swapping witches and haunted houses

This month I participated in The Great ATC Witch Swap at Little Messy Miss. I recieved the cards from my swap partners and then I recieved a third one too! I'm not sure if maybe I got the pairings mixed up but I ended up with 3 lovely and unique cards and I'm happy to share them here with you.

From Sharon

From Michelle and Ashley

And a surprise one from Carmen.

The back of Carmen's card.

Thank you ladies for a fun Halloween swap! I love all of your witches.

These are the ones I sent out.

I hope everyone is enjoying these last few days before All Hallows Eve. Some of you are probably getting ready for big parties this weekend or maybe preparing for magickal gatherings at home. My son has been waiting all year long to try out a fog machine he created to scare the trick-or-treaters. And tonight we're hoping to go to a haunted house. Not the mega gorey ones that pop up everywhere (I just don't have the stomach for those) but a real historic Victorian that's turned into a haunted mansion every year by a theatre group. Then they put on a play that moves throughout the house and it's eerie and spooky and the best part is it's all for a charity benefitting a local childrens shelter. I wanted to share pics from last year but they're trapped in a storage device and I can't seem to remember how to open it! I guess I'll have to wait until my son gets home from school to free them lol.

In the mean time here are a few other real haunted mansions from my hometown.

The Leland Stanford Mansion
Photo credit HauntedHouses.com

The Governors Mansion
Photo credit The Sacramento Bee

Evangeline's Costume Mansion

Although not really considered a haunted mansion Evangeline's is a local landmark in Old Town Sacramento. It is two historic mansions put together and it houses several floors of every costume, novelty and joke item imaginable. It's a famous tourist attraction and every now and then a celebrity like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith will show up. I wonder what he bought? The car parked in front is the store's official car. It's a vintage hearse!

Have a beautiful spooky day!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh my goodness, these are wonderful! I found you through my friend Charlene at My Heart's Ease.

I was so excited to see Evangeline's! I am going to be in Sacremento in March to visit a friend and that is exactly where she is taking me!

Have a lovely day!

Robin Larkspur said...

Great card swap...everyone so creative! Sounds like a great plan to go the Victorian haunted house and play...that is the kind of thing I love to do too! And I feel your pain over stubborn computer equipment....

Sparkster said...

A ouija board has never looked so cute! I really love that rich orange of yours too. I'm a bit jelous of the haunted house you are visiting. That sounds like so much fun. I've been trying to find some different ones around here than we've already been to in recent years. They're all quite similar and of that previous type you mentioned. I hope your son has success with his fog machine and you guys get to hear some trick or treaters squeal! ;)

Zan Asha said...

Wow, I love the mansions and I love your card swap...all so lovely!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, how a REALLY great time! That sounds like fun - a ghost story in a old Victorian mansion. :) The cards you received are awesome - and the cards you made are great, too. Theresa

Incipient Wings said...

Hi Anna!
your cards are wonderful! the ones coming in and the ones going out, lol
these places look especially creepy.
The Governor's Mansion is my favorite.

Have a fun night:)

Cameron said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the Haunted House...sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the Season!!!

Those cards sure are fun.....love yours, too :)

andrea said...

very cute!! Today I got a big book from a friend of vintage ads!1 I will make some and send you one!! Trick or treat!!! Love Andrea.

Linda said...

I love all the cards from the card swap. You did an awesome job on yours.
I would love to go to the haunted mansion with you. Looks like a fun evening. Hope you take tons of photo's.

Sunny simple life said...

Wonderful post that captures the season! Thanks.

Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Anna
I am Not Sure how you Feel about these..I have Something for You on my Blog. The Spirit in Which this is Given is Simply Gratitude.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Feathers and Flight said...

Hi Anna
Well I don't Know Anna lol..Just do what feels Right to you! You are very Sweet and Thank you!

Nancy said...

Stopped by for PS. Loved your Halloween ATC's. We are moving to the bay area in 10 days!!! Now I have some spooky places to visit when we drive north! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!

Donnie said...

Loved your Pink Halloween Saturday post. Everything was so cute and creepy.