morning break

Procrastination. The counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time.

Yup. That about sums up my morning. My list of chores won't seem to shrink on their own. House stuff (my son's school never seems to run out of fundraisers), and other odds and ends I'd rather not be doing. But I had an early  start so I thought I deserved a little break.

Are you addicted to pumpkins? I am. Over the course of the month my pumpkin collection keeps growing and growing. We carve a few of them but lots of them stay around until after Christmas! I even leave one under the tree! Pumpkin. I love that word. Just saying it makes me smile. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pumpkin.

My favorite little corner in my craft space. This mini cabinet was another thrift shop find. Can you guess what it is? It's an old cassette tape holder! Solid wood (it weighs like 9 lbs!) with little dividers. I thought the dividers would make great mini shelves and they're removable so I can adjust the spacing. I just turned it on it's side and voila! Instant art storage. It's perfect for my ATC stuff and other odds and ends. And it was only $3.98!

Speaking of ATCs. I have a few I need to make for swaps and stuff. I'm doing The Great ATC Witch Swap at Little Messy Miss. Not sure if I'm using this one but I thought I should get started.

Let's see. What else can I share with you this lovely October Wednesday? (Can you tell I'm stalling here?)

This was from last year. In fact it was on Halloween. My son and I decided to stop by our local historic cemetery and do a little bit of ghost hunting. We have a collection of photos of our shadows just like this one. We take them whenever we're visiting an interesting place. This one is my favorite.

And with that I'm dragging myself away from the computer. I must go and find a lovely hat for this weekend and sadly it's not for a joyous occasion. My dearest friend is having a memorial service for her mom and she asked that we all wear a pretty hat in her honor. I hope I can find one I can make even prettier.

I made this for her a few months ago when she was really down and even if it's a sad sweet occasion I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

Have a beautiful creative apple crispy autumn day.


Kiki said...

Lovely post..beautiful..i love your witchy cool! and I SO love all you creations..magical..and you are magical too!!!

Hugs..thinking of you and your friend and /family..wishing you love and comfort always. and wow..i love what you made for is dazzzling beautiful and wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH love the picture of your silhouettes...with the umbrella!! Love it!! Thanks pumpkin!!! :)

Netty said...

Smashing post, love the pumpkins and that beautiful picture you created for a friend, thank you for sharing. x

Laura said...

this is a beautiful post and such a lovely thing you are doing for your friend. i too have been procrastinating all day. i just can't get my head on straight today to get anything accomplished.
enjoy your pumpkins!

Wendy said...

Dearest Anna,
Such a wonderful post. I love the shadows and the Ghost cool is that.
I absolutely love the ATC. So wonderfully Witchy.
Your little crafty corner is great and I agree. You can never have too many PUMPKINS. I also have been buying four at a time. Every Friday.
Beautiful friend you are. I love the artwork you made for her and I know your hat will be magical.
Have a Wonderful day,
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from Wonderland

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I adore pumpkins, too! More and more and more of them - can't get enough of them. I am so sorry to hear of your friend's loss - my condolences to you, your friend and her family. Theresa

Linda said...

Your post is amazing...I love pumpkins but gourds are very special...I have them all around. Love your work space. Looks like you have fun 24/7. Wherever did you get your ceramic shoe. That is the best.

MosaicMagpie said...

I love the shadow photos and how you guys take them in different places you visit. This is a great idea and something I will start doing as well.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I love it that you said right-out, that you were procrastinating. :-)

And really love the shadow picture. What an interesting collection theme! Precious!

Gentle hugs...

Charlene said...

LOOKS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Charlene