I am not a Pagan but definitely have a broad interest in all things spiritual and religious and found your blog. What a beautiful blog you have! I look forward to future posts... although I don't have much to say on 'magick' ;)

This Good Life

Victoria said...

I'm still making my way through the list, too, Anna. I'm having such a wonderful time, thank you so much for hosting this party. I can't wait for next year's party!

Hugs and blessings,

Victoria from Brushstrokes

Monique McCoy said...

Hi Anna, I finally figured the blog address out, but I'm afraid I've missed the party. Please catch up w/ me again some other time.

Warm Wishes,

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Three cheers to you, Anna!!!! Thank you for being a beautiful hostess. I'd LOVE to see the event continue next year...and the next year...and the year after that! :) What truly serendipitous gifts!!!! It was meant to be!!! :) Enjoy visiting the rest of the parties, dear friend. :)

Lisa said...

You shouldn't thank us, we should thank YOU! I have had so much fun with this, and just loved meeting all the creative and positive lovelies out in blogland.
Big hugs,

goddessandmagick said...

It is always so much fun to go to all those blogs!! Amazing what we can do! some more than others. Magic is all over your blog!!

Dreaming Woods said...

hello, i think you blog is just magical! Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies. i must wander through your blog writings and look those practical magic party entries. i am myself a jewelry maker and i think i might create something inspired by practical magic.

Cameron said...

Well, there has been plenty of practical and just darn right fortuitous magic going on around here!

I so love visiting you :)

Meesh said...

I'm slow getting through them all, too, but it's still great fun. Thanks so much for hosting this.

Laura S Reading said...

Sadly, I too was not able to devote the entire weekend to partying, but as I am zipping around I see others still doing the same. We all tip our pointy hats and have the largest grins.

I did find a post telling that about a Tim Burton hop and a Hitchcock hop in October. I thought you and all our friends might be interested, in looking or in participating.

I can not think about doing anything more until the margaritas wear off. who said there would be no hangovers?

Toriz said...

Thanks for hosting the Practical Magic blog party; it was an awesome idea, and I really enjoyed reading all the posts for it! :)

I hope you will be doing it again, because I would like to be able to join in with it in the future!

Also, I'm looking forward to the Tea Party at the end of October; I'm already making plans for it! :)

Kim said...

Good Lord how could I have been missing out on this wonderful blog for so long??? I'm just so happy to be here now. So much fun! I'm a new follower for sure. Pop on over for a visit sometime!

Victoria said...

Thankyou for everything are magnificent !

Cellar Door said...

*raises on high and in honor of Anna, a coffee goblet brimming with a fresh blended Closer-to-Morning-than-Midnight Margarita* A cornucopia spilling out thank~yous for yet another delightful Practical Magic Blog Party! (The clock prevents me from broom~flying to to 'n fro blogs where I will read all the fun "reads." I look forward to this week~end to do just that!)

Ricki Treleaven said...

Thanks so much for hosting the Practical Magic Blog Party. I *think* I have visited every party, and I hope I did not miss a one. I loved every minute of it!

Ricki Jill

Edith Schmidt said...

Thank you again for a lovely time during the PM party. I can't wait to fly into your Tea Party. What a magical time we live in to be able to share ideas, tea, rides on a full moon with just a tap or click of a wand.

Sara said...

I would love to sign up for this. Please add me to the list. Hugs Sara

Wendy said...

Dearest Anna,
I was a day late posting and due to tech difficulties had to limit my photos, but I was so happy to have been able to join in the fun. I can't wait to visit all the parties and I am lost in enchantment and magic as I make my way through your blog and party.... Please sign me up for the Tea Party. I would love to attend.
I look forward to your parties every Fall.
Sending you Cool Autumn wishes..
Wendy from Wonderland

Noemi said...

Simply thanks to you. It was great to come all together to share our Practically Magic. Thanks you very much!


Queenie Believe said...

Thank you for the totally fabuuu PM party. I really enjoyed flying from post to post through out the week. I hope you will continue this yearly autumn tradition and hopefully I will take a leap off the roof and join in with a post of my own.
Thanks again!
Have a great day,

Celia said...

Thank YOU for such a wonderful party!!! You are an absolutely fantastic host!! Thank you for all of your hard work!!

Birgit said...

A big thanks to you for organizing the party! :)

For a little treat, you maybe want to check out my Oktoberfest giveaway (still open until October 2nd).

Greetings from Munich, Germany,